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Google+Blog for WordPress UPDATE 1.0.8

Google+Blog for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to import your Google+ Public posts (and their comments) as blog posts into your WordPress setup. There is a free version and a paid version ($10), both of which can be found at .

Paid users, please update by going to to download. Where 'YourTransactionId' is the number emailed to you.

Update Details

- New option for Tag based import, allowing the plugin to only import posts with a certain hashtag
- Timezone support (Will now use the WordPress timezone when calculating post submission dates)
- Tags that were not being recognised should be now
- View post on Google+ link will now open in another tab by default
- New option to display the number of reshares on Google+
- New option to control the display of the 'View post on Google+' link
- New option to control whether or not trashed posts will be reimported
- Post History now goes up to 200 (I suggest lowering this after an initial import)

To update please deactivate and delete the existing plugin prior to installing this one.


Keep your suggestions coming as they are what guides the development of this plugin. Also be sure to log any bugs you have found with me. Updates will start to slow down a little now as the plugin becomes more stable but be sure to check my posts for the latest news regarding the plugin.


There is an explanation of each of the settings for the plugin in a prior post that can be found here:

If you think you need a little more help with the plugin +Nancy Messieh of TheNextWeb wrote up a great post detailing the steps to go through to get things up and running. Check it out here:

+Colby Brown has already done up a post detailing some of the features of the first version of the plugin. Be sure to have a read of it here:


If you are experiencing problems with the plugin not working at all, there can be conflicts with other plugins and themes, especially in relation to comments. Message me privately with these issues including the settings you are using as well as any errors you may be receiving and I will do my best to help you get it all up and running.

Thanks for the continued support.

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Your reshares are appreciated.

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Specific hash tag only import is a perfect work around for the circles idea. Great stuff once again, thank you!!!
unfortunately, all posts I published at G+ after the initial sync are ignored and not imported into wordpress... strange thing: if I delete one of my new posts in G+, they are directly imported into wordpress...
Works like a charm for my uses on todays posts, thanks Daniel!

Feature Request: Probably a whole other can of worms but, I'll be travelling a bit and I'm setting up wordpress to keep publishing pre-made posts, that's easy. Could there be a way for wordpress to post to google plus as a full post? so basically this is a plugin to do the reverse of google+blog?
+Joe Slam, I'm not too sure what you are experiencing, I will send you a private message so we can work it out.

+Kyle Marquardt Unfortunately the Google+ API is read-only right now, so you can't push any data to it. If this becomes possible though it will certainly be included shortly after.

Thanks for the feedback.
Good news: the new time zone code is causing the Plus posts to actually publish into WP (rather than coming in as Scheduled).
Bad news: the posts have the erroneous UTC timestamp, rather than the WP timezone. Or, rather, something that has a 11/2 3:01am UTC time of posting publishes into WP with 11/2 3:01am MDT.
+Dave Hill, The times seem to be coming across correctly for me on the 3 instances I have tested on. Sending you a private message to try to track down the cause of the problem.
A few things I'd like to see as added features to this fine plug-in:

1. Some CSS wrappers around the elements you bring over that we can then define in our own style sheets (e.g., I'd prefer to include the "Go to original Google+ post," but I'd like to be able to flag it as being smaller text.).

2. Post-everything-but hashtags. As opposed to the present post-nothing-except hashtags. I would like to have most of my Plus posts roll to my blog, so I'd rather flag the exceptions than the rules.

3. If you can grab the first line for the title of the WP post, it would be nice if you could then not include it in the post itself.
So after carefully setting up a new example this morning to demonstrate the problem, it performed, timezone-wise, perfectly. So consider that a non-issue.
+Chris Langton, I'd also love to be able to do that. Unfortunately the way that WordPress handles comment images by default is to use a service (I believe it is gravatar) to fetch a photo assigned to the email address of the person that made the comment. Since Google doesn't provide an email address for me to use (nor would they ever due to spam concerns) it would be an extremely hacky implementation to get the photos to display on comments.

If I get a chance I may revisit the idea, but for now it isn't possible. Thanks for the feedback.
Yeah, I was just noticing the avatar issue today -- since there's no email address, there's no Gravatar, so it pulls in whatever generic generated item you've specified in WP for Settings > Discussion > Avatars ... but (probably because they share a "website" domain and/or have no email) they all come up for me as the same default Wavatar.
Will it work in Windows 7?
+Daniel Treadwell - I have another feature request. I notice that Google Plus 1s do not work like Facebook's Like button, that is they do not transfer like they do with some Facebook Wordpress plug-ins. In Facebook if I share a link and someone 'like's that link, it carries through to the 'like' accumulator on that specific post.

