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Reshare for those that missed this update earlier.

NOTE: If you have been experiencing duplicate posts be sure to uncheck 'Post Overwrite' in the Google+Blog settings.
Daniel Treadwell originally shared:
Google+Blog for WordPress UPDATE 1.0.2 [NOW WITH #HASHTAGS]

Google+Blog for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to import your Google+ Public posts (and their comments) as blog posts into your WordPress setup. There is a free version and a paid version ($10), both of which can be found at .

Paid users, please update by going to to download. Where 'YourTransactionId' is the number emailed to you.

Update Details

This is a another bugfix update with a couple of bonuses thrown in.

- Canonical links directing to G+ added to posts to help with search ranking
- Hashtags are added as post tags to coincide with the Google+ update
- A new setting has been added to stop updates of existing posts (comments will still update)
- There is now an activity log in the settings area to help with troubleshooting
- WordPress hosts with more restrictive settings are now more likely to work
- Category changes will remain their regardless of update settings
- Draft option added for post status in settings
- Article images box is hidden if there is no image

To update please deactivate and delete the existing plugin prior to installing this one.


Keep your suggestions coming as they are what guides the development of this plugin. Also be sure to log any bugs you have found with me. Updates will start to slow down a little now as the plugin becomes more stable but be sure to check my posts for the latest updates.


If you think you need a little help with the plugin +Nancy Messieh of TheNextWeb wrote up a great post detailing the steps to go through to get things up and running. Check it out here:

+Colby Brown has already done up a post detailing some of the features of the first version of the plugin. Be sure to have a read of it here:

More detailed documentation is coming soon.


If you are experiencing problems with the plugin not working at all, there can be conflicts with certain plugins and themes, especially in relation to comments. Message me privately with these issues including the settings you are using as well as any errors you may be receiving and I will do my best to help you get it all up and running.

Thanks for the continued support.

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Google+ Blog Concept - Daniel Treadwell
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Any plans for the script to pull in the number of +1s and Shares into the WP blog?
+Kurt Starnes I have been thinking about it, was just not sure how to do it cleanly. It looks nice on my initial concept @ but with WP it just seems a little out of place. Would love to hear other peoples thoughts on this.

It will be made as an option in settings in a future release.
My first thought was that the +1 and Share info is sort of out of the context of the blog. A G+ driven blog can look like it's a standalone blog. So, I think it would be smart to make it optional. I'm not even sure if I would use it or not. But, just maybe... :-)

**Edit: After seeing +Steve Johnson's example below, now I know for sure that I would display +1s.

Steve: Am I correct that your post is native to your site and received the +1s at that location? Now I see you're using Daniel's script! So the +1 button/script just picked up the +1s from G+?
Thanks for this update...

So should i assume that this:

A new setting has been added to stop updates of existing posts (comments will still update)

Fixes the duplicate post issue? I am just trying to understand why posts were duplicating.....or what might need to be changed on my side to eliminate that...
+Steve Johnson That's cool, Steve. I'm going to install that +1 button. So the button script knows — independent of Daniel's script — how many +1s your post is getting back at G+?
+Brent Burzycki there were a few changes made to try to stop duplicates. +Matt Suess is still having a problem with his but I will be looking into that in more depth a little later

+Steve Johnson thanks for sharing that. It is how I wanted to do things initially but in early testing (prior to these blogging concepts) the +1s for the posts on G+ were different to the +1s for the post URL, it seems this is no longer the case. I wonder if it is picking it up from the new canonical tag that I added in. That's great :)
Originally I assumed that the instruction was coming from your code - which is great if that is the case. There didn't seem to be any direct communication before I installed your plugin - Googles widget just recorded what happened on my own site.

The quirk is that the text gets the number of +1s right whereas the clickable +1 graphic only seems to count the names listed - up to a maximum of three. This is fine by me - the fact that the number is displayed is bonus enough.

Thanks for everything you are doing on this and I hope that the $10 pile up (:
+Daniel Treadwell as an example - i just erased over 1000 duplicate posts sitting in my pending queue.. only one each set of duplicates had comments associated with it.. so it is like the comments are updating but the first post has them all and the rest are dupes of the post with no listed comments...
+Brent Burzycki that's correct, the setting should be enough to ensure posts will not duplicate. Keep in my comments will still update when 'Overwrite Post' is disabled.

