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The dark jetty

I woke up quite early this morning after a rough night with little sleep and decided to try to catch the sunrise over the water. Unfortunately I arrived a little late and so I diverted my attention toward the sand pumping jetty. The swell is quite large at the moment but the long exposure took care of that and the clouds did their part to create something that I like.

Whilst none were there this morning, the sand pumping jetty is quite popular with fisherman trying to score a big catch.

The Southport Spit, Gold Coast, Australia.

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Gorgeous shot! I hope you have a better night tonight and get some good sleep.
+Sharon Strandskov, thanks!  A little girl with gastro is what kept me up, even once she settled I was up mostly just worried.  She seemed much better this morning though.

I did enjoy getting out taking some photos, I haven't had much of a chance to lately so it felt good.
Sorry to hear that, but I am glad she seems to be feeling better, and that you got the opportunity to get out there and shoot (o:
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