Oh, how I despise George F. Will!  Why? Because he serves evil by direct and intelligent choice - while showing us that he can see well enough to have chosen differently. Bemoaning the steep-suicidal plummet of his beloved GOP into near-hydrophobic froth, Will hints that he knows this syndrome's true etiology: that the screeching, know-nothing populism of Trump-Rubio-Cruz (there is little to distinguish) was engendered by a cynically manipulative braintrust of savanarolas under command of the Murdoch-Saud-Koch consortium. 

He knows that the War on Science and parallel campaigns against every other knowledge caste were deliberate moves to lobotomize US citizenship. This was done to the nation with direct and aware malice - even treason - and to pretend otherwise is complicity in treason.

That the disease - meant to secure Nixon's "southern" dominance of US governance forever - wound up metasticizing chiefly inside the red network itself... call it the deliberately re-ignited Confederacy... should come as no surprise to a mind as large, agile and erudite as George Will's. And hence, he cannot shelter behind reflex or dogma or nescience, for excuse.  

Read this essay as he desperately pleads with SOMEONE to stop Donald Trump!  His cry that Trump is likely to prove more moderate - on core neocon economic issues - is almost certainly spot on!  As president, Trump would assuredly tear down many of the lying-cheats - like Supply Side never-once-right so-called "economics" - that savaged the American middle class. Even as a losing GOP nominee, Donald would slash at those travesties with both hands.

George Will's proto-feudal masters must be writhing in agony. But their power grabs were never fully sapient.  Will's complicity - on the other hand - was.

No, Donald Trump is not Mussolini.  He is a wild, sociopathic American genius who has yanked the reins of a rampaging horse away from the monsters who spurred and whipped the beast into a mad-populist frenzy.  Trump may be a sociopath, but he is not the one who tormented that horse into screaming, nostril agony.

Stop looking for villains to compare to Mussolini, to Huey Long or MacArthur, Mr. Will.

Look in a mirror. You have reached out to choose treason with both eyes and with both hands and with a willing heart.

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