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Stepping stones

Fingal Head is a coastal town just beyond the Queensland/New South Wales border. One of the great things about this place is that is has such amazing volcanic rock formations along the coast line. In this example you can see the strong columns rising up from the water.

The formation here creates a bit of a choke point for the waves and every 10-20 seconds or so a huge spray rises up as they crash against the rock wall. It's amazing to see but also great to hear.

Fingal Head, New South Wales, Australia

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I'm a sucker for LE, the pascal colours and dynamic composition elevate this one for me .
Great longexposure, was sure this was 'The Giants Causeway' in Northern Ireland when I saw it.
+Serge Ramelli, Fotostat is a way for you to track how well your photos are doing online, as well as being a way for you to publish your photos across your photo networks.  It is currently in testing.

+Ian Corry, From what I have read, they are both extremely similar and also the only two places in the world to have this kind of formation.
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