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I'll be on the show "STAR TREK: SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE" this Wednesday at 10pm on the History Channel.  A fun romp through the range of speculative sci & tech that serve as foundations and help propel the fabulous Trek franchise to realms of vast imagining and hopeful possibility.   
      Then -- May 21 and 22 -- the “Starship Century Symposium” at UCSD will be devoted to an ongoing exploration of the development of a real starship in the next 100 years.  I'll be there too.
Check out Star Trek: Secrets of the Universe, the History special that gives us a look at the ideas behind how we might one day live in a Star Trek Universe.
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Let's question whether its the "speculative tech" that made for Treks Optimistic future that many signed up for as fans... or the "speculative philosophy that became IDIC" that actually made the "franchise a hit and long lived".  Remember the "mirror universe" besides from having a facial hair fetish had the "exact" same technological advancements at the same time... it was  the "fear and xenophobia of the other in societies" that kept humanity as acting galactic a-holes....  well until they got their asses kicked by DS9 times;) -  so again.. we should ask the right questions beforewe can start bloggin the  answers..;)     too bad JJ killed off the Vulcans... leaving JJKIRK as our last hope...-- but maybe there is another kirk sibling?   ah so THATS who Cumberbach is playing!.. Kirk, i am your Sister!! reveal!!   Julie Kirk Khan!!!.     anyhow... The Darkness may not be so dark, we;ll see...  weve lost the Vulcans enlightenment.. but got cgi lens flare instead.... lighting the way to a better tommorrow?.. sigh
If anyone out there wants to help promote the dream without a nightmare; retool the military industrial complex to start building the Enterprise now to inspire global peace, rather than waiting until after World War III and 230 years of climbing out of a new dark age, I'm looking to promote the Dream Reborn in a film documentary cross country road trip. Read more about the idea behind the project at:
i hear Shatners shelling out 250k to fly in Virgin Space....  "Free Enterprise"....  not just a funny movie,, but a blueprint for the
somehow i think the next "USS ENTERPRISE" will be a small US speed boat with a machine gun on the front patrolling the gulf of mexico....:)

the GALILEO shooting prop does seem to be getting restored though... maybe heading for the Houston space center museum...  thats "art"  and all cool and all.
My first thought was that sounds like fun, and a learning experience.  

Personally I think many things helped "propel the fabulous Trek franchise to realms of vast imagining and hopeful possibility". Not just one or two. 

And not all of the Vulcans are dead, a good many survived. 
ps.. vulcans dont exist...fake.... well maybe except for obama;) 
"Star Trek's greatest promise is someday we will be able to travel to other planets" ... really?  Does anyone remember the other prerequisite: establishing a just, equitable, and productive society that provides the foundation for the growth needed to build the Federation?  I guess we are just going to focus on the cool stuff...
+Duane Voth it is the social optimism that makes Trek so rare, unlike the tedious sameness of dystopias.
Agreed +David Brin  and that's why I'm boycotting Abrams: no reward for pretty much ruining, or at least fatally obscuring, the best thing that set Trek apart.  Any fool can blow things up, he should try to create something for a change. ;)
Social optimism.. that was exemplified by IDIC..  but theres no room for IDIC in a scared post 9/11 run fear based world.

This week one of the few "American" fictions in sci fi "Superman" like the "Horatio Hornblower Kirk" character... was dipped into cynicism and narcissism  to become the "meh of steel"...  

MIPS has bloomed.
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