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This updated chart still goes to show that Android #smartphones like the #Samsung Galaxy phones are so much better than the over priced, over hyped #Apple #IPhone in my opinion. Even a stone has some benefits over the Apple IPhone. Android Smartphones all the way!
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i liked the old one better, and when did apple get 4G?
I'd debate the "customizable homescreen" for the 4S. I guess if moving icons and folders around is considered customizable then it is, but not to the same level that a SGSII is. Either way, I'd take a rock over a 4S.
I had to compromise with some anal iPhone fans... who claim 4G and customizable homescreens are available, but this is obviously still debatable!
A BlackBerry comes with about the same functionality as the stone. The stone is probably quicker though.
Also for +Josh Ferry Woodard's claim that an iPhone is more likely to get you a girlfriend, I couldn't include this... as there is not enough data or physical evidence to compare the 3 products. Sorry Josh!
Perhaps there's an UpgradeMyLooks app in the iTunes app store.
An iPhone is probably more likely to get you turned over by a chav mugger but you would have the last laugh by upgrading to Android.
I also noticed a 'swagger' power switch in a custom Android ROM not long ago. Possibly an ICS version of UpgradeMyLooks? +Danny Wood
+Danny Wood Haha... I bet a Galaxy Note will get even more people asking questions!
Galaxy S2 is not shockproof, I could test that for sure and bet it isn't. iPhone 4S does have multitasking...
iPhone 4S does not have multitasking. It has a button that you double click and it shows your recent apps that were opened.
If you click the app for a long time like when deleting apps, it kills the apps. So clearly it does have multitasking. I'm an Apple owner of quite lot of Apple devices so I would know..
+Mizael Noriega lad, please note the label = "True multitasking" .. NOT 'multi-tasking-sorta-kinda-to-play-AndroidOS-ketchup lad! ;]]
+Mizael Noriega If every "Apple owner of quite a lot of Apple devices" knew everything about their devices, they wouldn't be Apple owners for much longer, because they would realize how limited they are.
after using both i find Ios is a better user expirence as well as the quality apps is better, and isnt the software what really matters at the end of the day?
Well you android= lag,force close, Gets hacked in minutes, Lots of android devices don't even have task killers,there OS version rarely gets updates and if so its from 2.3 to 2.3.4, They get old in less than a month because then a new one comes out, their flash support slows down the Internet also. There's lots more, I've been android user and stuck with for a few more months, regret getting android. I'll be waiting for 6th Gen iPhone
i say what i said and ive been an android user for years, i love android, but its just not where it needs to be to be competitive, but i will say it has come a long way over the years since my android 1.0 device. its just a matter of time and working out a few bugs in the system. Number one to me being the horrid sound processing.
after getting my first cellphone as a g1 on tmobile and having every android phone since, im going iphone on sprint when my tmobile service agreement expires.
+Thomas McCoy I agree... Android's 50% market share can't be competitive compared to iOS's 23% market share

Android and iOS aren't to be compared, they have opposite functions, Apple's faster and doesnt lag, Android is a bit slower but it allows to download almost everything out there. It would be more reasonable to compare Apple vs Windows Phone
Actually Apple has 600,000 apps for iPhone and iPod touch, 200,000 for iPad and I believe 10,000 for Mac
+Mizael Noriega Task killers?? Really?? Are you using a phone that is still running Android 1.6 or something?
No im saying there's lots of devices on Android 2.2 and up that don't have task killers.
But wait... The stone DOES have a customizable honescreen! You can scratch, glue, write, paint, wash away, etc. whatever you want. Hee hee hee... ;) True Multitasking? The stone's got that too... Ever heard of "Two birds with one stone"? :)
not tatally agreed wit the post maker, but somehow apple i phone is glassy, so hav to careful, else it's not comparable in it's class, and Samsng G-2 is a star in it's class, both have diff apprch.. so it's up 2 us to handle.. da dvice.. :P
but i like both of 'em.. :)
haha +Ron Roberts! Only really done the chart to provoke people like yourself and to build my shares +1's and circles. Works a beauty thanks! I don't even own a Galaxy, I'll stick to a bog standard phone any day of the week... calls and texts.
Yawn...yawn...yawn! Give it up Android boy - just accept that there are 2 players in the market, you like the laggy one that kind of works and we like the expensive one that works! :)
+Brad Jones The expensive one... That's funny, considering any high end Android phone is as expensive or more than a high end iPhone
That's funny +Jeff Leger- considering the original post refers to the "over priced, over hyped Apple iPhone" I thought that was the point he was making?? YAWN
+Brad Jones For what you get, it IS overpriced. Last quarter, both Samsung and Apple had revenues of 40 billion. Apple's net income was 11.6 billion, while Samsung's was 5 billion.

