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David Amerland
Author, Speaker, Analyst.
Author, Speaker, Analyst.

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Nothing takes place in a vacuum. The most unrelated of circumstances are still connected. If you understand how, you can change anything: Pre-order now. Thank me for it later. :) 
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Pandas Are A Dog's Best Friend

Even a great warrior at some point needs to be wrapped securely in a fleece blanket, given a chew toy and get some ZZZZs and for that time there is nothing like an IKEA Panda to make him feel less lonely. ;) Bennie bids you good night and his very hooman owner is now thinking seriously about catching some ZZZs too. :D 

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R.I.P. Roger Moore

For many Roger Moore was 007 and, given the length of time he was in the series, a little bit of a lightweight with a minimalist style of delivery. I loved pretty much all of his films, many of which I watched uncritically, given that I was growing up and he was part of my cultural landscape. Yet in North Sea Jihack ( he proved that he could act against type, be self-referential and irreverent (his early life was as a cardigans and sweaters model) and still deliver a stellar performance. 

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We Go Deep Into the Things That Make Us Tick

What is it exactly that makes us what we are and can we hack it? It's a question you'll find the answer to next week. Be there! ;) 
Be Credible - Not Emotional

+David Amerland gets major kudos from me for this quote from his upcoming book The Sniper Mind.

Join me and +David Amerland on June 1, at 9pm Pacific, as we discuss this great new book of his. Our discussion will take place on YouTube live, at URL

The book won't be out in stores until November 7, but you can save 46% by pre-ordering today at Amazon via the following link

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This read will make your Tuesday, just like it did mine. Plus it will make you smile.

Thank you +Teodora Petkova
"If you don't talk to your kids about quantum computing someone else will"

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What's Holding You Back?

+Zara Altair in top form as she explores why some writers can't overcome the obstacles that stop them from writing. (There's a life lesson there, too). Happy Tuesday! 

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The Yin and Yang Thing

Nothing can exist without its opposite. That means that both processes require effort and both will have an effect on you. But only one of the two will have a positive effect. You need to be able to make the right choices.

For more empowering quotes check out:

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And Then This Happened

A white rabbit super-ninja, killer, assassin (please ignore any tautologies unless you're uber-familiar with the underground, ninja killer-assassin elite ;) ) accosted Bennie this morning.

Fresh from saving the planet yesterday he was way too tired to see the fight through to the very end, so he retreated into the narrow gap under the sofa and he is now busy recharging his fight batteries. Notice how by cleverly blending with the white tiles he has avoided the white rabbit super-ninja, killer, assassin who is simply pacing the arena wondering where his opponent got to.

Anyway, hope your Monday is off to a better start! ;) Stay away from white rabbit super-ninja, killer, assassins.

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Facts and Search in a Post-Truth World

I posted this about a year ago as part of a presentation on semantic search and branding I did for a business group. At a time of post-truth politics ( it may come in handy to keep in mind. 

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I shared this in the Trust Community. The video itself is a delight, but beyond that, deconstruct all the layers that go into making it what it is and marvel at how complex something is so that it can become a 'simple' visual delight. 
Trust In Motion

This video is a delight at many levels: physical coordination, the mental representation that comes out of long practice, the constant on-the-fly readjustment that happens as nothing ever stays still and every time the routine is executed many tiny variables change. And the trust that each partner has to have for the other. Without that, nothing would work here. Ever. 
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