I have a number of Plus 1s for my Google+ posts so is it possible to carry them through to my Wordpress post? I'm guessing this has to be pretty easy to implement as it must work in the same way as carrying across comments.

Keep up the great work.
+Jamie Furlong it's strange how things work, what you think is hard can often be easy, but what seems easy can be hard :) The issue with the +1s is that I get the count, but you cannot force the +1 button to accept the value. We have the +1s now working on +Colby Brown 's blog it wasn't without modifying his sharebar plugin.

I have plans to make it an option to include this +1 code in every post which will then work perfectly. This will not work well with those that use other sharing plugins though. Thanks for the feedback.

+Chris Langton I don't think it will be impossible, but it will involve a lot of work, I'll see how I go in the coming releases. I like your solution at the moment though, nice thinking.
+Brian Kwong, perhaps check the settings for the post and ensure that comments are 'open'. I don't really do anything special with comments so it sounds like it is either that comments are disabled for that post in WordPress, or Livefyre is perhaps having an issue for some reason. If you still have problems send me a private message and I will help you where I can.
Had an odd problem last night where it failed (after I shared some stuff and went to bed) to bring over the YouTube video portions of a Plus post (three of them, actually) to my WP blog. Had to go in and manually add the videos to the posts. Anyone else had a similar issue? (Note, a video earlier in the evening worked just fine.)
+Dave Hill, there is currently an open issue with videos not coming across correctly via the API. Google are aware of this so hopefully it will be fixed up soon. This problem does not happen for all youtube videos and the source of it has not been identified.
My one feature request is to separate the Save Options and Run Import into two different buttons. I nearly crashed my server yesterday when setting up the plugin for the first time and it kicked off an import just before I hit the Save and Import button to save the changes I had made to the options. Ended up with two imports running at once and put such a load on the server that my host suspended my account until the processes died. It would be nice to be able to change options without running an import each time.
To follow up on Les -- it should probably not automatically activate (begin importing) the first time until the user confirms in some way they are ready (after they've reviewed and set the options the first time). A lot of plugins do just that.
+Dave Hill - I'm not seeing the timezone comment issue. I posted a comment on Google+ at 2011-11-03 08:50:48 local time. WP shows the local time as I'd expect. The table shows correct WP setting (local time for me, UTC/GMT -5 hours) and the correct UTC:

comment_date | comment_date_gmt
2011-11-03 08:50:48 | 2011-11-03 13:50:48
Am I doing something wrong or is Google+Blog 1.0.8 not importing new paragraphs correctly? I assume Google+ is using <br /> tags for new lines.
+Dave Hill - Wow, it's confusing when Google+ translates to my Timezone, but I managed ;). Yep, your comments are getting the UTC. Why it works for others and not you is a mystery. The plugin code looks correct. What version of WP are you using? I wonder if that may play a part? I'm using the latest 3.2.1.
I'm having a similar issue, but it's not just comments. I had several Google+ posts that showed up after a standard WP post I had written after the G+ posts were created. Does that make sense?

Let's put it this way, two entries imported from G+ that were done prior to the WP post I wrote showed up as though they were created after the WP post. Even more strange, in the All Posts listing in WP they showed up as having been created three hours earlier. I had to edit the WP post to have a time stamp much later than the other two to get the order right.
+Les Jenkins - My question would be how does WP order posts? By post ID, which would be incremental, or by the created date? I'm not sure what WP's standard behavior is. I'd guess by post ID if the datetime stamp is current on your posts.
Aha! I actually upgraded to 3.2.1 earlier this week, so I don't have to worry about things not working because I'm on an earlier version. :-)
Again, thanks for your hard work, +Daniel Treadwell! I continue to really dig this plug-in and the recent updates are excellent.

FYI, I get unexpected behavior regarding Picasa photo albums and pictures posted at G+ which are then passed to my WP blog via your plug-in — the posts look great at my blog, but when you click on a picture, it automatically downloads to the users computer and doesn't link them back to the Picasa Photo Album. I just checked, and this happens with some pictures (see: originally posted Google and doesn't happen with others (see:

I'm using the 1.0.8 plug-in and this happens in both Safari 5.1.1 (7534.51.22) and Chrome 10.0.874.106 on a Mac running Lion 10.7.2.
I'm out at the moment guys but want you to know I'll be checking out your issues tonight. Thanks for the reports. 
+Les Jenkins I'll put that on the TODO list. Sorry to cause problems with your host.

