How many times have I said it? "Impeach Trump" is a trap. The Democrats are being set-up! If they fall for it, they will prove themselves the stupidest twits ever. Ryan will say: "if you democrats lead the charge and do the heavy lifting, we'll supply JUST enough GOP defectors to get the bill of impeachment passed, agreed?"

Imbeciles. In a shot, the goppers will get rid of their embarrassment, get Pence (OMG far worse than Trump), who will appoint Ryan VP... and all of Trump's supporters will be enraged to a war footing against democrats. The disaster that is looming for the GOP, in 2018, will turn into their greatest victory.

The dems must say: "No way. Trump is YOUR problem. Get the entire GOP House to vote impeachment and (maybe) we might provide a few votes."

Better yet, face it - Trump is more an embarrassment than a deadly danger. Now, with the entire civil service, Intelligence Community and Officer Corps alerted to the craziness, he is in many ways already neutralized. The Dems and the sane Republicans (the few, the not-so-brave?) should concentrate on some pieces of neutralizing legislation.

1) Give the Joint Chiefs authority -- if unanimous -- to passively delay execution of presidential orders to perform acts of violence or combat for up to a week, giving them time enough to put their misgivings before a select congressional committee. This will only diminish Commander in Chief authority in extremely dubious conditions.

2) Put half of all presidential contingency and operating funds out of reach, unless the president agrees to give control over his appointments calendar, one afternoon a week, to the other party. I've proposed this before. Trump will be different if he hears other voices from outside his handlers' carefully erected bubble! (Recall how he was in love with Obama for a week, after meeting him, in the White House?) This one thing could draw him far enough into the light so that he at least won't be an existential danger...

... and did I remind you to say the words "President Pence" over and over again, letting your imagination go wild? That fellow ACTIVELY prays for armageddon! He will fill the White house with dominionists (look it up.) Please. Trump chose him as impeachment insurance and you had better believe he knew what he was doing.

3) Pass funding for a Fact Checking Institute. Bipartisan. You will get enough Republican defectors to pass this one thing. Do it.

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