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Dave Kover
Passionate about design. <3 Android.
Passionate about design. <3 Android.

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Do you or your team work on an Android app? You might find this useful.
Some folks (+Dave Kover +Clark Scheff, +Aaron James) and I launched an app for Android to help designers and developers review their built work.

It was created based on a little hackathon project we worked on a year ago, but we're eager to add more to it if there's interest.

Check it out - it's free!

#ui #ux #androiddesign #androiddev

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This blog post is unbelievably amazing. It's great to see someone put all of this information into one place and to have such an amazing showcase of living, breathing examples.

If you have any interest at all in how vector animations are built for Android, you really need to read through this and play with those demos that he's included.

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This is my new favorite thing.

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I was craving this keycap set for so long. I've finally acquired it and are giving it a trial run. It looks great, truly, but my initial impression of the feel is meh.

I'll need to give it at least a week or so until I'm able to come to a conclusive opinion.

Regarding pricing

The problem with Google going this route is that they don't hold the only keys to Android. Apple can charge unreal prices because they exclusively offer the access to the iOS experience.

You can grab similar performance on devices that sell for a fraction of the cost of the Pixel. And that's where this whole pricing strategy falls apart. They aren't the only vendor for the Android experience. So unless they've truly broken ground in their software, it's not justifiable to me.

But how different, truly different, is the Android on Google's Pixel? Time will tell.

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Inkwire by +Koushik Dutta is unbelievably awesome.

My Mom was having an issue with photo sharing on her new phone that we just got her and I can't be there in person to help. I had them download Inkwire on her device and share a link to me, which I opened up on my PC. After that, with microphone enabled, it's a phone call with screen sharing... and it just works. Within 3 minutes, we were able to solve her issue and make her happy.

There's no meddling, no settings and no setup. 2 clicks and you've got a device that's ready to be viewed. It's truly amazing what Koush has been able to accomplish with this service/app. Seriously, well done.

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A beach, somewhere far away, where I'd like to be.

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On happenings.

It's hard not to take it personally, but it's very personal to me. I really loved the position I had and what I was able to accomplish there. I remember when I first read about the company forming and I knew it would be the perfect fit, which it was - at least for me.

It was never a forever thing, but I certainly wasn't ready for it to be past tense.

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Anyone in need of a Dribbble invite?

I'll post again when I have more invites.

This post contains no spoilers.

Wow. This was one of the best episodes that has ever aired for Game of Thrones. From start to finish, the events and pacing were just phenomenal. I've never been more excited to see what will transpire next season.

Most importantly, the soundtrack for this episode was absolutely the best of the series. The choices really lent to the mood and atmosphere for each scene.
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