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Google+Blog: Google+ posts and comments for WordPress

With the huge amount of interest surrounding my Google+ Blog concept on, the number one request was that it be made available as a WordPress plugin. With so many people asking for it, how could I say no?

What does it do?

Google+Blog will automatically retrieve your public posts and the comments associated with them and display them as normal WordPress posts, along with all your Google+ comments. They will also include any media that you have added to your Google+ post (photos, albums, articles and video). It will update every hour or so (providing you have people going to your blog) and will not require any intervention from you whatsoever.

Can I see it?

+Colby Brown has been kind enough to help me finalise the plugin and has also integrated it into his blog. He has a separate page that just displays his G+ posts and their associated comments.

Check it out at:

What options does it have?

The plugin is quite configurable with the ability to easily change your API Key, Profile ID, Post History (how many historical posts are imported), WP Post Status, Categories and Tags.

How can I get it?

There are two versions available for download, one free, the other paid ($10). There is no limitation placed on the free version, but it does contain a link at the bottom of your imported posts. I have put a lot of work into this and don't believe that $10 is too much to ask for the version without a link.

The plugin can be downloaded from

Usage and terms

This is only the first release of the plugin and it will be updated on a regular basis. I welcome feedback and suggestions and strongly encourage bug reports. It has undergone testing, but I am not liable for any problems that are caused by this plugin.

Once you have downloaded the plugin, add it to WordPress via the Plugins menu and activate it. Finish setting it up under 'Settings' -> 'Google+Blog Options'.

If you need further integration message me and we will see what can be worked out.


You will need to sign up for a Google+ API Key before you are able to use this extension. To get one, go here: If needed, create a project then flick the Google+ API switch under Services. From there your Simple API Access key will be available under 'API Access'.

+Robert Scoble +Chris Pirillo +Ade Oshineye +Louis Gray +Ryan Crowe +Christina Trapolino +Natalie Villalobos +Dave Cohen +Chris Messina +Johnathan Chung +DeWitt Clinton +Will Norris +Ahmed Zeeshan +Chris Chabot
Google+ Blog Concept - Daniel Treadwell
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This is just great, thanks alot! I'm just in the middle of setting up my own Wordpress blog=) Will just add a G+ feed to it=)
I will try this later, thanks for making it!
+Daniel Treadwell Great work!

I've often felt G+ is kind of like writing a blog, except other people actually read it ;-)

But seriously, this is great way to get more bang for your buck by integrating G+ into your own domain.

I wonder though if it creates duplicate content issues for your blog in terms of SEO? Wiser heads than mine perhaps can answer.
Glad you guys are liking it. Would love to get some feedback.

+Justin Norris, I'm definitely going to be looking into that for future revisions. Thanks.
Thanks for the plugin. However I get the follwoing error in the backend: Warning: file_exists() [function.file-exists]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/tmp/googleplusblog) is not within the allowed path(s): (....) in .../wp-content/plugins/googleplusblog.1.0.0_free/googleplusblog.php on line 421
So there's currently no way to go the other way? I'd like my blog to update my google+ like it does FB and Twitter.
+Uli Graedener, I will push out an update now. Can you confirm it is just a warning and that it is still working? Thanks for the response!

+Grant McWilliams, there is no official way to do it. Some Google developers have expressed concern in the past about allow write access so I would not be holding out for it too much.
Where can I get that API key?
I've entered Google Loader API key, but my google+ feed wasn't fetched to my blog.
+Daniel Treadwell It didn't import any posts yet, even though the timer went from "one minute" to "sixty minutes". But I don't know if I got all options correct. The warning shows inr ed at the top of the WP backend.
nevermind, I should've just enabled google+ api in my google console
+Anton Averin go to, then create project (if you need to), then flick the Google+ API switch under Services. From there your Simple API Access key will be available under 'API Access'.

+Jaana Nyström was just a proof of concept, but due to the overwhelming response and support from Google (with more API queries allowed), I am looking to roll out automated updates this week under a trial period. I will post about it when I have an update.

+Uli Graedener I have updated the extension so it will not throw the error. If the settings are correct though (most notably the API Key), it should still import. Send me a direct message if you continue to have problems.
+Daniel Treadwell I'm kinda lost.... I have downloaded the plugin.. I also clicked on the link for the G+ API Key... so where what do i do next.. I'm sorry.. not sure what I gotta do next...
+Jeff Ah Sam it's ok, I take these kinds of things for granted after using them everyday. I added further instructions at the bottom of my post. If you need further help after that just let me know via a message.
+Daniel Treadwell does it get post format and css style directly from G+? Can I somehow change colors and everything? Only by implementing G+ styles in my styles.css?
+Anton Averin, much of the post contains the G+ styling as that is in the feed. I had to mess around a little with the images and video to make it work, as well as the articles. The rest will be handled by the WordPress theme.
+Daniel Treadwell I see... So I have to implement styles G+ uses that are missing now and display incorrectly and tune colors for my theme.
Hi +Daniel Treadwell. The plugin looks great, but I have a question that I think is pretty important for anyone thinking of installing it.

