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Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

It’s a crapy day - as I type it’s pissing rain - here in Veliko Tarnovo, the historic former medieval capital of the Bulgarian tsars (there’s so much ancient history here in Bulgaria). I don’t really want to go outside but I’m going to at least take an up-close-and-personal look at the city’s number one attraction, the skyline-dominating Tsarevets Fortress, before hopping on the late morning train for Bucharest, Romania. I’ll take a few pictures in the process of getting wet but I reckon the pics I got after arriving in the city yesterday from a gloriously sunny Plovdiv will be the go-to shots for my time in Veliko Tarnovo. The weather wasn't particularly great yesterday evening either but at least it wasn't raining. This is a shot of a section of the town atop one of the four hills the city rests upon, high on a ridge over the snaking Yantra River (the greedy fortress has one of those four hills all to itself). It’s quite the setting.

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Tsminda Sameba Church, Georgia

This is the reason I extended my time in Georgia by a day and dragged myself to within a few kilometres of the Georgia/Russia border, not to mention out of bed at 6 a.m. this morning, the Tsminda Sameba (Holy Trinity) Church perched at 2,200m high above the village of Stepantsminda in the Georgian Caucasus, 180 km north of the capital of Tbilisi. One of Georgia's many 'Oh my' sights, this more than any other church in the country demonstrates the Georgian penchant for putting churches in such lofty, isolated, are-you-kidding-me locations.

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Good luck my friend
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Haghpat Monastery, Armenia

My time in Armenia was always going to be brief but still I couldn't leave the country without visiting some of its medieval church & monastery complexes. Lori, one of the marz, administrative regions the north of the country, offers these in abundance, not to mention some nice scenery. So I stopped off for a few nights en route from the capital Yerevan back to Tbilisi, Georgia. I based myself on the outskirts of the town of Alaverdi, the largest of many such villages hugging the bends of the region’s Debed Canyon. With its copper mine & rows of Soviet-era apartment high rises, Alaverdi itself is a bit an eyesore. But it’s the hills – oh the hills - surrounding the town that are the attraction, dotted as they are with ancient, atmospheric churches & monastery complexes. It’s like Angkor for churches & I used a combination of taxis & my feet to visit three well-known monastery complexes, two of which, Haghpat & Sanahin, are UNESCO-listed sites.

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Yerevan, Armenia

Yerevan is the capital of one of the world's oldest cultures and the capital of the country that was the world's first Christian nation - Armenia nailed it's colours to the Christian mast in the early 4th century (the official date is 301 AD) becoming the first state in the world to adopt Christianity as its official religion. the Cascade in central Yerevan. Probably the city's most iconic sight, the Cascade is a vast hillside structure of five flights of stone steps dotted with various art forms (statues, sculptures etc.) & flowerbeds. It was raining when I first climbed the structure yesterday. Today, however, the sun was out so I paid another visit & captured this picture of some of the art fronting the Cascade including this 2006 piece on the right, my favourite piece on display. Entitled Shadows I & by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa, it's made of steel letters & depicts a larger-than-life sitting human figure with their knees up.

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Crossing, Yerevan, Armenia

I tried leaving Yerevan earlier this morning, for the UNESCO-listed monasteries of Armenia's Debed Canyon in the north of the country, but transport connections here are not plentiful meaning I had to wait around a bit. So with some extra time to kill I hit the streets with my camera for some bonus photography on the laid-back streets of the laid-back Armenian capital.

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Tbilisi, Georgia

I'm loving the old world, medieval feel of the capital Tbilisi. Here's one captured yesterday on a busy day walking the streets of the city.

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St Constantine & St Helena Church, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

I'm no rookie but I made a rookie mistake today which saw me to miss the early morning bus out of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. I wasn't too perturbed; it was a glorious day and I got to see some more time in the city bathed in sunlight before hopping on the afternoon bus to my present location of Veliko Tarnovo. I passed the Plovdiv bonus time sipping coffee & photographing more of Plovdiv's colourful Old Town, where I took this picture inside the complex of St Constantine & St Helena Church.

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Amazing spiritual atmosphere and art!!!
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Yerevan, Armenia

An underpass in the Armenian capital of Yerevan.

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Sanahin Monastery, Armenia

Yesterday was a busy, tiring day of snooping around centuries old churches & monasteries in the Lori region of Armenia. This is a picture captured inside the UNESCO-listed Sanahin monastery outside the village of Alaverdi, my base for the two nights I spent here.

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Armenian Genocide Memorial & Museum, Yerevan, Armenia

Yerevan's haunting Tsitsernakaberd, the Armenian Genocide Memorial & Museum, commemorates the some 1.5 million Armenians who perished between April 1915 & 1922 when the then Ottoman government tried to eradicate the Armenian people & their homeland, something the present-day Turkish government, & somewhat incredulously, deny ever happened.

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Upper Svaneti, Caucasus, Georgia

Nature whipped my ass today. I tried to hike to a glacier. I got most of the way there but ultimately a slow slog wading through crown jewels-high virgin snow, coupled with the fear of falling into some crevasse never to be heard from again, saw me concede defeat & retreat back down the valley seen here, the Mestiachala Valley outside Mestia in the Upper Svaneti region of the Georgian Caucasus. I'll give you that one, nature. Oh, and thanks for the vistas.

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Caucasus Mountain scenery

Caucasus Mountain scenery as seen today from behind the dirty windows of Siberia S7 Airlines flight 955 en route from Moscow, Russia, to Tbilisi, Georgia. The sight of massive mountain peaks piercing the cloud line was pretty special. 5,642 metre Mount Elbrus, Europe's highest peak, is out there somewhere. It rests on the Russian side of the Russia-Georgia border somewhere, as I said out there.

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