Someone tell Jeff Bezos for me that I know how to save professional journalism and make papers like the Washington Post profitable again. There is a trick that I've seen no one try... or even propose.  It is simple, groovy and very easy to test... though it starts out demanding that you think counter-intuitively to one of the most widely held (but false) assumptions people take for granted about the Internet.

"Um... but David," (you might ask.) "Isn't Jeff Bezos a friend of yours? Why are you asking us FB-folk to pass on your message?"

Simple.  Bazillionaires are surrounded by layers of protection and there comes a point when the conversation simply stops and you assume one of those layers  culled you from the "get-through list." I've drifted in and out a couple of times already, and would be patient for the next time...

...but this idea is so cool.  And it's needed by civilization, asap.  So who knows?  There's about 10,000 of you out there (between friends and followers).  Maybe one of you IS Jeff, incognito! Or else someone who's in a position to say to him: "Brin is out there, yapping about something. Maybe give him a minute?"

Saving professional journalism is important.  Obviously Bezos agrees. I come from four generations of journalists, and I care about it, too.
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