Does Google treat the content pulled from Google+ as duplicate, when you publish it on your wordpress blog using this plugin?

If it does, users could find themselves penalised by Google in the SERPS.

I'm really hoping the answer is no, as the plugin is a wonderful idea.
Thanks for doing this. Been waiting for a plugin for a while.
For some reason the comments aren't showing up on my blog - any idea why that might be happening? Edit: Worth mentioning that I can see the number of comments on my blog post, and I also just noticed that I can see the comments in my WP dashboard, but the actual comments aren't appearing below the individual posts.
+Nancy Messieh, we had this same issue with +Colby Brown's blog as I see you are using Livefyre. At one stage we saw a sync occur where Livefyre pulled across the WordPress posts but I am not sure what triggered it or when it is scheduled (I've never come across Livefyre before).

I plan to look into a way to perhaps natively support Livefyre in a coming update. Thanks for the feedback.
+Daniel Treadwell was just about to come back and leave another comment - I actually just installed Livefyre and the comments are now showing up. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!
Got same problem here with comments.
I see comments in WP admin page, but they are invisible and marked as No Comments in posts.
I've added this to my blog and it's working. Thanks for doing this and sharing
+Anton Averin oh yeah! It say's there are comments but they're not actually there. I'm sure that'll get ironed out pretty quickly.
+Mark Hendy do you run any plugins that might mess with the comments? My testing was done mostly on barebones installs so there may be a conflict at play. Livefyre seems to sync them up at some stage but I don't know too much about that. Comments most certainly SHOULD be working :)
Really awesome.. Thank you:)
The default font size is tiny when viewed in ChromeOS.
+Daniela Skrzypczak this plugin is for WordPress, I am hoping that in time Google will release something like this for Blogger.

+Daniel Stoddart Thanks, I haven't had a chance to browser check much as yet. Personally I like a small font, but I know for others it may be an issue. That's why the WordPress plugin is good, people can make it look however they like.

+Mark Hendy I have been finding that a few themes mess about a little with the comments. If it isn't the plugin that is probably the culprit here. I'm going to send you a message.
Hey +Daniel Treadwell, what about blogger? Any chance you can cok something up? Googlers here are pretty slow to really know what we want.
Talk about great minds, I just build a G+ to Wp plugin this weekend.
+Marvin Ryan Vista, I'm not sure how versatile Blogger is when it comes to importing feeds but I will have a look into it when I get a chance.
Works great. G+ posts must be public, unrestricted. And for non-geeks, your google+ ID (required in the plugin config) is the long number in the G+ URL when you display your own posts.
You're a Master Daniel, I've just bought the paid version. Im OK with free version but your work deserves even more than this!
Thank you +Daniel Treadwell This is quite an awesome tool!
I'm evaluating it's use for me (just have it on a personal blog at the moment) and will definitely buy the paid one as soon as I decide if it will add value to my paid blogs.
+Daniel Treadwell I would be interested in some more documentation.. I think there is a start here - but I think it will help many trying to implement it

Have you already come up with a text file to include with the plugin?

I know one question is how to setup the archive page like +Colby Brown did and keep WP from posting to the main page. I think many will want to keep their main front page free for normal blog posts and only integrate G+ posts as needed.....
+Brent Burzycki, it's all in the pipeline. This is just an initial release to get it out there as people were asking for it. There will be updates in the coming days.

Thanks for the feedback.
+Brent Burzycki All I ask for us early adopters is if you make a way to place a string of code to add them to a specific page etc... there is also a semi simple way to pull the posts in the main post stream....
What happens if I edit the post? For example, if I manually tweak some of the formatting and/or change the metadata (_e.g._, add categories), will your plugin lose track of the post's origin on G+ and _re_import it during the next sync?
+Uli Graedener +Jim Connolly +Daniel Treadwell I think that it would cause a negative impact in SERP because of duplicate content. Would adding a nofollow to the menu link, if configured as a separate page in Wordpress prevent the "dupe" content issue?

BTW, Daniel... you're blowing me away with the cool stuff you're coming out with lately. Keep up the good work.
+Kenneth LeFebvre, the post will be updated with the data on Google+, it is recognised by hidden metadata (your added metadata should also be safe).

Handling updates is tricky as if a post is edited on G+ you would want those changes to be reflected on your blog...
Yeah... I can understand the complications involved. I can live with however you decide to implement it... just wanting to know, so I can leverage it.


