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Dear morning Ubuntu news readers, sorry to disappoint, but the Torrents lens is probably not going to be available by default on Saucy (or Trusty).
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Not right now, but an early version will be available probably today or tomorrow.
+Yann Brelière because, in the actual state of the Unity API (opt out instead of opt in), unless I manage to make the lens target only freely licensed content (awesome abandonware games, CC licensed music, etc.), I'm 99% sure that the functionnality would be abused, misinterpreted and would generate a lot of FUD for Ubuntu.
David, let's go ahead. The tool is super-useful and it's perfectly justified to make it available by default. We use Torrents for distributing ubuntu itself. So please don't hold back!
Also... Can we have torrent: rather than ahoy: please? Or is ahoy the name of a search service?
+Mark Shuttleworth Exciting times, I'll propose it for inclusion then ! It also has other generic keywords: torrent, torrents, etc. The service is thepiratebay, hence the "ahoy", which is probably a bit too much tongue-in-cheek...
+David Callé is thepiratebay the only source?  Or can we extend it to use a number of others?
+David Callé also, does this scope get it's own lens space, or does it feed into others like Music and Videos?
+Michael Hall easily extendable with more scopes, but it's the only source (at the time I first worked on it) that allowed some kind of filtering. Do you have a specific one in mind ?

If it lands in Saucy in its current state, it will be home scope only, in its own Torrents category, with a possibility (dconf key) to add a standalone version to the dash bar. With a little work, it could be splitted into several scopes to feed into music, files, videos, but I'd like to wait for the new Scopes API to be finished before looking into it (since it will introduce new concepts, such as departments), so that's more an idea for Trusty.
+David Callé I think it would fit the Unity philosophy more if it fed content into the appropriate existing lenses like Apps and Music.  After all, nobody wants a torrent, they want a movie or a game.
+Michael Hall I agree, but the Dash still has a hard time sorting and mixing results from several scopes and I don't think a fix for that will land in Saucy. Anyway, that's a good point, I will try in Saucy and see.
+David Callé understood, but between you and I, I think we might know somebody who we can task with fixing technical limitations in the Dash :)
+Michael Hall before scaring poor souls with that task, let me see first if this limitation is only a bad memory from raring :) I'm giving it a shot this week.
+David Callé I'll be interested to know how to transform an masterscope to a lens too. In fact, I tried to hack the books master scopes and unity to make a lens, but when I try to search with it it's failed. Maybe I missed something
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