Who's products are overpriced again??
+Mizael Noriega Sorry - can't agree there - I've had a HTC Mozart running W7, a SGS running honeycomb and an iPhone 3GS running iOS5.1 - all in the last 18mths - best is iPhone, then Android and last for sure is W7!
Honeycomb on an SGS? That's impressive...
One analysis showed the company taking $130 in profit from every phone.
+Brad Jones Because Honeycomb is Android 3.0 and is for tablets only. You were either running Gingerbread or ICS. I'm guessing Gingerbread, unless you put ICS on there yourself fairly recently.
I'd like to see anyone build a house or kill something with a smartphone. 200,000 years of continuous culture doesn't lie. I'll take the stone, thank you.
You're not comparing Apples to Apples. You're comparing Apples to Lemons and the experience of using an iPhone vs an android is very different. Pricing is not a logical comparison, each is comparable for a new contract and both will cost you if you want to upgrade or buy new with no contract.
My wife recently got a Samsung Galaxy S II and it is sweet!
Smug sense of superiority: Rock (X) Iphone (Check) Galaxy S II (Check)
Goodcomparison! Both iPhone and a stone are stable, accordingly to the comparison. How many similarities are between iPad and Wacom tablet?
+Zane Fairbanks While twitter being integrated is a slight step in the right direction, how the hell do you have a smartphone in 2012 without all major social media integrated? That is one of those things that still floors me about the iphone. It just seems so incredibly backward given the popularity of social media... most people that I know use their phone more for facebook, twitter, etc than calls.
i have a galaxy cell and i love it,has bigger screen and no dam apple crap,so i is happy i got mine free from T-Mobile for being a loyal customer yay
Dorks arguing about people's preference on technology.
i like the stone hahaha but transformer by samsung is still better then both
Leo Plumley is a CAROOK! He refuses to return our money with lame excuses blaming us for it, but keeps the money for himself for noting in return.
i used to have a phone like that and i had someone throw it over my school and it had hit the sidewalk and i still could use it haha
Iphone doesn't have gorilla glass, silly person.
Welcome to the "What's Hot" crowd...
Galaxy S II is really an awesome phone..
My friend has the apple. She played with my Galaxy S2 for 1 min. and said she liked it better. I'm gonna find me a stone case for it though.
right now..I really need the stone to use the hit ability :D
You can also write text with a stone, so it has "text messaging" capabilities. cue canned laughter
the best part about the stone is theirs no bill at the end of the month
at least you don't have to worry when you drop the stone

not expensive

readily available

and no screen to brake!
Right, because the best thing for users is to be able to drag malware onto your phone while waiting for the Flash app in the background to finish draining your battery...
and incredibly biased chart comparing the two phones and a rock goes to show that android > iphone?
Mykl Em
Don't forget expandable memory up to 32g. replaceable battery without exchanging or voiding the warranty unlike iphone.
samsung provide best smartphones at lowest range and cheaper prices.
social clients are integrated with the stone. skipping on water, old school lottery. and some countries integrate punishment by stoning to death.
You can bang two stones together to get flash :)
wow get over yourself. You are just proving that you're superior, which is pathetic. Who cares.
Not sure about the new phones but my first impression with Android phones was that they are too complicated. From the get-go Apple has been able to maintain the first impression of its iPhone as a simple and easy-to-use device. For those of us that are tech savy we come to understand the user experience in a different way than the masses, which is why we tend to have different criteria when comparing phones.
I find that hard to believe. The man said very clearly, "over my d..."

