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City across the sea

This was one of my first shots from Tuesday morning, taken around 5:10am before the sun had started to rise. This is my favourite time to shoot as it doesn't require too much in the way of filters, yet the colours are starting to show in the sky. It also allows for longer exposures without too much trouble.

Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Australia

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Very nice Daniel ... I must set about getting up early some mornings for something other than work one of these days. I tend to opt for the other end of the day though ..
Thanks for the comment +carina okula.

+Stuart Dyckhoff, I started with the early mornings as it was the only time I could make it happen due to the sun always setting before I leave work (It was winter at the time though, and now the sun is rising over an hour earlier!).  

I really enjoy getting such an early start to the day, although it does tend to be a bit of a battle to get to sleep earlier the night before, like now for instance!
Thanks for the comments all, it was a great morning!
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