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The Importance of Timing

For those who have read my last couple of posts, you will know that I have been working on my latest project Fotostat (Closed beta starting soon - sign up @ which is going to help Photographers to better understand their audience. Whilst most pay attention to the subject and style they use when addressing their audience, timing is often overlooked as being unimportant or inconvenient. The problem is that without the right timing, you may be missing out on valuable time in front of your audience.

As yet, Fotostat is not ready for public consumption - but all of you, my friends on here, are steadily posting away on Google+, addressing your audience. To attempt to aid you (and myself!) in getting the most out of your posts I have created Google+Timing, a site which analyzes your post history (capped at 100 posts for now) that highlights the days and hours in which your posts have the highest impact. Check it out @

* There is currently an issue with +1 counts found via the G+ API. I expect this to be fixed soon, but comments and reshares are still working as normal so the site is still useful

If you have any thoughts or comments on the site, as always, I would love to hear them.

Your reshares are appreciated

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Easily see the best time for you to post on Google+ for the greatest impact.
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Sounds cool (the timing thing) but I don't think it'll help the smaller users - if you're a Colby or a Trey or .. it won't matter when you post as it will get +1d and shared and commented whatever. Looked at mine and turns out I post best at the same time as Colby but I certainly don't get his reach - lol
I learned that my best day is Saturday.
+Daniel Treadwell - I didn't initially realize I should change the time zone (even though in retrospect that was/is the perfectly logical thing to do!) since for some reason I assumed since it was accessing my G+ account, somehow my time zone would adjust (yes, that would be magic and I realize that's a strange assumption now). I am also seeing in some comments that others may just be viewing the default time as the time for them without also realizing they need to adjust to their own time zone. Not sure how to make changing the time zone more evident on the page though.

Also, I love this! I have to say that after adjusting the time zone, the results are definitely spot on for me.
+Daniel Treadwell This is potentially a great tool. Would you mind elaborating on the algorithm? What is "post rank"? Relative to other people's post or absolute? Normalized by frequency of posting or cumulative? Also, why do you think there is so much variation in timing? Does it reflect the constitution of the audience?
+Pascal Wallisch, I've addressed a couple of your questions in another post. As for why there is a difference, it is because people post at different times and as this only works based on their post history, it can only rank against those times.
+Vivienne Gucwa Thanks for the feedback, I have noticed that people are forgetting that too. I'll try to make it more obvious.
+Daniel Treadwell Interesting. You're right. We don't really know what it would be like if they did post continuously. So this reflects an interaction between sender and receiver(s). Quite an interesting problem to tackle (optimizing this), given the available data.
Your site says I should re-share this post tomorrow between 1 & 2pm :)

My time is skewed (as expected) because one of my posts hit the What's Hot stream on a Tuesday, and so most of my "engagement"/reach comes from that one post relative to all the others.

Anyway, this has a lot of potential. I like it. Thanks for making this, +Daniel Treadwell!
+Johnathan Chung Once more than 100 posts are taken into account, it might be interesting to see the response timing of someone who posts near continuously and around the clock. +Andrea Kuszewski comes to mind ;)
Otherwise, sparse sampling becomes an issue, as you point out.
Hi +Daniel Treadwell great stuff. BTW: I am getting a 502 etc. I'll try again.
Whenever I adjusted the time zone, it would log me out. :/ Bug?
Uhm, time zone question: Which time zone is shown for the 'Best posting times'?
I never post at 1am (at least not my local / Kuwaiti time).
+Johan Horak, please let me know if you continue to have problems with it.

+Chloe Saint Claire, make sure you have cookies enabled - could any plugins be interfering?

+Nicole Burgoz, by default it is simply GMT. You can change your timezone by choosing from the dropdown at the top of the site.
+Daniel Treadwell odd. I could not get past Grant Access. But with this link of yours I can see my profile. For the first time ;)

Looking at the time data for the g+ celebreties, there doesn't seem to be a pattern at what time posts are most shared, most commented etc. Everybody has completely different times when the posts are successfull. Makes sense, of course.

Let's say I'd frequently post in the morning between 9 and 10, then the tool would tell me, 9 and 10 is the most successful time to post. Unless I'm posting frequently 24/7 already, the tool can't easily help me to find the best time. +Daniel Treadwell It would be cool to have the tool suggesting best post times (assuming they exist), based on a larger analysis of g+.
Great idea for the timing tool, +Daniel Treadwell. I know there are certain people whose posts I routinely miss because their posts are clustered during times of day when I am not online. While I am sure each user does have an optimum time (and day) to post for maximum impact, I suspect the best strategy is not to concentrate all posts around that time. Perhaps a better strategy is to post most frequently around that optimal time, and to scatter the remainder of the posts broadly in time. That allows your presence to pop up at least occasionally near the top of the stream for users on any schedule, giving them at least the convenient opportunity to easily backtrack for older posts of yours they may have missed, by visiting your profile. I know I frequently try to catch up on missed posts from interesting people in that way. If that is common behavior, then including some broad scatter in posting times should increase the overall impact of one's aggregate set of posts.

This would be more valuable if it analyzed the type of posts as well -- photos, links, long vs. short, etc. My analysis is skewed by particularly popular posts that have little to do with the timing. But good work.
Nice! ;)

But why didn't you post this on Friday?
The ideal time for Daniel Treadwell to post is on
Friday between 16:00 and 17:00
j/k ;)

//edit: +Daniel Treadwell if you are caching the best time to post, you could show on the popular page ( the persons having the current time as the best time to post.
There are plans to expand on the functionality in the future - I'm hoping the G+ API matures a little more in the coming months to give a little more flexibility.

