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The #Samsung Galaxy phones are so much better than the over priced, over hyped #Apple #IPhone in my opinion. I'm looking forward to seeing the Samsung #GalaxyS3 in action!
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I've always felt this way and have always felt that Apple products, though good quality, are way over priced. Also, from looking at this chart, shouldn't the iPhone4 be called the Stone+?
You forgot one more position and it's shockproofness: Stone - yes, iPhone 4 - no, Galaxy S 2 - yes. And it's the one and only thing where Galaxy S 2 fits the Stone well.
apple still make the smoothest interface out there though.
After looking at this chart, I think I will definitely take the stone.
The iPhone 4s has widgets (in notification center), Wireless Sync, a customizable homescreen, DLNA (via the App Store), Gorillaglass, full HD video recording, and HSPA+ (on AT&T).

Stick to the old iPhone 4 and you only lose full HD video recording and HSPA+.

You should probably get your facts straight if you are going to say anything at all.

It doesn't matter what phone you use at the end of the day. Use what you like. Just don't lie to try and win a worthless argument.
Galaxy S II also has a bigger screen
i honestly have to say, i only purchased an apple ipod and iphone because of the hype and "thats what everyone has and says is the best". the iphone is by far the worst phone i ever owned. the fact you NEED itunes to transfer music is rediculous. the fact i cant plug my iphone into a computer a transfer files [music, movies, pdf's, documents] freely is also redic. by the way out of the 40 apps i installed 15 of them never worked from the get-go. I purchased a samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket, and i will buy all my smartphones from samsung on the droid platform for the rest of my life. apple = slavery, droid+galaxy s2 = freedom.
My iPhone got me a girlfriend, what stone, or Samsung has ever done that?
Stone does have rock solid build quality.
by all fairness, i think the stone does have drag and drop ;-)
Samsung people beat apple in technological excellence not in advertising....... nothing can beat iphone and especially samsung.
True, it is harder to break the stone than any of the other two. Of course if you drop a stone call you might hurt your foot.
the chart describes a 3GS, not a 4 as +Alan Allie describes.
iPhone 3GS: released 2009
Galaxy SII: released 2011
also, 3GS runs iOS 5.0, but the SII doesn't have enough RAM to run android 4.0. would be nice if you'd add that to your chart.
Would hate to see how quickly the battery would be drained with Flash and true multitasking. Wireless sync is actually available on the iPhone.
iPhone has wireless sync. Who needs widgets when you have millions of great apps. We are moving to HTML5. Thus you shouldn't need flash. I personally hate Apple as a company but I have to admit that they made a great phone.
got lots of spare cash to buy your apps? you'll need it!
Love my Fascinate... Time to upgrade soon though and I want the Note... Verizon better get it!
The iPhone can run all the apps I've already bought. Checkmate.
wait til the istone2 comes out!
has anyone actually owned both phones? or are these all comments biased?
Anything with an i in front is nothing but overhyped crap, just like the stock of the company that makes it (or at least markets it). I've had two such products both of which were absolute garbage toys. No more for me. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets my vote any day.
I bought myself an iStone a while ago and at first it was great, having some difficulty making calls though.
+Paul Rothrock - I find it interesting that people are still using their 'app investment' as a reason to not switch platforms. How much of an investment do you really have in your apps?

