Easily copy your photos from Instagram to Google+

With Instagram recently causing an uproar by changing their TOS many people went looking for an easy way to make a copy of their photos.  Given that there weren't any extremely simple solutions I decided to throw one together for myself and others to use.

Instagrab will ask you to sign in to both your Instagram and Google+ accounts, then with the click of a button will create a private Instagram album on G+ and copy all of your photos across.  Transfers will be queued up, so if it isn't happening right away please just a wait a while as there are likely others using the service.

I'm a little late in releasing this as I got a little caught up in the holidays but figured some may find it useful.  It didn't take too long to put together as I have a bit of experience integrating with both networks due to my work on +Fotostat (Be sure to check it out if you are a photographer wanting an easier way to manage your online presence).

Be sure to let me know what you think of it or if you have any problems.

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