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BloodViolet Void (Megalomaniac)
If you manage to neck yourself you'll be granted infinite wishes!
If you manage to neck yourself you'll be granted infinite wishes!


Have you ever just remembered a time when you were really stupid with roleplaying, and you did a stupid action or had a stupid expectation for someone else's character, that even when you think about it now you want to cover your face in your hands and die?

"Master Harry Potter must not go back to Hogwarts, he will be in great danger!"

"Well master Harry Potter is going back to Hogwarts, and there's nothing you can do about it you little shi-"

If two half bloods got together, would they become a whole blood?

Hey, wanna hear a joke?

Competent Lockhart

Imagine if Harry won the Triwizard Tournament entirely by using the motherfucking Accio spell.

"Accio Hungarian Horntail egg."

"Accio Ron."

"Accio Triwizard Cup."

So I'm looking at fanfiction, and I'm about to not read a fanfiction, but I read one of the reviews
'I was kinda bummed out when. Used. Instead of loving her.'
So I just
I like

The summaries for fanfictions are kind of sad.
It's not that they're poorly made, some of them sound more exciting than the original book or series.
But I've just seen so many that I've seen, heard, and tasted every summary type there is.

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i have two rp modes

- lol boner

-her pink, cracked lips hugged the cigarette as if a mother would her child. she inhaled, and could feel her lungs heat up. her mouth tasted like a campfire in the middle of the woods, and the ripe tobacco-scented smoke flowed with her hair to the rhythm of the winds breeze as she stood in the dark, gazing at the stars.

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Character Template :

Arc : Earth School Rich And Smart People Arc
Name : William
Nickname : Silent Prince
Quotes : "Get out."
Personality : Blunt, doesn't care about the feelings of others, easily bored, always calm
Appearance : Picture
Role : Capture Target
Likes : Sleep, Books, Long Hair, Dark Colors, Hidden
Dislikes : People, Getting His Sleep Disturbed, Work, Hidden
Gender : Male


Character Template :

Arc :
Name :
Nickname (optional) :
Quotes (optional) :
Personality :
Appearance :
Role (Villain/ess, Heroine, or Capture Target ) :
Likes :
Dislikes :
Gender :

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