Oh, never mind!
This old, the iphone already has the hspa+ network. And the iphone is shockprooof, the glass screen isn't.
given the choice between the iphone and the stone i would take the stone
yeah yeah, just get your plastic samsung, enjoy that checklist and be happy. people, let's not feed the trolls...
I think both are good products. And customer is winner as we have more choices . It would be so much boring without android and without iOS probably Google would never had done it in the first place. And I can't imagine a world without iOS even if it's a stone or whatever. 
That's a very nice stone. Great compatibility with today's garden arrangements, non-reflective surface for easy visibility, small and compact..fits in the palm of your hand, looks to come in several shades of grey, doubles as a trajectory device...I like it...where can I get one?
Yeah. iPhone is all hype and no value for the exorbitant price you pay to own it.
The problem with articles like this it fuels fan boys on both side.

It comes down to the correct tools for the job and as a Linux user android is still missing a good few apps.

I would not say 1 device is better than the other
With all my heart I hate the Android operating system. I have both iPhone and, in our house, we have 4 different phones all working on the Android system. Every Android crashes. Never once has my iPhone had an issue. Within the next year all 4 of us will have iPhones.
I have to go with Stone. I've heard the pet rock upgrade gives you an integrated social network (always have a friend with you when you have pet rock). Stone is great with multitasking - I can start fire and crack open nut shells. The UI for Stone is completely customizable
ROFLMFAO @ +Kelline Pickett's take.. best belly chuckles this Monday thusfar lass! ;]] (Ever work in advertising?! #snickersNwinks ;]])
Where can I Pre-Order the Stone??? It looks like a good alternative. LOLOLOLOLO ROFL HAHAH
+Hacim Llih I'm glad you did, my brother, but no, that's all the advertising I do. Hey, stones are under appreciated.
"But... but... my iPhone's camera has a flash!"
I have an iPhone 4, and really miss my old Samsung Epic. I miss Android!
this way i m gonna buy a stone!!!:)
I agree. I would compare it like this. Using an APPLE Iphone is like being dressed up for church. Using Android is like you feel when you are back from Church and in your Comfy Clothes. !
my aunts galaxy has broke twice just because she dropped it....... ON CARPET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had an android then went to the iphone. I'll take the iphone any day over the android system.
at least the stone is Shatterproof unlike some phones:)
I'm still not convinced that Androids are better than stones. You left out all the good qualities of stones and put in all the good qualities of Androids. And what's the iPhone doing there?
Rock beats Gorilla Glass every time.
i have the opposite view i had apple but found android much more to my liking for the shear fact that you aren't tied to Google the way you are to apple so i have much more freedom on how i use my phone, don't get me wrong, the iPhone is very good, but would be much better if apple loosened its nanny like grip on the iPhone, yes they would make less money, because they haven't got a customer base which is forced to do everything the way apple demands it(but then equally it wouldn't have lost customers like myself either so probably may not have lost much) and because of this point android has built such a strong o/s quicker
I absolutely LOVE my Galaxy SII - I had debated between the 2 and I decided on this one... SO happy I made this choice, so powerful, smooth, user friendly, full HD video recording is way more useful than I though it would have been. It literally has impressed everyone that I've shown it to. - just my $.02
Stone gives u true multitasking i guess. 
LOL. Bet that apple lovers will go crazy about this post. I have an iPhone myself but nowadays I wouldn't buy a 4S... Samsung is beating apple in so many ways.
Anyone else notice that the ability to make a call is unrepresented in this chart? It's one of my favorite phone features.
Even an iphone loses to a stone in some qualities?Awesome! =X
hahaha iphone so overrated foreal
Downside to iphone: 21 Million People have the same text-message-received audio notification.
to be honest, i have a iphone 4. You can customize the home screen and you can put apps into categories and name those categories along with backgrounds. The only app that i have found to not move or be put into a category is the newstand. Which i would agree is pretty stupid. Multitasking you really cant have 2 different programs open for a long period of time at the same time on either an iphone or droid. you can always listen to music while doing other things on iphone unless the app does not allow it. but other than that it can multitask to an extent just like a droid.
I have had an iPhone for maybe 4 to 5 years now. The iPeople would probably consider this a troll, but it is truth: iOS has generally felt patronizing to me. Kinda PlaySkool-like. Yes it is generally well thought out, and the app store has more fart apps and flashlights than anyone else's, but still... Next phone is Android. I'm only waiting for The Missus to decide what her next device is going to be (she wants off the iPhone too). Sorry iPeople, but this is truly representative of my iExperience.
Also, I'm kinda sick of always typing iSomething...
soon iPhone 5 wil be out! cant wait til announcement at WWDC..
You sell Android Smartphones?
Rock, paper, iPhone...Rock smashes iPhone, paper wraped around rock delivers written message!...LOL!
I don't think you can say you've had an iPhone for 4-5 years, then go on to deride it without sounding just a little bit like a "me too" hater, just to get the appreciation of the cool kids. shrug
Ha ha ha so true you only have an I phone if you go bbbbaaaahh.
Flash is a problem, "Current Flash sites could never be made work well on any touchscreen device, and this cannot be solved by Apple, Adobe, or magical new hardware. That’s not because of slow mobile performance, battery drain or crashes. It’s because of the hover or mouseover problem." Planning to switch to the Apple 5 when it comes out.
An year back these duels used to be between iPhone and Blackberry which made a lot of sense coz both had a entirely different approach , architecture and business model. Glad that we are now comparing Android to iPhone but it feels as if we are contrasting son to father . Isn't Android all inspired by iOS in the first place and only extends (if it does) what iOS has already accomplished. Can someone tell me what is absolute original in Android ??

