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Dave Loft

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Dave Loft

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Love the name, Waggett the Predator Slayer
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Well, with a name like Waggett I guess they have to compensate with a fancy title? o.O
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Dave Loft

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So I was heading to Ito Orbital in Rhea to drop off some cargo when CMDR Omega Fighter interdicted me. I was running a recently purchased and partially upgraded Asp, he was running a heavily armed Vulture. I prepared to fight but to no avail, he had me incapacitated in 5 seconds and destroyed in 20.

I understand the risk of playing in open and had my share of run ins, but nothing like this. A pirate I can understand and if he had asked for cargo or die I'd respect that. But this is trolling plain and simple. There was no benefit to destroying me, I had no bounty, not so nice.

After paying for insurance I was left with 1000 credits, I left dock only for the same thing to happen again with the same CMDR. After getting my ship back I was left with no credits, so I decided to head in another direction.

I came across a weak signal source and decided to check it out only to find myself in another (but thankfully more even) fight. I came out victorious but my hull was down to to 13%. I crawled my way back to the nearest station only to remember I have no money, wonderful. Thankfully I was able to find a quick cargo run that gave me enough money to repair my ship and then some.

All in all an interesting day in space, but not the most fruitful.
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yeah trading in my unarmed T9 while pledged to a PP faction probably isn't wise.... but I survived, and am now off fighting :)
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Dave Loft

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If you're not paying for the product, you are the product.

I have to admit, this is a catchy line.  It appeals to the inner cynic in us all and makes a certain amount of sense in a core, "what can you do for me," type of thinking.

But it's hog-wash.

I work for Google so I follow the news about the company and I'm really tired of seeing that first line, or some variation of it, spouted by people who really don't care enough to want to think it through.  It does not work that way!

Yes, Google is a company.  And yes, Google is a reasonably large company (though not that large compared to the likes of IBM, GE, etc.).  But though a company is a single entity in the eyes of the law, it is not run like that.  Google is full of many thousands of individuals, many of whom are more rabid about user privacy than the privacy watchdogs that complain.  I've watched them take Larry and Sergey to task on stage about the smallest things.  I've done it twice myself.  If the leaders of the company purposely violated our users' trust, there would be open revolt and the founders would be lucky to not find themselves strung up by their toes.

Everything Google does is done for our users.  Your happiness is always the first priority, even above Ads.  (I've seen this in both policy and various practical implementations.)  You are not product; you are our customers!  That's simply the way we view it and it permeates the company from bottom to top.  Everything is done to make a better service for you.

Even Ads is viewed as a service to our users.  Random ads are garbage.  Useful ads are a benefit.  Yes, it's also a benefit to our publishers and yes, it's also a benefit to our shareholders.  Since when did win-win-win arrangements become a bad thing?

I won't claim that Google always gets it exactly right or that we haven't made mistakes.  We don't and we have.  And we admit it.  And it will happen again.  Sorry.  But everything is done with the right intent even if it doesn't always work out as hoped.  Hindsight is perfect.

Google is the most moral company in which I have ever worked.  But guarding our users' privacy doesn't just make moral sense, it makes business sense.  If we purposefully violated our users' privacy, we wouldn't have a business at all before very long.
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Dave Loft

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Supposedly 1 Billion in sales of Apple Watches and they're hypothesizing 4 million units? That doesn't add up. 1 Billion devided by 4 million is $250, Apple watches cost a lot more than that.

Now, it was a given that the Apple Watch would become the number one smart watch very quickly. Their name, marketing and retail presence means even a poor product will sell well.

But given the price and the lack of a need for the product, as well as Apples unwillingness to give us a number, its probably not doing well (compared to Apple numbers anyways).
Apple already took 75 percent of the smartwatch market
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Dave Loft

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Dave Loft

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When they ask me, "Kirk or Picard?" I always say, "Sisko"
I few years back this was a thing. This is some of the best of them.
Some spoilers.

memes taken from
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Dave Loft

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Nice! Kinda wish the Android figure was made of marshmallow, but cool non the less.
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Dave Loft

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Why you need comments
I swear The Verge turned off comments because they were tired of getting yelled at for screwing up posts like this.

"The goal, says Sony, is to develop new software "from the ground up," meaning no Google Play Services or superfluous apps, just the core Google communications software and Sony's stack of custom apps like Camera, Music, and Xperia Lounge."

The second half of this sentence contradicts the first. You can't have Google apps without Google Play Services—they wouldn't work. Also releasing Android without Google Play Services would be in violation of the "anti-fragmentation clause" in their MADA contract and Google would pull their Google Play license.  

They don't even link to the actual Sony blog post so people can get the correct information. (it's here: )

IF The Verge had comments turned on, this post would be getting ripped to shreds. Now they can misinform people in peace. 
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