+Daniel Sandstein Funny! I actually would have waited, but I am heading away for a holiday next week and wanted to see how well it played out before then. I did stick to the suggested hour pretty closely though.
what is "post rank" in your calculation? I do not know how exactly explain, what is on the chart. P.S.: there is also a problem with rare data - if you e.g. posted only 1 post between 2:00 and 3:00 or during weekend and it was succefull, the results are nonsense. IMO it should consider only parts with enough data (e.g. minimum 2 or 3 posts in that range)
+Tomáš Kapler, post rank is quite simple at the moment, it is the sum of +1s (currently broken via the G+ API), reshares and comments, the latter two given a higher value.

I'm aware of the outliers causing puffy results and hope to deal with this when i look at increasing the sample size as the site matures. I don't want to remove it just yet, as those that don't post too often will not have much to look at. The data really is only as good as the history that it has to work with.

Thanks for the feedback.
+Daniel Treadwell Also make sure to take the type of content into consideration - a +1 on a gif isn't the same as a +1 on a 2000 word post.
I'd bet that knowing the planetary hour (astrology) works better.
For some strange reason at first my ideal time was saturday 10-11 and after checking again it was monday 13-14 and that previous ideal (saturday) was far away in ranking. Average post rank per hour also changed a lot...anyone else noticed this kind of behavior?
+Daniel Treadwell Signed up! I would love to be a part of the beta for this - I think I know my twitter times pretty well, but Google+ has been a mystery to me for some time!

Ben C
Consider it shared in Spain/Latin America Daniel. I'll add it to my presentations.
You must have read my mind; I was looking for something exactly like this. Thank you so much!
I tried to get in - the answer of your server "502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.0.14"

Whatever answer I'll get, I would like to know the consequences for websites. I.e.: If I look at the statistics of a client's website who is in the travel business, I see that most people visit the website on Mondays. Why? In the weekend they try to find there holiday home, on Monday when they are in the office they book (or call - most phone calls are also on Mondays). This leads to the idea to post on G+ in the weekend. But most new followers of this client join G+ on Thursdays...
Dear Daniel, Thanks for your Great efforts with G+ WP Plugin. It's working loke a charm. I am looking for WP/G+ Plugin that can Post's export in one direction - from WP to G+. Can you suggest something? MANY THANKS for help in advance!
- Sparky -
Hi +Andrew Fedorov ! I also use +Daniel Treadwell's WP Plugin and it works great!

It seems that for now OnlyWire is the only service that allows you to auto-post your Wordpress articles to Google+ . Check it out here:

You can post to your Google+ profile and to one of your Google+ pages. The G+ post will have the Wordpress post title and link. It looks something like this:

They give you a free trial with 300 submissions included, then the cheapest subscription is $10/mo + $3/mo for Captcha for 1000 submissions/month. There are other plans for more submission volum.

Usualy they give you the first paid month half off, so you pay just $6.50 in the first month.

With OnlyWire you can submit your posts to 50 social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Google+ Pages, LinkedIn, Digg, StumbleUpon, Identica, Blogger and more.
Google+ Timing just can be used by personal profiles but business pages? I've already tried but just can track my one profile.
Sorry Daniel I should have accepted.But now since I saw the word ( Timing ) I have to get in touch and say something.I have been drafting my work for a long time now.I have been thinking about time.Timing,like the occurance of the Typhoon storms they arrive either in the spring or in the fall.But the herricane like a pulse one after another.One land the next will be forming and so on until the season is finished.Google knows why I didn't accept because?.I blocked everybody.I barely can do anything right now because of economic.Good luck Sir the subject worthy and nobel.So hopefully we get in touch.
How many people have found this effective? I'll give it a go!
+Shaden Mohamed, over 10000 people have signed in to give it a try, so hopefully one or two have found it to be of some benefit! :)
You see either way nobody knows that the sciences have changed and I'm still under the bridge.They have taken my work without a permission.I should not have said a word.
Hmm, let's see what my G+ Timings are.... between 03:00 and 04:00???? WTF? Oh, wrong timezone. :)
+Onny Carr It's a common mistake, I tried to rectify it with a little notice UNDER the time but it still isn't clear enough.

Hopefully not too many people are staying up until the early hours of the morning thinking it will help give their posts more reach :)
Personally I'm saving it.It look like I'm not going to get a credit.I have kids too they need to have something to go on in life.
+Daniel Treadwell I think it's probably fine. It made me panic only for a few seconds before I saw the notice. :)
+Daniel Treadwell - this is cool and a bit more extensive than the same functionality as on my circlecount dashboard. The only thing I have to say about this is that the tool becomes a very, very self-fulfilling forecaster. After seeing the graph only once, I can easily conclude that 15:30 on Thursday is the best time to share my most important shares. This is likely to be completely erroneous because I shared a highly "successful" circle at 14:44 on Thursday. I saw that this time frame was my "best" so I shared another circle at almost the same time on Thursday. This has completely warped any stats to show that Thursday at 15:00 is the best time for me to post important posts.

IMHO, statistical outliers should be removed from the results so that a single, highly "successful" share doesn't skew the results, as it has in my case.

BTW: Adjusting the time zone doesn't change the timestamp of the posts so I'm not sure how they sync.
Daniel, looks like I'm a little late in finding out about this... just wanted to say thanks!! ;) Are there any plans to make this work for business profiles?
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