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There are lots of great reasons to join Kelby Training and learn online from amazing teachers such: +Scott Kelby +Jeremy Cowart +Joe McNally +Matt Kloskowski +RC Concepcion +Moose Peterson +Douglas Sonders +Corey Barker and many others.
And in case you're interested, here's a listing of my classes on Kelby Training:
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Dave I agree with you and it's time for me to renew but there aren't of those sweets deals with the latest books available just yet!
Hey there is one more reason I can think of Dave. It really grows on you, Kelby Training has such a wide variety of training. And, I never get bored just plain excited and cant wait to move on to the next training session!!
I have been thinking about for quite some time. Hopefully soon.
If you are thinking, of joining Kelby Training you should jump on the band wagon, you won't look back. I took the plunge and it has helped me immensely, there are a lot of savings too, you will get your moneys worth back.
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