(This is meant as an honest question, not a dig)
And the first gaming app released for stone guessed it.... Rock, Paper and Scissors.
I'm so printing this out for all my iphone using friends.
Actually The iphone has quite a few of those things
+Frank Lopes, thanks for the comment! I'm pretty sure alot of the IPhone users haven't actually experienced how good android is! They've probably never even used Android before.
The dealbreakers for me are iPhones requiring that I put iTunes on my computer, and Apple taking a 30% commission from developers on Apps (and the rest of their policy when it comes to treating developers). The former is completely unnecessary and self-interested, the latter is borderline bullying.
+Joshua Lyon Probably a couple hundred dollars. Plus I have my music, which I keep in iCloud so I have space on my device for pictures, and the upcoming integration between my Mac and my iPhone. All the widgets and FM radios in the world can't beat that.
no difference between the i phone and the stone , both of them are touchable !!!
Nice one +Justin Evans I'm sure they will all cry and trade in their iPhones for Samsung's and swap their girlfriend's for nerds with level 80 WOW accounts.
but samsung service SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!! I own a broken Galaxy nexus and Samsung is unable to repair (unwilling might be a better word)
Both phones are excellent, so this is really a personal choice as to which one is better. The iPhone has wireless sync (via iTunes) and Gorilla Glass. The 4S added *21MBbps HSPA+ to the mix.
does it have temple run? temple run is awsome!!!!!!!!!
victim of marketing. Well I can decide for myself
(pipes in uselessly) I had an iPhone4 for a few hours after upgrading from the iPhone 3G, then took it back and got a Samsung Infuse 4G. Why? I can work (do my job) on the Infuse, between widgets and apps constantly and seamlessly. My screen is the biggest, clearest, sharpest thing ever and... It's brilliant. This is coming from a former iPhone devotee! This was around Sep/2011 so I'm not sure of the changes since then but the same apps on my iPhone were in the Droid store, music through Amazon MP3 is cheaper, shareable, syncable, all that. I can type some of this message, stop to check my email, take a call, read>schedule>share> an article between Google Reader, HootSuite, and FB, and check my calendar, THEN reclick G+ and continue where I was typing. I use my phone all day, and still manage to have the battery last well into the night. Ahh, I obviously love it :)
That's good! Can't the iPhone have an FM-Radio with the headphones?
That is the most biased comparison I have ever seen. Plus a lot of it is wrong.
I always thought the apple iphone4 would outbeat any other smartphone... my bad..!
When i was a kid i always would call my mom on my rock... OH MY BACK
You can customize the home screen of an iPhone now? what all does that entail?
<in my overbearing jock voice> GALAXY S2 RULES! ALL YOU APPLE DUDES CAN SUCK IT! LOL
I also don't know how it's changed, but buying a song on my iPhone, account, then trying to share the song with my husband, on one of his devices or phone, was like unimaginable sorcery. I seriously don't miss that!
Love how you assume pro-iPhone comments are biased, +Danny Wood
I own a GNex, and I don't need to lie about how bad the iPhone is to feel better about my phone.
sorry I've owned both and android is fubar. Too many implementations, bugs etc... its like when apple used to allow clones. The clones worked... sorta. I want to like android but it just unpolished and cumbersome to use. If google made more phones themselves it would be better. Problem with android is support. Phone makers don't care about upgrading your phone to the latest OS because they have already made 10 more phones by the time the next version of Android is released so you are stuck with an old phone that will never get the latest features of the operating system. I could go on but, you get the point.
They should have added build quality to that list.
I'm really not like that though lol. I could care less honestly. A phone is a phone and will always be a phone lol
+Dennis Caldwell I didnt make the image myself, anyway it's more of a statement than truth. My "opinion" is that the IPhone is overpriced and overhyped, I found this image, and thought it really represents my view.
All devices can do different things. It looks to me, in that picture, you put just what the Galaxy has.
Should i get iphone 4s or evo 3d
If by "quite a few" you mean they added wireless sync, yeah.
Golly L
Retina display for iphone is produced by Samsung.
+Esa Edvik you can check my G+ profil, I got a public post with video. basically, some day when I tap the GN on the back it turns off. This is a problem but Samsung "fix" was to re-install OS... which is stupid. I have been fighting for weeks to have it replaced and all they do is ask me to send it back again to service. Their service is horrible. They do not talk to customers, they lost my phone for about a week even if they told my it was shipped back. overall experience is horrible. I am NOT an iPhone fan but at least Apple has great support.
Bought the galaxy s2 for the fiance though she loves it so I guess it is that spam <yes the delicious meat> spam meaning good 
+Brenda Harjala, nice to see someone that actually wants a "useful" phone. Good on you! Not sucked in my the status symbol.
You can both Drag and Drop a stone... just saying ;)
Dude... iPhone has gorillaglass, full HD recording and wireless sync... at least get your facts right before starting a flame war
ok, I am listening: But can it do the following: Connect to Google? Connect and Sync with OutLook Mail and Calendar? And most important: What level of Windows (lowest) does it need to do these things AND doe it have a desktop application so I can download video and pictures etc. My current phone is a SamSung Solstice and though it THEORY it was suppose to do all of the above, NONE of it worked despite many attempts by myself and others to set up. Can't be fooled again....

+CL Holly What's the point in adding build quality, when both phones are effectively made by Samsung? :)
this comparison is skewed...