Let me know how you go.
Hi +Daniel Treadwell I've got terrible problems with multiple copies of the same posts. I can see that it's not uncommon but it's not clear whether it's been resolved or not. The posts keep appearing on my website. This morning I had to delete about 40 posts and new ones are already there. I now have to disable the plugin. I've got the version 1.0.3, the paid one. Is there anything that can be done to prevent this?
+Jan Vrsinsky in settings -> google+blog options make sure that post overwrite is unchecked. I'm doing some more investigation into the duplicates but until then unticking that box will solve your problems. 
Hi Daniel - thanks for the latest version and well done on staying on top of things. Your positivity is a lot more refreshing than some plug-in developers I've dealt with! One question: have you put together a help file yet? I noticed there is a new option in version 1.0.3, which is the Post Overwrite tick-box. How does this work? If I have published five of my last ten Google+ posts to Wordpress, what happens when this box is ticked? Thanks!
+Kurt Starnes apologies for missing this yesterday - Not use is the best answer at the moment - it could be Daniels script that has triggered the registering of number of plus ones from the G+ site.
+Jamie Furlong thanks for the feedback. I'm pretty committed to making this extension as good as it can be (with a lot of help from you guys) as I really like the whole concept.

I understand that documentation is probably my biggest issue right now. I will be on top of that within the coming week. I try to be as active as I can in these posts to make up for it at the moment.

Post Overwrite specifies that updates to a Google+ post will be reflected on the WP post (except for category changes). Disabling it allows modified posts to remain untouched (if you add formatting or tags). It also has the added benefit of tackling a duplicate post problem that is still hanging around (although I believe it will be solved for good in the next release...fingers crossed). At this stage I would suggest for everyone to untick it or at least test it twice to ensure you are not effected by a duplication issue.
+Asif Patel the paypal link is for people wanting the paid version, the free version is in the section below it or you can fetch it directly from this link:

(1.0.3 only has one change over 1.0.2 that allows it to work on some more restrictive WP setups, unless the plugin is not working at all, you will have no benefit using it over 1.0.2).

1.0.4 will be released sometime in the next 4 days.
+Asif Patel it will redirect you if your transaction ID is not valid. I will message you the correct link for your update. The latest version has fixed a lot of issues so hopefully it solves yours, if it does not please just let me know and we will sort it out.
Using version 1.0.2 and tested a hashtag (#Ubuntu) in a g+ post. The tag was not created in my WP post.
There is no folder, just a .php file FAQ on install, why it not put on
+Daniel Treadwell It's still duplicating my posts, even with your hint to uncheck the post overwrite option. Useless for me now, I had to switch it to "pending" mode. You seem to be very enthusiastic about fixing the problems though and I'm sure you'll fix them soon. This is a great idea and great plugin and I'm really happy that you've created something really useful like this. Keeping my fingers crossed, good luck!
Have you considered implementing something like a special hashtag (#nowp) that tells the plugin not to post that G+ post to the blog?
+Jan Vrsinsky Sorry I missed this, my notifications are acting up.

I have had a few people come to me still with remaining duplication issues. After spending many hours trying to find the source of them in my code, I found the source of them outside of it. There is a problem with the way wordpress handles categories with a hyphen in the SLUG. If you have one (eg: google-feed), please rename it to something without it (googlefeed).

This may not be the issue you are having, and if that is the case please contact me directly so I can help you through it, but it has been the issue every time so far. Let me know how you go.

+Ralph Friedman there are plans for something like this in a coming release. Stay tuned.
+Daniel Treadwell I'm not using a hyphen in the category slug, my category ID is "blog". I've set up the plugin so it only prepares an article as pending, otherwise it would flood my blog again. So far it has created tens of copies of the last post over the weekend. Interestingly enough all of them have the last modified date on October 14, but I'm almost sure some of them appeared later than that. I don't think I can help you solve this with more information now. I posted another public post a while ago so I'll see in the morning if I can recognize some pattern that would help you (it's 1am at night here now...).
+Jan Vrsinsky are you seeing that the most recent post in the chain of duplicates has comments and the rest do not.......
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