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Dave Horner

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lays me down with my mind she runs.
on her ship tied to the mast.
takes both my hands.
never a frown with golden brown.
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Dave Horner

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can't explain; don't understand.
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Dave Horner

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cold, fresh, and all homemade.
got any grapes?
how bout no? - then he waddled away.
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Dave Horner

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Yes; new richard d. james for you to unwind; relax; && enjoy.
You're my friend.  everybody knows: FRIENDS PLAY FOR FREE
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Dave Horner

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exercise daily. descending. ascending. under and into.
4 those who chant
3/4ths half step come down 2/4ths that feels good and natural.
key point. dominate 7.
get up. arrive at any point u may wish to arrive at.
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study with. fascinating aspect. know ur  limits. (0,1]  && utilize bounds. under fingers , into ears; you'll begin to hear things.
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Dave Horner

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simplified block diagrams. hubs, sub-systems, configuration.
aggregations of metadata.
code stores traversal state of your process.
100% errors. we saw all sorts of things.
goto the human in the picture.
1 human has a console. the human says:
what's the question again? risk management.
check them off. don't think about the threats.
you'll be punished if it doesn't work right.
soul crushing bad incentive.
stick ur neck out, take the fall for this, because you believe in it.
if the logic is correct; all the rest is just gonna happen.

#testing   #monitoring   #itsOurProblem  
+1 isn't that hard is it?
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imagine ur that guy. you type a command, u hit return.
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Dave Horner

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I've got to get out of here.
I bet you didn't know someone could love you this much!
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Dave Horner

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learn a lesson never stressing. matured a thousand times over so I'm different to u. face the future with optimism laced in my shoes.

summer in the city such a very special time. 
If you put aside the traffic, air-pollution and the grime.
Daimon Johnson
Daimon Johnson - Optimism (E remix)
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Dave Horner

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Dave Horner

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extreme behavior. rise & fall of chemicals in the brain.
symptoms of a much deeper more mysterious affliction.  
only found in the heart....of the #unexplained.
driving circles in my mind. got to keep it all in line, all in line.
you know. I know. I believe in human lies. nothing can compare.
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Dave Horner

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such a pontificating braggadocio. different connections.
does it matter?  say nothing; say everything.
makin' models of people I used to know. coffee && cotton. veins blue, brain is electric. this i know.
u can just say: hard working. i'll believe u.
working hard, like in wood and plaster.
names. sentences. labels. work with them. collaborate.
bad photographs ruin the one good photograph.
get out of the compressed bind. talk yourself out.
think about these character-metaphors. where they go.
knowing full well; there could be a bad ending to this.
why set anything on fire? celebrate them all. print every one.
there's nothing there. beautiful romantic tempered by realism.
so what if there's nothing at the end of the rainbow?
i work hard.
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rhetorical device. as in bad Spanish.
self-imposed quarantine. forced to create something; under this condition. now.
q-tips && coffee grounds.
scientifically sad thing. synchronicity.
discernible causal connection simultaneous occurrence appear as pattern.  seed of romantic idea.  brain focus on pattern each iteration prior art && gist, in all subtle glory. sad to say out loud. sad to type in text. sadder still consensus prove true.

but we got nothing else to talk about.
&& no one else is certainly saying the same things as u || i.
or willing.  *I didn't quite hear u there*. speak a 'lil louder.

at least then I'd know what the problem was. say what you mean.
vague. unsolvable. can't get ur head wrapped around it.
not good problems.  imposed upon u.
what if u suddenly realize it's all posed plain imposition. i,u,our,we. with nothing to do but play hunting records of merle. Never more. Never more. ? strange loops.

straight down the middle. who is the who telling who what to do? tell me who. tell me who. tell me who.

crossing the road. something I'm owed.
social code. straight down the middle.
do what you're told.

tell me who?
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Dave Horner

Shared publicly  - ? up to trouble.
but I move along
meet you. log book of travel.
free to read. or love the truth of scrabble.
to love.
me you. the trouble.  Marry.
1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and
the door. locked. locked. locked.

that explains the trouble that I'm always in. the trouble. the trouble.
that I'm always in.

let me tell you something. a helping hand. +1 away.
dreadful. dreadful thing. trouble I'm always in.

trouble. trouble. you know that.
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a flute with no holes, is not a flute... and a donut with no hole, is a danish. na na na.
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