The stone has many features not mentioned here:

screen wont crack if dropped
fits easily in pocket
can double as a weapon
makes a great pet
no need to recharge
scratch resistant
solid state
environmentally friendly
not manufactured in countries with human rights abuses
low in cholesterol

I could go on and on

Take that Iphone and galaxy!
Love Apple's computers, but when they design the iPad without a USB slot? Sorry, no.
hmm I am not seeing anything about 'alarm clock' on there....

sticking with my flip phone......
the galaxy is a much better buy and if you know how utterly expandable""
tbh iphone 4 does have wireless sync and a customisable homescreen, and social networks integrated (twitter) and full HD video recording and true multitasking, infact, I like many other hate S2 multitask it just runs it in the backround killing ur ram and battery life but iphone truly multitasks ur apps, and about the radio, people dont use that anymore. oh and also u can get widgets and flash from cydia even though flash is becoming pointless since the release of HTML 5
The iPhone 4s has widgets (in notification center), Wireless Sync, a customizable homescreen, DLNA (via the App Store), Gorillaglass, full HD video recording, and HSPA+ (on AT&T).

Stick to the old iPhone 4 and you only lose full HD video recording and HSPA+.

You should probably get your facts straight if you are going to say anything at all.

It doesn't matter what phone you use at the end of the day. Use what you like. Just don't lie to try and win a worthless argument
Completely inaccurate. my iPhone does most of those things. You don't need widgets nor Flash player.
Haha, +Danny Wood thanks! I guess it's cool that the iPhone can kind of do 'now' what my Samsung has been able to do since 'last summer'...
stone is multitasking;)
I still like the stone as it would beat the crap out of the other two idiots. ... and has proven its worth to this world for centuries. Cheers!
What sort of feature is Drag & Drop? What are you dragging or dropping?
yep all of the i devices are pricey....but have you ever heard the saying, "you get what you pay for"? I've owned both, and android is garbage. Very buggy. I'd rather spend more money to get something that's quality.
you think you dont need widgets because you dont have them to know what they can do. i sold my 4s and got the galaxy nexus. best decision i ever made. and yes this is accurate. I so glad im no longer an isheep. i used to drink that apple cocktail but im free now and loving android
That's the ticket for me Steve Ross. I have to use and support both iPhones and Android phones and the fragmentation and non-elegance of the Android operating system is the deal-killer for me. Look, centralizing on the Apple ecosystem like I do personally in my design work has always been about the elegant interface and the ease of meshing together my phone, iMac, and iPad. Apple has been fighting this battle since the early days of the PC. Both platforms have advantages. Everyone should just use what works for them and quit bitching about it and bad-mounting others.
+Danny Wood I have both, and yes I do like my iPhone better, but thats not the point... your facts are wrong and you are clearly and android fan... when you start a flame war with half your facts wrong you instantly loose... attack the fact that the batter life is shorter, the bluetooth range sucks and that the color range sucks on the iPhone screen. so many things for you to go after and yet you choose to post incorrect information. It just makes you look dumb and un-informed.
the picture is already known and circulates in the www for weeks. I don't understand the bad attitude towards any of smartphone manufacturer whether apple or samsung or blackberry and it's a kind of childish point of view to me. as long as we take it with humor, it's quite OK, but as long as it is used as a serious argument, I don't follow.
Ignorance must be bliss for Android people. #iphone
I am using SCH-B119 is satisfactory
Its so easy to get a rise out of Apple consumers... Its like you're making fun of their religion when you joke about an iProduct.
The Samsung Exhibit II is a pretty awesome Android phone for under $200.
J. P.
Made my day.
Android <3
Funny how as I am reading this I look down and my first gen Galaxy S is frozen with the screen lit up, does this 4-5 times a week. Time to pull the battery again.... sigh.
despite all of those features I'd still choose the stone, hell the phone i have now is from the stone age...
iPhone camera has flash. Apple doesn't support Flash and never will because of their HTML5 platform so iPhones suck.
It is an interesting comparison. Humorous
there is no device that can multitask like iphone
+Eddie Del Real my opinion of what true multitasking may be different to yours but I honestly prefer iPhone's and if u mean backgrounding the same way S2 does then this should be a disadvantage not an advantage.
+Alan Allie stop been a fanboy, as you may notice this is a joke. Also you forgot to mention that the rock is not a phone, so stop worrying about features that the iPhone 4a copied from android and get a real phone. 
Your check-list is perfect for nerds. For that vast majority those items are meaningless.
+Chris Holt download pauses? App Store, iTunes and Cydia continue downloading even when u switch away from the app
"wireless sync" on a device doesn't matter if you use Google+ and Google Play.
LOL +Abinadid Mendez that's why apple just won the latest case...stating that android was copied from the iphone platform. we all know iPhone was the first smartphone with a touch screen and multi-touch screen. so don't be another troll trowing around the stupid ass fanboy word. if anyone is a fan boy is all the android users that attempt to say they are unique because they don't have iphone like everyone else. but they forget to mention that android copied iphone.
iphone 4 is still the best , Jailbreak = combination of ALL phones .
hm... according to the image i see i guess my buddies blackberry = stone ?!
Whatever, Apple is fine with size and once Cydia is installed, its better then the rest... Samsung is bit oversized to hold it every time..
Yikes....these iphone people really get their panties in a's a phone!!
+Eddie Del Real i have done such stuff before, its up to the app developer to enable that type of multitasking cuz i have definitely done this before
LOL iPhone is not nearly the first smartphone with touchscreen, but only first that did it very user friendly
Funniest thing I've seen all week. #KUTGW
Stone it is.
The onky thing thats gets me is its so difficult to find things on the android market (now called the play store) and the android operating system is made by google. It kills me. Hopefully they improve the search function.
i still prefer Apple's multitasking not cuz of my interest in Apple, but cuz I just prefer using it, but seriously u can multitask apps fully, like if u mean the ipod app u can multitask it so u listen to music and browse the web and download an app at the same time
+Danny Wood You are a stealth troll. Once you were called on your comments and were presented with facts that debunked the entire post, you claimed it was a joke as damage control. Then later +Frank Lopes jumped on your bandwagon, and you congratulated him and went on to pretending as if there was any truth your post.

