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GitHub now supports syntax highlighting #dartlang code! Woot!!
three.dart - Dart port of three.js
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Awesome, now if we can get bitbucket to do it.
We need GitHub to recognize that the most used language in a project is Dart and show it on the repo card on the profile.
+Seth Ladd Yah, I think it was just a caching thing. It's pretty cool to have highlighting now :)
+Nathan Campos do you know how to do that? Can you issue a pull request to GitHub to enable this?
+Seth Ladd I never did, but I'll try to search the code that recognizes the languages used in a repo, change and issue a pull request. :)
Yay I'm glad my Pygments highlighter is put to use. :) Now I need to find a few bugs that crept in there.
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