Being a Google fan , I am worried that these duels might shift to iOS v/s Windows if Google didn't address some of the gaps in overall strategy

- There is no predictable/visible release cycle. Consumers want predictability. They can wait only when they know the what to wait for and what is the likely time frame

- Google need to have a solid Google branded phone to lead the pack. Something that can contrast iPhone. As of now we have too many choices with too many confusing versions. All smart phone buyers are not techies.

- Google need to have better control over manufacturers and carriers. They should not be allowed to load their bloatware and UIs that are difficult to upgrade. I guess Note is still running the older version !! coz Samsung added stylus support thats needs work to support in newer versions.

- Should not (actually NEVER ever) position as a cheaper phone. Coz no one can win that war v's MS/Nokia.
dont be so mean to stones i have one and they are actually very helpful
At the end of the day they both have their flaws and perks. It's up to the user. I have both a 4S and a Droid. Couldn't be happier.

Both sides need to get over their my phone is better.

FYI - iOS 5 has twitter built in so technically "Social Clients Integrated" should be a check.
The amount of time Samsung phone users spend on graphs, clever charts, and other illustrations makes me wonder why there is such a feeling of inadequacy while owning this "superior" phone that drives them to having to justify their purchases.
I agree with this, but the iPhone is pretty shockproof 
+Chris Hornberger
Oh baloney. So owning an iPhone for any length of time must = unadulterated adoration? Maybe I've got the time frame wrong... Its a 3GS, so it's since whenever that came out.
Call me frugal but I am not going to replace a $300 device that's functioning perfectly well with another $300 device just because it's newer and the old one is slightly annoying. I just don't do that.
The iPhones are just at the point where the battery life justifies replacement. 
Stone can not be compared with a phone. Phone is there to make calls and other stuff, one would never want to drag and drop it :D Secondly, only Apple is making the right stuff all else is copy cat
(you should see how long I hold onto an old car!)
+J Yaeger These arguments are fun and all, but you probably hit the nail on the head for me. When I use iOS, it feels very dumbed down and childish. I always think of nintendo, vs xbox or playstation. Nintendo's, while fun and nice, always felt too cartoony and dumbed down for me. I feel the same way with iOS. It feels nice, but very structured and limited and even dumbed down and cartoony... they have control and I'm the user. Android is the opposite for me... I'm in control. As for the rest of the nonsense about malware, and updates, and fragmentation, and no good apps, etc... as an actual android user, and not just someone that reads tech blogs about android, I can say that I experience none of that. My phone is rock solid, reliable, quick, smooth, has the newest version, has never had malware even though i get software from terrible places like newsgroups, perfectly sized, and is absolutely the best cell phone I've ever used, including iphones. I have zero complaints.
I'm living the nightmare of one iPhone advantage: When an OS update is released, at least all iPhones get them immediately, instead of scattered over a year and a half.
Ha ha HA! Who would know that a stone is better than an iPhone in some fields?
How quick to forget the fact that Apple has paved the way for smart-phones such as the Galaxy II, which when you really look at them both, Samsung has a lot of features that Apple's already trailed and error-ed through.
I guess I'm just saying, if you don't think it suits your needs, then get something else. There are PLENTY of other options. Keeping it and bashing it seems... counter intuitive.
+Chris Hornberger
Again: oh baloney. It works and is only slightly annoying. I live with stuff like that every day. My 50" tv is kind of sad compared to the new models, but it still looks pretty good.
Also, "bashing it"? Really? Honesty is bashing? Dude. My comments have been very VERY mild. 
meh. dont care which i have. both cost more than they are worth.
Can't argue with stats like that. Android, stone then.... nothing.
+Cassie Johnson Likewise I could point out that when people used to post this same list, the iphone didn't have X's in many of those categories that android did... and now those X's are appearing in apple's column. Regardless of the early days, apple is absolutely adding features previously found on android more so than the opposite direction.
i think the stone is the obvious choice
I have used the "Stone" for years, and have had no problem with it. works the same now as it did when I got it!
I have always believed in the following.
It is not about what you can do with it. But it is about what you need it to do.
If you need a phone reliable and sturdy then by all means I recommend the Galaxy. But if you need a phone with a big market share and a bigger developer world then your best bets is on the iPhone. But remember it is all about what you need it to do, not what it can do.
no offence but u its sooo easy for either side of that argument to make charts that make themselves look better. Just sayin
Never did like the iPhone nor the Mac nor any other Apple products. By the way, im allergic to Apple's. But I can tell yous something,