I've never owned an iPhone, I've always owned Galaxy S phones, and this post is highly inaccurate. iPhone 4 has many of the features listed, on top of many that a Galaxy S phone does NOT have (like a single integrated player for all media like iTunes that exists on your phone, desktop, laptop, tablet, and TV).

You championed wireless synching (which every recent IOS device can also do contrary to your false image), but what would you synch to wirelessly in Android? DoubleTwist? Windows Media Player? Both are broken in comparison to iTunes and often won't recognize your device, sync or update playlists, or in DoubleTwist's case, will fail to overwrite files that are already there, creating dozens of duplicates within a weeks' time.

You mentioned that most iPhone users know nothing about Android, and that's why they're iPhone users, but here you've proven you don't even know the most common of facts about Apple's devices.

Like someone else said, get your facts in order before you try to compare ANYTHING.
Apples iPhones are the best in my opinion. There cool, you need to get one
Shut up, Samsung copied of iphone first eg. Tablet
+Keith Lawson Yes, I've heard the expression that you get what you pay for, but Apple's profit margins would suggest that you aren't getting what you pay for. :)
the iphone is as usefull as a stone? windows phones are beast. xbox live ftw
except the iphone 4S does most of those things, as well as the iphone 4
lol some people really need to lighten up :D
It's all good .. they will come out with the "new" iPhone soon which will be 0.25 grams lighter but cost twice the price. Apple fanboys .. start masturbating about now ..
I have had a Samsung phone before, and it was a terrible piece of junk. Just about everything at it worked in a half-baked manner, if at all. Then the middle part of the touch screen became unresponsive. I would not use a Samsung again if the thing was free of charge.
+1 Danny. Bravo. Now just step back and watch the iSheep spit all over their screens with red hot rage.
I Love my Samsung Inspire.................... Droid ROCKS!!
yes, but a rock can be dragged, dropped, and played with!
I'll take the rock over my windows 6.5 phone. Phreaking worthless.
I got Galaxy S and upgraded the Firmware to 2.5.3
Although I do no completely agree, the 'stone' thing is funny...
Shouldn't the stone have a check mark on "drag, drop and play"?

