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David Brin
Futurist, Science Fiction Author, Scientist. Advocate for a Transparent Society.
Futurist, Science Fiction Author, Scientist. Advocate for a Transparent Society.

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Vote in NPR's poll of greatest comics and graphic novels!

Separately... and I don't expect votes(!)... do look at one of mine...

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My weekend posting: Chaos and disturbances in the Oval Office…

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Those wavong their arms and screaming "Impeach now!" are either panicky fools or else work for the Kochs, who see everything they built being demolished by Donald Trump. Take this fellow's spiel in Der Spiegel. "A Danger to the World It's Time to Get Rid of Donald Trump: Donald Trump has transformed the United States into a laughing stock and he is a danger to the world. He must be removed from the White House before things get even worse."

Bull and and 100% wrong, in every conceivable way. Trump is a GOP problem, now. Our civil servants and intelligence and military communities are now fully warned about him and are busy isolating and neutralizing him. He is currently not really a danger to anyone but the Republican Party. Whereas Pence is a dominionist who would fill the White House with tightly disciplined apocalypse fans. Read about why patience is now our greatest virtue.

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Okay, so science fiction has conquered the world. It is the engine behind most of the big, money-making successes of Hollywood. It propels much of the political narrative, from dread of Big Brother to obsession with social collapse scenarios. And now, each year, ever more purportedly “literary” authors try their hand at “doing future” – resulting in romances set in space, thinly repurposed westerns and navel-contemplating angst-ridden time travelers.

On Slate, Laura Miller appraises some of the most recent forays by artistically approved authors, and finds most of them wanting. Only then, what about Chabon? Bacigalupi? Rajamieni? Sue Burke? We embrace them. Yes, in part because they give a little love back. But also because they bothered to heed some of our history, some of our had-learned craft.

Still, should we be glad, or miffed?

“First they ignore you,” Gandhi said. “Then they mock you. Then they fight you. And then they claim to have loved you, all along.” Sigh.

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All right, there are some horrible men who tempt me to side with Trump.

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An amazing, expansive and comprehensive posting by the innovative maven of computational theory - Stephen Wolfram - is actually a mini-book, contemplating what insights he has had since his epic book “A New Kind of Science” came out, 15 years ago.

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Midweek posting re DT's "voter fraud commission" and how to tell it is a sham. Also why KANSAS is the big beneficiary of the Saudi Arms Deal! And more on rising wealth disparity. And lifespan disparity. And where I disagree with the democrats about immigration.

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Almost hidden in the announcement of a $110 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia -- in which Trump treasonously swore to help the sheiks and princes 'get a great deal' from U.S. companies -- is a small matter of industrial shift. Using Saudi money as a cudgel, Trump coerced agreement from Boeing, Lockheed etc to move production from blue states to red ones, at least partially, with Kansas the biggest beneficiary.

Sure, this is partly just more mean-minded politics. While Democrats in power sent heaps of blue state generated money (and NASA centers) into Appalachia and the South as part of anti poverty programs, Republicans push cash flows in the same direction as a matter of pure spite and vengeance, with California and New York special targets.

But there's a particular reason to single out Kansas for this latest huge largesse. You see, under Sam Brownback, the GOP-led state government there doubled down on "Supply Side (voodoo) Economics," slashing taxes on the rich while chopping services for the middle class and poor. The theory posits that giving gushers of gifts to the aristocracy will stimulate economic activity so much that it will erase deficits. In fact, SSE has never worked. Once. Ever. At all. Anywhere or at any time.

Sure enough, Kansas is now drowning in debt, bankruptcies, ruined schools and collapsing infrastructure. KS voters punished the GOP in the last election, but nowhere near as much as seems likely, next time. Worse yet for the plantation lords, the Kansas economic collapse is so stark that maybe, at long last, a large majority of Americans will get riled up and thoroughly smash the trickle-down insanity.

The hope underlying the Saudi Arms Deal is that transferring production from Washington State and California to Kansas will federally prop up the latter state's disaster enough to keep the delusion going for just a while longer.

And now you understand the insidious sub-text, beneath the news.

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I speak at the AI Conference in San Francisco on June 2.
or @aiconference

Many fascinating speakers. Though I discovered a spider sitting at the middle of this web.

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I've been speaking and writing about A.I. a lot, and have had positive feedback from good thinkers, though this 'influence appraisal' may go too far, listing me among the top AI influencers…

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