Samsung Galaxy phones are much better then all
I Really Like ir
my Galaxy S ll battery dies out fast
Samsung Galaxy phones are much better
I Really Like it.
Steph M
Meh. Ive got an iphone 3gs and the only things id say i hate is the fact you cant have music as ringtones and can only bluetooth other iphones. Other than that, i can listen to music, play games go on fb and googleplus, text and phone.. Which is good enough for me :D 😃😁😜
WOW that is nice at least we know now that cavemen could do better then than they would now
Iphone 4s doesn't have gorillaglass i've seen a test it breaks like an egg, and customizable homescreen is not the same as android phone.
I love having batteries that I can change and that last longer than 8 hours. IPhones are nice for dumb people that don't know much about tech Android is made to be played with. Sent for my Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket with LTE
I use a samsung galaxy note. It offers more for less the price of apple iphone 4s. 8 m.pixel cam. H D video. Stylus. Its like having the presidents office in my palm. I can do anything
Actually, the stone has a "stylus" if you have a smaller, sharp-ish stone...
what about clicking the 4S home button three times and inverting the color of the screen... revolutionary!!!!!!!!
I realize now that in my earlier posts I neglected to refer to the OP. it's a silly chart. Pointless provocation, especially since, as this thread largely indicates with a handful of rational exceptions, people are largely ideological about their expensive tech. Don't quite understand that myself... Ideology always seems self defeating to me.
Please will no one be so foolish as to assume that I am referring to their specific tech? Thanx.

I had the privilege, as an iPhone user, to experience the Galaxy for a day.

I loved it. The phone did so many things my iPhone didn't. It had way more settings and it allowed me to get in depth with my phone way more than my iPhone. As for the flash, that's not really necessary for me as a browser of the internet. And as for the multitasking, the iPhone does it greatly, so I'm not sure why theres an X there.

I won't get into all the deets, I'll just say both phones are great and I don't believe the iPhone should take all of the mobile credit as 'the best phone ever'. The iPhone is fantastic and it does EVERYTHING I need it to do, thats why I love it. And I believe all these needs can be satisfied with the Galaxy as well, Its just I prefer my iPhone.

All in all, cell phones are a great piece of technology we are blessed with having, so lets not be such unthankful pieces of shits about it.
iphones r expensive!! i luv smartphones, and android is just as good as apple, but cheapier
I never had an iphone but does it really matter what someone uses
I tihnk that iphones are to expensive
The self evident buyor's remorse and constant need for reassurement Android users need (a la these charts, here and on Facebook) never cease to amuse me.

It's ok... you have my permission to enjoy and beta test your mobile OS for Google. It's fine by me.