+Dave Hill, Whilst the plugin will attempt imports, it will fail immediately if it has not yet been setup so it won't cause any problems.

+Dave Hill, +Kevin Smith, I have noticed an issue with comment dates, I will fix it up over the next day or so and comment here to let you know.

+Les Jenkins Your post date issue is a strange one. Were all the posts imported with this version of the plugin? (do you have post overwrite on?). I'll do some testing on this.

+Kurt Starnes this issue is unavoidable as it is handled that way by picasa. There is a way around it though, if you install a lightbox plugin then it will ensure that the image is opened up on your site.

I hope I have replied to everyone, thanks for the bug reports guys.
Daniel, no worries. Been with them a long time and they're good at putting up with my shenanigans. As for the post date issue, it was this version and I did have overwrite on. It's only happened the one time so far as most of my G+ sharing and blog posting happen far enough apart from each other that it doesn't seem to crop up. This happened right after I had done some G+ shares and then wrote a WP post. Might've been a fluke.
+Daniel Treadwell Thanks for your reply Daniel. It's strange that some images from Google+ post to my blog with a .jpg or other image extension and some don't — the ones that don't have an extension immediately download to the users computer when clicked.

After trying four, I can't get a WP lightbox plug-in to fix this problem. I'm just guessing, but it might be a widespread issue for other users of your plug-in.
Hi Dan. I'm wondering if a similar plugin could be made to crosspost from Wordpress to Google +?
+Kurt Starnes, I'll investigate this a further and let you know.

+Mark Jones unfortunately the Google+ API is read-only at the moment, but who knows what the future will bring.

+Gregory Garver, I've not tested it on such an early version but I would say that it isn't. You should look at updating that as WordPress is notorious for security problems involving old versions.
You got me to upgrade my wordpress after all these years. Works like a charm!
+Arvid Bux not yet I'm afraid. They are aware of the issue and it is logged and starred by others that are experiencing it. There hasn't been an API update in a while so hopefully it will be fixed when there is. 
+Ian M Butterfield you got a laugh out of me :)

I have just tested and it looks like Google handles pages just like any other profile in regards to posts. This means that all people have to do to use the plugin for pages is to use the Page ID rather than their own Profile ID.

I know some people will want the plugin to handle both, unfortunately it isn't yet possible. I had plans to enable multiple profile IDs in an upcoming version, this will now also support Pages with no extra work so good news there. Stay tuned for updates.
" the way that WordPress handles comment images by default is to use a service (I believe it is gravatar) to fetch a photo assigned to the email address" I'm sure "Sign in using G+" will be an option some day soon, especially since Google's deep desire is to have G+ as a repository for master identity data.

NB: For those of you have haven't installed, Daniel's good work includes a beautiful option: "Only import posts with this hashtag". You're amazing! So this RFE is beside the point ... awesome.

RFE - I just now thought of this, so "check my work". I created a Circle with just me in it. I share items there so I can keep track of real good stuff. So: a) have filter posts by "circle shared to" b) create empty Circle ("Blog" or whatever) c) plugin posts only those items. Concept: rather than replicating //all// items to blog.

Alternative: have plugin take "circle shared to" and tag posts with that. Yaaa, I like that one too. :-)
+Dave Hill = I experienced a similar issue to yours yesterday. Posted two posts. One was imported into WP, the other (created first) was imported six hours later, and with UTC time. For some reason that import did not use the WP timezone setting, which is clearly set in the code.
+Manuel Altherr, I know there are plugins to post from WordPress to Facebook but I'm not sure if there is something that works the same direction as this.
Can anybody tell me how they are using the hashtag feature? What is the best way to set it up?
+Kevin Smith hmm, very interesting - I will have to spend some time trying to track that bug down.

+Benjamin Glazier the best way to use the hashtags is to tag your posts as certain topics and then choose which of those topics you wish to include on your blog and use those tags. A much simpler way is to just include a #blog tag on any post you want to import.
+Daniel Treadwell, that #blog idea was what I was thinking about doing, but I wasn't sure if that was the right way to go about it. Thanks for the help.
Great stuff I just installed it and works as advertised! many many thanks.
The date issue appears to be raising its head again. I just did a blog post and it's showing up behind three other entries imported from Google+ that occurred 2 hours previously. WP even shows it out of order in the Dashboard. You can see a screenshot here:

