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Time to recall the Andromeda strain :) And film about beginning of mining corporation "Weylan-Yutani" will be released in two months (continuing old Scott-Cameron saga)
Any article that forces David Brin to begin his commentary with "This is so cool!" must be automatically +1'd.
Thank goodness the Internet boom has created some geeky billionaire SF fans who will throw their money at pie-in-the-sky ideas and help create that future we all read about as kids. And next week? SpaceX will send up supplies to the ISS, which will be the first start-up to ever do so.
I love the fact that regardless of what the governments fund, there are people who have the money and are aware enough to say "Let's go! Let's see! C'mon!". The pioneering spirit isn't quite dead...not yet, and it's a beautiful thing.
Very exciting. The future we dreamed of starts to come into view.
"Hey, glad you could make it, CNN. Welcome to the party. We've had the numbers out since Gerard K. O'Neill. No, no, come in, mingle, talk to the people."
I listen to public radio and they seem to always be slow on these sorts of things. Today their first report like the ones we all got here a week ago. Mr Brin I wish you could get a spot on one of their programs.

This is the first I've heard they are planning a launch of some kind in the next two years. Today they talked about it for 5 or 10 minutes on NPR and it was like, "we expect to be mining in 5-10 years ... water to start with" (which was newsworthy considering the pace of NASA's plans, which were not mentioned today, but anyway ...)
Too many Michael Bay movies, Space Truckers.
Our best chance of finding and deflecting NEO asteroids that endanger the Earth may be a strong and discrete profit motive.

Also, what kind of insurance do you need to nudge heavenly bodies?
It has brought litteral tears to my eyes at least 3 times in the last two days. This is it - the promise of the SF of my youth turning into reality.
This warms the logic circuits of my heart. Happy to see there are people with a vision beyond making a quick $. As others have said these endeavours are what we have been reading in your books and pining for. Now they just need to find some life extension on the asteroids so we can all live to see it mature.
I suspect the main motivation for doing this is the love of the idea. The profit motive probably comes second. But without the existence of profits these guys wouldn't have the resources do this.

Key point -- large fortunes have SOCIAL utility.

I find it interesting how much the left seems to hate profit, while the right seems to hate pleasure.

Personally, I prefer both profit and pleasure to the left and the right.

I suspect the visionaries behind this project will receive a heaping helping of both profit and pleasure from doing this, as will all the rest of us. This is how the voluntary sector works, it tends to produce positive sum outcomes, while the coercive sector can only do good by first causing harm. Sadly, by my calculations, the size of the harm usually ends up being larger than the size of the good.

All hail the voluntary sector. You go space pioneers!
+Andrew Smith That's not an asteroid!

Apart from Cosmonaut Keep, I think you have to go back to the '50s to get "indigenous inhabitants" on an asteroid-size body.
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