I find I can go a very long time without having to charge my rock. Plus, I have no issues throwing my rock in a landfill. +1 for rock!
iPhones are well built, but never drop one. Apple has a marketing strategy that's woven into the psyches of American and international pop culture - like Starbucks.
Owning an iPhone is a status symbol, much like getting a ' tramp stamp' and adding color to it yearly.
There seem to be a narcissistic rush, when it's owners are rudely talking on them in a public space - as if wanting others to see the Apple icon. Such behavior is as mind boggling as paying additional for branded mall shirts, such as Abercrombie and Finch and Hollister - there too, the customers are sucked into a cyclone of 'zombie-like' marketing, that feeds upon the buyers. Sad!
Is android software better than IOS because I was thinking about getting an android 
+Blake Correia Apple multitasking essentially freezes apps, while Android allows the apps to actually run processes in the background.

Before you start commenting in all caps about how "awesome" Apple is, learn the facts.
iPhone is correctly described as over priced and over hyped. As a PC user I found it to be totally non-intuitive to use and the battery life was disappointing. Was delighted to upgrade to Galaxy S2 three mths ago.
FACT CHECK: The iphone 4S has twitter integrated into it
That is right. iOS is not a true Multitasking device. It does freeze apps. To understand it simply start a download and switch to a different app... After a fair amount of time get back to your download (using youR so called multi tasking button) and voila... the download has remained at the same percentage you left it at..

It isn't a true multitasking device at all.. My grandmother multitasks better :P

Jokes apart, In the end you guys have to use the phone that suits your needs the best. Personally I would prefer a phone i can customize regularly... I'd simply be bored otherwise.
These posts always amuse me. Not so much the posts, but the comments. To each their own. Some Android phones suck! I was a late adopter of the G1, then it got stale...lesson...get it early...I was an early adopter or the sucked and wouldn't get upgraded... lesson...stick to pure Google. Now I'm an early adopter of the Galaxy Nexus and couldn't be happier. Too each their own.
couldn't agree more , apples iphone is way too expensive for what it can do. The Android based phones can do just as much for a lot less money. I have a HTC Explorer which (i must say) is a fantastic mobile (cell) phone. Runs an Android 2.3 OS and virtually does everything that the over priced and hyped iphone can do. why spend 500 when you only need to spend 100
i want this phone sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How is the battery life?
Ok, we get it, no flash. You seem to be saying that social clients integrated is a good thing? Most ios social media clients actually work. Define"true"multitasking. I run the s2 but this list is poor. Very poor. Can't we all just get along and stop this childishness? If you want to win hearts and minds try to convince people you have at least one of each.
as well as stones are expensive coz noone gives u stone to hit your head with it
All this time I could have gotten a stone for free
I had an android and went to an WM7 Lumia 800 which was an absolute disaster. Got the iPhone now and it is brilliant. Android is outstanding but if privacy is what you want, apple and Microsoft are the answer. Heard Monzilla are bring out an operating system by year end. Competition is good. 
To the people saying that Twitter is now integrated... The chart doesn't say "Social CLIENT integrated", it says CLIENTS with an S! Meaning plural, as in more than one. Android automatically becomes integrated with any app you decide to download. If I want to share a web page with someone all I do is hit "share", and then I have a choice of many places I can share it with. Not JUST Twitter. The fact that Apple hasn't integrated other options yet is kinda pathetic. 
Flash comparison is kinda silly considering adobe isn't even devolving it anymore. 
yeah I agree, I would prefer a stone instead of an iPhone, I think the stone is more useful. +Android is the real thing!
iPhone is iphone its an apple.. samsung has the habbit of copying an apple if he has guts tell them to make phone of its own y he is copying others.. fuck that samsung man
only star and quality people uses apple not everyone and samsung is so cheap no one can beat iphone jst see iphone 5 preview u will come to no
ajjaj an iPhone is a smart phone, but an Android is just a FTP server with some applications in :P
Rocks are awesome at everything in my opinion! They are so much less money than a iPhone 4S or Galaxy S II!
I purchased a Samsung Android phone from a MetroPCS store and had nothing but difficulties with operation and functioning correctly and no help from Metro on the matter other than they would order me another one in 3 to five business days and I could assume that means they would order it in three to five business days at best Why does my comments continually get scratched over with greenish blue ink it is as if someone has linked on my private email account and is mocking my statements
I love my Samsung g ll since the first day....

