Fotoflows - Interview with +Lotus Carroll

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Lotus is a blogger, a mother and most importantly to us, a photographer. Her style varies across multiple genres and she loves to share her view of the world through her photography.  Head over to our site ( to check out her interview and many others.

Fotoflows ( is a an effort to create a place that educates and stimulates the photography community by providing a little insight into the tools used by prominent photographers to create their works of art.  

Some other featured photographers on the site are:

+Colby Brown, +Brian Matiash, +Klaus Herrmann, +Athena Carey, +Julia Anna Gospodarou, +Stephan Bollinger, +Francesco Gola, +Jay Patel, +Varina Patel, +Nicole S. Young and +Joel Tjintjelaar 

If you have any suggestions for photographers that you wish to be interviewed, please email or message me on here and I will do my best to get them on board.

We will be featuring new photographers quite often, so be sure to keep checking back for updates.

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