Checking the date and times on the posts themselves show them as being posted on Nov 16th, 2011 at 15:19, 15:21. and 15:40. The current time is 12:34. It's odd. WP has them set to three hours in the future yet they are displaying on the front page of my blog and the Dashboard correctly states that they were published two hours previously. After I manually edited their times to be two hours previous they showed up in the proper order.
I saw some behavior like this overnight myself.
As an update, with the latest automatic run the times on those posts have been again set to the future and are again showing up before the entry I wrote by hand.
Les, are you doing the automatic overwrites?
Yes, and I figured that was the reason why they jumped back to the front of the line, but I wanted to import comments too. Suppose I could turn that off until the date issue is sorted.
Comments import regardless of whether the post rewrite is turned on.
I did not know that. Cool. It's shut off at this point.
Thanks for the feedback guys. Can you confirm that this happens on updated posts only? When Post Overwrite is disabled does it stop it happening?
No, it's happening with Post Overwrite off, too. Not regularly, but on occasion (at least on my blog). The comment sync timing is screwy, too -- and inconsistently so, which is the weird part. I'll forward you another example when I get chance.
+Arvid Bux yeah it came through a couple of days ago. Google closed the job and said that it will work from here on out but not to expect the older ones in error to be fixed.

Thanks for your report. 
+Ian M Butterfield due to their being so many different server configurations for WordPress I often have to make small changes or apply fixes to allow it to work for some. Since these changes don't benefit 99% of people, I simply apply the update silently. If ever there are any new features added I will announce the release via my stream.
+Daniel Treadwell I think I've found a flaw with Google+Blog plugin. I'm using it on my blog

I have the plugin set so it only imports G+ posts that contain a #wp hashtag, and they come in as drafts.

Yesterday it imported a Google+ post. When I'd finished updating the HTML to add links to text, updates, inserting pictures, and extra links I saved the draft for publishing in a few days.

When I checked it this morning the plugin had reimported the original text from the G+ post, wiping all of my changes.

Is there a way to prevent this happening? I've removed the #wp tag from the post, but that means it won't sync comments.
+Richard Cosgrove, be sure to untick the 'Post Overwrite' option in your settings as that will always revert the post to the original. Keep in mind though that you will no longer catch updates made to posts on Google+, it will still continue to update comments on the post though.
+Daniel Treadwell Is the way the Google+blog plugin imports comments into a Wordpress blog compatible with the Disqus comment system plugin?
Thanks for this plugin! Could it be that the import does not work with hashtags such as #google+ or #g+? At least when I tried it seemed not to work with hashtags having a plus sign.
Thanks Daniel, will try this out!
+Richard Cosgrove, +Patrick Ahles, it is not really compatible with these external commenting systems as they store their data in another database on the commenting systems server (in this case, Disqus). What Disqus does allow is for you to configure it (via advanced options) to only run on posts where commenting is set to closed. This will then use your G+ imported comments on imported posts (commenting is set to open), yet will use Disqus on any posts you set commenting to closed on. I understand that this is not really a great solution but unfortunately it is all that is possible at the moment unless these external commenting system allow continued syncing with local comments.
+Oliver Fluck that would be correct! As far as I can remember hashtags didn't originally work on G+ with the + character so I did not set out to include it. I'll be sure to fix that in the next release. Thanks for the feedback.
Maybe I'm doing it wrong. I published something on G+ and added "#blog" in the text.

I set up the WP Plugin and added import only with hastag "blog".

Wenn I save and it starts to import - the result are 0 imported, 0 skipped etc.

What am I doing wrong?
Hi +Daniel Treadwell- In my case I noticed that import works fine when I share a post and add a tag to it, but it is not importing when I post something new directly to the stream. Anyone else experienced this? What can be the cause? I have version 1.0.9
Hi Daniel. Been using your plugin for my new photography website and it's all good, except one thing that's quite a big annoyance. The minimum number of posts that your plug-in updates is 20. I'd like the option of updating just 1, or 2, or the last five. I tend to post my stuff up on G+ first. Once it has generated interest I then create a Wordpress post, which invariably requires some tweaking, changing and so on. Quite often I'll add extra text, maybe change the title, etc. If I then publish it, your plug-in rewrites the post, reverting the content of the post back to the original format. Why not just turn this off? Because I want the plugin to continue to pull in any new comments. Does this make sense? Would it be possible to leave the post alone and only update the comments?
Hi +Jamie Furlong -- you need to uncheck the "Post overwrite" option. Also the minimum post history is 10. You can setup an import tag to import only some of your posts marked with that tag. So even if the post history is 10 or 20, that way it will import only the tagged posts.