We all experience products differently, which is the whole reason for this post being so successful, 700 odd +1's and 300 odd comments, just because people like different things. Oh and +Ron Roberts, I do have a job mate, it only took a minute or so to knock this up. I'm a web developer and I work within social media everyday, which might explain why the post has done well... it got you wasting your time posting as well, so I guess the shoe could be on the other foot there.
+Dylan Barker dude the home button has been around for ages...just bloody apple tries to patent everything they can. LIke the slide to unlock function. People have been sliding barrel bolts on doors and gates for centuries to unlock.
This happened yesterday. My colleague at work asked when is Mother's Day. I told him I forgot. Let me check my Android calendar. Presto! Its on my calendar. My colleague pulled out his iphone, check is app calendar and guess what? Its just the calendar. I told him, Android is better.
that stone looks like a winner to me.
Hey, this is on the What's Hot page again. Can people get over the smug satisfaction of buying a phone?
Yet the Galaxy still needs to copy the look of the iphone. EPIC FAIL!!!
The iPhone does not have gorilla glass
The fact is that each platform is designed for what it's users need. I am required to use both (1 4s & 2 Androids) so I have plenty of experience with both. Apple employs more artists and less techs which you can see in the arguably pleasing form factor and smooth operation. Android manufacturers (and definitely Google) employs more techs which explains the much larger feature set and customization options. It just depends on what you need it for. If you only need calls, texting, and minor web use in a tiny package, go with iPhone. If you need power, a large screen, fast antenna, and endless customization, go Android. As co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak said, "I really wish that my iPhone did all of the things that my Android phones do, but unfortunately it won't and never will."
Sorry but.. ROFLMFAO @ windblow$ moble OS's horrid attempts @ 'ketchup'..

(Convictions '+' past business dealings with #microSUCKS qualifies my disdain to be clear here. I've personally tasted their #onepercent #monopoly from the dark end of their #greedy tact.)
I have a stone. Some of the things you can do aren't on the list but most people already know it can be a blunt weapon.
The iStone 2 is a lot slimmer than the original iStone, it can double up as a great pond skimmer!
/me whispers.. I yam 'stoned' many evenings.. we 'smoke our glass or two of wine with our dinner here; well actually we 'vapor' it ... 'herbally speaking'.. ;]] Yet in the eyes of any present prudes.. I digress! #snickersNwinks
Nooo +Adriannah Marce Lande 'stoners' rock!
Now, that said.. I have offered some of my sleepless roommates assistance on occasion.. too rock them to sleep with a big rock! ..Does that count?
+Devin Ceartas And now you talk as if malware was the only thing that would exist outside the app store. Also, "drag, drop and play" might be a reference to unability to drag&drop files onto your iPhone, and files mean everything from applications to music and videos. For Apple, you need that shitty iTunes (And you are unable to send music over bluetooth — at Android, you can) . (Except for pictures, not completely sure about videos). And smart people close unneeded apps.

And what considers malware — people who use their brains tend not to get malware. (The rest tend to use iPhones).
apple have only name and thts the only way for people to get slip through iphone...
........................................... Stone ........... iPhone 4S .......... Galaxy S II
App Store full of crap ........ X ....................... X .............................V
Well I saw your comment about trying to provoke reaction +Danny Wood - I'll follow you back. Has to to be iPhone for me purely for the apps associated with the camera. All the rest I don't care about. Android just got Instagram which is great but still a long way to go (from talking with friends - I don't own one myself).
I still think the same, Google Play is full of crap. I downloaded Spotify for Android and keeps freezing after every piece of music. What a piece of crap. The only reason I bought a Nexus 7 was because it was cheaper than the iPad Mini but it's crap. Poor sound quality from the single speaker, a low quality front camera, cheap plastic bezel, you need to go to the settings menu for the slightest change, the device doesn't have any biult-in equalizer to filter the sound (I hope there will be a third-party application), the tabs of the browser will close unintentionally, Chrome doesn't open PDFs nor can't run Adobe Flash Player, it runs out of battery after less than two days without running anything and the screen off... 
Why not? the post wouldn't be any less annoying were it only a few hours old.
+Zephyr López Cervilla not half as annoying as getting all the notifications for it! Can't believe how popular the android apple war is!
+Zephyr López Cervilla The post itself for not really annoying, just applefags get butthurt over it because it's pretty much the truth. Getting notifications for posts older than the universe is a bit annoying, though — you know, some of us prefer to see relevant stuff in notifications — that is, seeing notifications about posts that we actually remember leaving our comments on.đ'
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