Edit: If you have the Samsung you can get the stone for free, use the stone to knock the iPhone user's head open and take the iPhone.
This chart is really deceptive... I'm also assuming outdated since they're comparing their latest to the last gen iphone....
Outdated yes, but on both phones. They both came out around the same time. the next comparison should be the next iPhone with the Galaxy S III
Isx Avl
I recently move for iPhone 4S to Galaxy and it feels good. But the usability is still and issue in the Android platform.
Doesn't iPhone get credit for being the first phone of its kind that people actually wanted? It's a good thing Apple is around to constantly be at the cutting edge. As for the could literally crush any phone.
Are all you IPhone users who dislike #Samsung aware that there are lots of Samsung parts in an IPhone? They buy parts from samsung electronics for the manufacture of the IPhone.
Customizable home screens is not an option on the iPhone. Being able to move your apps around doesn't count. Wireless sync is available on iOS, ie Gmail, but it is not nearly as seamless as on Android. I would not consider ITunes syncing an asset, but that's my personal opinion.

Social integration is not a strength of iOS. With Android you can share media with any app, including Twitter. Above any other feature, iOS's limited social integration is a deal breaker.

IOS is falling behind the curve. It's a smooth OS, but Android 4.0 is pretty darn smooth as well.

It really comes down to personal choice. WP7 may be a better option for some. The kernal of truth in this joke post is that the iPhone is no longer the only game in town.
Really, Danny? That's neat, I didn't know that. Why is Apple suing Samsung, then? So weird. Btw, I hate Apple. Overpriced proprietary crap that can't be upgraded easily or affordably and their marketing is elitist and arrogant.
Funny, Marketing can paint any picture they want. What does this mean as far as usability? Only time can tell. Let us know how it works out if and when you get it.
Bottom line: if you're DIY, get Galaxy. Not DIY, get iPhone.
+Tonia Addison-Hall, it is true, they do use #Samsung parts. They are suing Samsung because they believe Samsung have copied the design of the Apple IPhone and IPad. But they do still buy their parts from Samsung, strange isn't it!
Not sure where people get the over priced bit from. I paid $199 for the 32GB iPhone, I've paid that or more for my Samsung Epic, Palm Pre, Palm Treo and every phone for the last 10 years or more. Oh, Marketing working again. Some people can't like anything without hating something else. Truth is I hadn't see a gadget that was perfect yet; they all have pros and cons. Do away with the high horses!
What I miss most, switching from Android to iOS, is SWYPE. Apple's autocorrect works great, but I miss Swype. I can't wait until Apple steals Swype and say they invented it, LOL. I also miss the Google navigation; I like being able to step through a directions list. I do love the free Waze app for navigation (which is available on both), but it lacks the ability to step through the directions..
You can make any product better than the other when you make an image like this
+Ferdowsy Qureshi... have you not noticed the "stone"? You IPhone lovers are hilarious! It's all obviously just for laughs!
+Matias Lehtoranta You can DIY with iPhone, it is called Jailbreaking. All of my Apple devices are Jailbroken, even my AppleTV. My Samsung was "rooted" which is the same thing. 
Plus some obviously do not even understand what a widget is...they have it confused with an icon.
Its true, not much as a stone though, still better :)
Difference between an iPhone and a rock? A touchstone
Hilarious to see iPhone users not even know what a widget IS...

+Ferdowsy Qureshi Please show me how you can view your upcoming calender events, your gmail inbox, the 5 day weather forecast, your twitter feed, and your current music track all without having one app open.
I've used both quite a lot and I have to say I really rather dislike samsung and much prefer the iphone, but I prefer the top end htc phones to either. Also the credit for the galaxy doesn't really belong to samsung as much as to google, android is awesome not samsung.
Should i get evo 3d or iphone 4s?
Iphone ... You dont know... I think use iphone
+Kaysavan S I am not saying it is perfect but I have seen a friend entering an Apple store with defect phone and they replaced it on the spot... I am not going to buy an iPhone just for that but that just one least thing to worry about. I had the worst experience with Samsung and I am now buying an HTC ONE X so I can have a phone for the time I will send the Galaxy nexus back to service. Hopefully they can do better this time and actually fix the damn thing so I can sell it afterward. It is the last time I buy any samsung product. It is a shame as I was loving my Galaxy nexus...
Let's stop this madness right now. Before we keep posting comments about which phone is better please watch this video Clearly the picture was a joke, but some people got their panties in a bunch, because an outdated chart, so here is a more up to date comparison. Cheers!!
Video again:
I've reported this as abuse, as I am a stone and I do not wish to be compared to an iPhone or a samsung galaxy
hai brother what do you do yar
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