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Stasera consiglio agli scommettitori di giocare la vittoria del Bayern di Monaco 3-1 sul Real Madrid e domani lo stesso risultato ma con vittoria del CHELSEA sul Barcellona
I love you. You are nice.
Wonderful Gooooooooooooooooooooooal
Lu Nay
u r great man
Fantastic Goal Becks! Don't do that to My Chicago Fire, and I will be more than happy to vote this GotW, ^_^
that was a stooooooooopid brilliant strike!! well done old boy!
objetivo de los enfermos
objetivo doente
Beckham wins at all. Others are usual , but Beck's ordinary .
That was the only good goal out of all of them.
All the rest were crap
Shot Beckham, yeeeaaaaah, You rock!!!!!
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