Be sure to get the latest version of the plugin. (currently 1.0.9)

"Paid users, please update by going to to download. Where 'YourTransactionId' is the number emailed to you."
Hi Daniel. Can you help. I've noticed over the last few days something has changed using the Google+ Importer to my blog. The Google+ importer used to import full size images into the blog but recently has only been importing images witha maximum dimension of 512pixels. I think this may be something Google has changed as I notice it is resizing all the photos inserted into the post to this dimension although it still has the full size photo available if you navigate through to it.

I first noticed it because the zoom+ plugin I have been using on chrome stopped enlarging the photos to the same extent when I hover over. Have you noticed this or do you know how I can get full size images back in my personal blog.
Hi +Lucian Mihailescu. That does not solve my problem, I'm afraid. I thought whilst typing my question I wasn't quite making sense! I import everything so hashtagging isn't an option. If I uncheck the 'post overwrite' option then my comments are not updated, aren't they?
+Andreas Streim, +Lucian Mihailescu You may have found a bug there. I will investigate and fix in the next version. Thanks for letting me know.

+Jamie Furlong, +Lucian Mihailescu is correct, the post overwrite checkbox is what you are wanting to disable. It will continue to update comments, but not the post itself.

+Richard Ella, I heard some changes may have been made, I will look into it. Thanks for the feedback.
Hi +Jamie Furlong and +Lucian Mihailescu I just tried it and seems like Daniel implemented it in such a way that comments are still being updated even after unchecking the 'post overwrite' option. I think this is great.
Why did I have to uncheck 'post overwrite' and alter my post manually in wordpress? because I have the same problem +Richard Ella has. Images suddenly started to show up small without me changing anything. That's not so good for a photography blog.
Another idea for +Daniel Treadwell: It might be good to filter out the import-hashtag during importing so it won't show up in the blog post. I think it's not of any use after the import and looks rather ugly in the blog posts outside G+. Thanks for this great plugin. I'll keep testing a little and then most likely switch to the paid version.
+Daniel Treadwell I was curious as to what license your going to use with this plugin? Instead of asking for a pile of little changes, I just implemented them for my own blog. I don't see an email button on your profile, so I am going to send a direct+ with my changes so you can incorporate the ones you want. I'd started on my own plugin, and yours worked so much better, I just took the formatting differences out of mine and made them options in yours.
Your Google+ Wordpress plugin has stopped working for me. The last post it imported was on December 4th. I am on the latest version 1.09. Has anything changed to cause it to stop working ?
+Michael Martin I have had a look and I see that your public posts since that date have all been shares from Google Reader, as that wasn't around yet with the last release it doesn't support those posts. I will look to release an update very soon to fix it up. Thanks for your feedback.
+Daniel Treadwell Thanks a bunch. I didn't notice that all my posts since then were Google Reader shares. I look forward to the update !
+Daniel Treadwell i've added your plugin today (also waiting for the my link of the paid version, but dont worry about it much :))

Any plans to have photos that are part of the posts to be added in the media library and linked to the wordpress post (so that they can have comments on the wordpress site)?
+Markos Giannopoulos I would like to allow people to import photos into wordpress (especially for some themes that demand it per post), but at this stage I was just trying to focus on delivering a stable experience for as many people as possible. Importing images introduces a couple of complications, nothing too major, but it is something that is planned for the future.

The email with details for your paid version of the plugin was sent to your paypal email address. Maybe it got stuck in your spam folder? Check it out and if you have issues just send me through a message and I'll forward you the details. Sorry for the slow reply, I must have missed this notification.
Hi +Daniel Treadwell. I've noticed recently that your plugin has stopped publishing a standard avatar for comments pulled from G+. I'm not even convinced it is your plugin that's causing the problem as I've not touched it for ages but when I try and open the image of the avatar in a new window (e.g. it says "{
"error": {
"message": "(#803) Some of the aliases you requested do not exist: 116042504805817667580",
"type": "OAuthException",
"code": 803

You can see the problem here:
+Jamie Furlong I was just going to ask the same thing from +Daniel Treadwell. I just started using the plugin yesterday, but no avatars are being associated with the comments. Is there a way to fix this?
+Jamie Furlong it looks like your blog is doing this automatically as I do not try to set the avatar. As you can see it is trying to grab the image from Facebook using the google plus id. +Nicole S. Young your problem is related to this too as your said.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll look into it and see if I can make an update that displays a more appropriate avatar. 
My Favorite G+ WP Plugin hacked a bit around
so its shows G+ Avatars same like FB or Twitter AVs in the comment and backend .
Still one mayor thing i miss and make me headbanging
when a post get imported there is no Favorite Thumb , If you have some idea for the thumb update that would be reala great. 
still on version 1 and happy

One other thing in the pipe is to get the custom videoplayer working instead of the youtube player.  

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