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You are invited to the worldwide Dart hackathon event. Be part of the next evolution of web programming and make an impact by hacking on Dart and sharing your feedback.

Locations include:

* Silicon Valley
* Tel Aviv Israel
* Tokyo, Japan
* Seoul, Korea
* Prague, Czech Republic
* Chandigarh, Goa, and Karnataka, India
* London, England (coming soon)

This hackathon is a fun way to try Dart. Even though Dart is still in technology preview, there's plenty of language, libraries, editor, and compiler to JavaScript for you to test and hack on.

Register your team today!

Happy Hour is a global Dart hackathon for the new Dart language, libraries, and editor. Join us for fun, hacking, and prizes.
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Not able to run dart sample app in windows platform (Dart Editor). Any help?
How about Seattle? There are more than a few Googlers in town working on #dart , right?
Can Google DART folks say more about what "experienced programmer" means?
+Trever Nightingale Thanks for your interest. This isn't a "learn to program" type of event, so to get the most out of the experience, we recommend already having software development experience. For example, you should already feel comfortable with another language or platform. Hope that helps.
+Kevin Moore thanks for the suggestion. I think a Seattle Dart hackathon is a real possibility in the future, but we missed the window for this event. Sorry about that!
+1 Worldwide Hackathon..
Vikash : :D
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