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Google+Blog for WordPress UPDATE 1.0.1

Google+Blog for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to import your Google+ Public posts (and their comments) as blog posts into your WordPress setup. There is a free version, and paid version ($10), both of which can be found at .

Paid users, please update by going to Transaction Id/ to download. Where 'Your Transaction Id' is the number emailed to you.

Update Details

This update address a few of the more common issues found in the first release.

- Comments not displaying for some themes
- Posts duplicating after an update when the post status was changed
- Author was not being displayed on posts
- Mobile posts were not being pulled across

To update please deactivate and delete the existing plugin prior to installing this one.

Some structural changes were made which may cause comments to duplicate if imported via the previous version. If possible, remove them before syncing again.

Stay Tuned

Based on your feedback there is quite a solid roadmap for this plugin. Expect many features and bug fixes in the coming days. Documentation is also a concern and I will be releasing a post detailing things a little more very soon, along with a packaged readme.txt file.

Until then, if you think you need a little help with the plugin +Nancy Messieh of TheNextWeb wrote up a great post detailing the steps to go through to get things up and running. Check it out here:

+Colby Brown has already done up a post detailing some of the features of the first version of the plugin. Be sure to have a read of it here:


If you are experiencing problems with the plugin not working at all, there can be conflicts with certain plugins and themes, especially in relation to comments. Message me privately with these issues including the settings you are using as well as any errors you may be receiving and I will do my best to help you get it all up and running.

Thanks for the continued support.

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Hi Daniel,
I deleted the 1.0.0 version, downloaded the 1.0.1 version, removed all duplicate posts (had 6 dups per post before I disabled the plugin last night), then once everything was cleaned up I uploaded the 1.0.1 file, enabled the plugin and checked the settings (it appears to have remembered the settings even though I deleted the plugin) to make sure they were correct.

Unfortunately, I am still experience the duplicate post issue. So far I have 2 copies of every g+ post and the pull is going to run again in 6 minutes. I did notice one thing that might be of use to you - one of my posts was not duplicated, the only one that I edited and assigned to a public Category. The pull did however, change my edit back to the import Category so the post disappeared from the blog. I don't know what you are doing to identify if a post exists or not (seems like the API ought to provide some sort of unique ID per post) but for whatever reason the fact that the category wasn't the default import category the plugin didn't reimport the one post, just overwrote my changes.

Hopefully that's helpful. I'm going to let the update run one more time to see if it creates 3 of every post, then disable the plugin again so I don't have to clean up another 100 something posts! Thanks for the fast turnaround on the fix even if it didn't fix my particular problem.
+Chris Smith Thanks for the feedback, I haven't been able to replicate the issue though so I'm gonna send you a message.

+Tom Cauduro Thanks for that, that is what I get for posting an update at 3am :)

+Alberto Martínez Certainly have plans to get it up there, right after I bundle it with some documentation.
Truly awesome plug-in! I've upgraded to 1.0.1 (paid). I've noted two rather minor things:

1) Time is displayed as UTC, but maybe that's something I have to deal with on my end?

2) There are many revisions listed for a post, but nothing was edited on G+. I'm guessing each "run" of the plug-in updates a post? I'm not sure if there is a easy way to check for G+ changes. Maybe there's a need for an option to limit updates only to new G+ posts, just check for comments, and manually trigger an update of content if needed?

Just a few off-the-cuff thoughts and observations.
Hi Daniel, I have one wordpress installation on my server which is multisite enabled so I can have business site, personal blog site, etc. on different subdomains. Do I need to buy your plugin for every of these sites separately or is one purchase enough?
+Scott Mack there are not enough hours in the day!

+Kevin Smith That is right, every run updates a post at this stage. One of the next updates will have an option to not overwrite existing posts (as some people like to change formatting etc after import) so that should also solve your issue. Thanks for your suggestions.

+Michal Fanta I'm happy for you to just buy one plugin, in saying that I would also not have a problem if you did buy more :).
Does this plugin cache ? work off a cron or every page load?

+Steve Simons yeah, i dont want to post everything to my blog, maybe do something like the selective tweets for facebook (only ones with a particular hashtag)
+Liz Quilty It caches and updates every hour (as long as your site is getting hits) as far back as the post history setting allows.
There is a big update coming tonight guys. Just pushing them out quickly at the moment to get it nice and stable. Stay tuned and keep giving me your feedback. 
+Daniel Treadwell Love the work you've put into this plugin and, if you're looking for some suggestions/ideas for future upgrades (although you may be including these in your upcoming update) then I'll list what I've done to the plugin so far on my site:

1. I'm filling in the author email address too on the post (building it from author name concatenated with in order that the random image avatars have something with which to generate an image.

2. I've stripped out the BR tags on the image gallery small images; that caused problems with floating in my theme.

3. In addition to the post ID I'm also appending a post meta tag of "_googleplus_meta_url" with the Google+ URL of the post. I've coupled this with a quick plugin I whipped up here ( which sets the canonical link for any Google+ posts back to the original source to alleviate any SEO concerns. Not fully tested, but seems to work, and anyone's welcome to incorporate any/all of that in what you're doing.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. Great work.
+Mark Hooper great work there - the plugin looks great on your site, you've really made it work.

I already have plans to address the issues you have sorted out in the next couple of updates but it is great to see it in action already. I will be releasing an update tonight which has quite a few fixes in it, so be sure to make note of your changes for when you upgrade (i strongly suggest you do!).
Daniel - just paid for the proper version but happy to wait until your latest version comes out later today. Can you tell me if you plan for the plug-in to post Wordpress comments back to the relevant Google+ post, or does the API not allow you to do this? For me the most important aspect of a plug-in like this is the comment generation/replication from different sources. I have a whole load of other ideas but KISS, I reckon ;)
+Jamie Furlong thanks for the support. The latest version has just been released. I'm gonna get some sleep now as it is almost 4am...ouch.

The API does not currently support writes so it isn't possible as yet. I'm keeping an eye out for it though.
+Rich Griese pretty sure both of those do not support plugins which makes it impossible, but im sure they will build it in sometime
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