By the way, I'm very happy to hear you're using metadata to identify the post as a G+ post... gives me greater confidence in your overall approach. :)
+Fernando Fonseca hmm - but the plugin posts to the main post feed also - thus it will show up in the main WP posts (IE: the main WP page) unless you did something else to filter posts - maybe? right? - I need to look more later I guess... lack of sleep = confusion
+Fernando Fonseca Actually thats why I am confused as to why my install is posting them to the main feed and not just the category selected... thanks.. I will look more tonight...
Been wanting something like this for a while. I just bought the full version, but I don't see a link or anything. Is it emailed after a delay?
Installed the free version to test it out... got my api key, my g+ id... pushed "update and schedule" -- it refreshes but I dont see anything being scheduled.
+Daniel Treadwell I'm assuming this would push you past the 1000 daily requests limit, correct? If so, how do you get around that?
+Brent Burzycki Well yes. I was assuming that this request would be made every time the page is viewed (to determine number of comments), but I guess that's wrong?
+Matt Soave good point as i am not sure how comments etc are handeled.. I think the API might be used when polling...
+Daniel Treadwell Does it do a one-time import into Wordpress or does it update a post if a change / comment is made on Google+? Thanks!!
+Daniel Treadwell Thank you - great work. One thing puzzles me, though: So far, I keep experimenting with "open" entries, not letting them be published automatically by WordPress (I'd like to learn more about the formatting being done here, that's why). Unfortunately, the plugin keeps importing the same entries - does this happen with entries that are published in WordPress, as well?
I'm having the same issue that +Dave Krugman is email after paying for the plugin. I emailed Daniel directly, but through a comment might catch the eye faster.
Hi Daniel - this is a fantastic step in the right direction. Thank you for your efforts. My main question is about comments and Plus1. Wordpress is telling me there is one comment on my post, which is evident in Google+ itself, in my dashboard, and on my homepage where it has correctly calculated the amount of comments. However the comment itself is not being displayed on the actual post, and my Recent Comments plug-in is ignoring it too, yet the comment is automatically authorised in my dash. I am using the normal Wordpress comments feature. Also I have three +1s for the post on Google+ but these are not showing on my +1 button at the end of the Wordpress post, which is a wordpress plug-in. Any clues?
Okay, it's a great plugin with just one issue that's causing me a headache; you're defaulting the comment type to "Google+" and it looks like you're using that to match G+ comments against those generated natively which would be fine except that the default "comment" comment_type field is what's used quite extensively in the theme I'm using (and I'm guessing many others) for listing the actual comments. So, functions like have_comments() are working fine (so the admin screen shows the comments fine) but on the frontend this isn't happening. Post counts show as zero and loops inside the comments.php file that rely on the type of "comment" and the type of "ping" simply aren't taking the type of "Google+" into account.

I'm currently hacking and slashing away at the theme I'm using and your plugin to get a resolution but I thought you should be aware of this.
That explains my issues to some extent, thanks Mark.
+Dave Krugman, sorry, for now the emails are manual. I had to sleep a few hours :). They should all be up to date now.

+Rich Griese you can run this anywhere you have WordPress installed.

+Matt Soave, I have not found an instance where I have hit the API limit yet. It isn't a request per post, it is a request per query of 20. Should be fine for this purpose as everything is stored in the database and just updated hourly.
+Daniel Treadwell Updated hourly, got it! I was thinking it was real-time but I think hourly is plenty often (I was actually thinking of just doing it daily on my own site).
+Tris Hussey looking to submit it today.

+Brenton House It will import as far back as Post History is set to, and will then update every hour or so.

+Konstantin Klein, It will only import as far back as Post History is set. Set this to a higher value to go further back (moving forward it will update as you post within an hour or so).
I like this very much - it makes me consider using Wordpress, though I have two established blogs on Blogger that I'd be loath to give up.

Something I have noticed is that it does not pull mobile posts, even if they are set to public (the bulk of my posts are public, about half are from my mobile).
+Jason Griffey should be all sent now, sorry I had to catch some sleep!

+Jamie Furlong I will release an update today to fix this up, thanks for tracking it down +Mark Hooper (I will message you about this to find your details and update you to the paid plugin).
+Daniel Treadwell Understood. My question, however, referred to my observation that Google+ entries are imported several times as long as they are not published, i.e. I ended up with two or more instances of the same entry in the list of items waiting to be published.

I understand that your plugin, with all the requests and suggestions from users, is already growing faster than you might have imagined...
Hi, sorry to bother with a problem. I´ve installed this fantastic plugin but keep on getting this error message: Google+Blog There was a problem updating your posts, ensure you have not hit your API quota and that your key is valid. Any idea what I´ve done wrong? I have put in my API correctly and tried every combination of my G+ profile adress, with/without https://, with/without the /posts in the end and also just the number ID of my profile... I would be really grateful if someone knew the answer as I would like to use this awesome feature as soon as possible:)
+Daniel Treadwell This is such a wonderful plugin! Thank you so much for your hard work. I do have the same problem as +Steve Simons , which goes away if the status is set to published. I also mentioned this on Colby's post but anyone using timthumb with a theme that adds thumbnails to their excerpts or handles resizing of content images will need to add "" to the allowedsites array for the g+ images (they will still have issues with random external images but that isn't your problem). If you decide to put up a documentation or troubleshooting page, this would be a valuable addition.
+Steve Simons, +Konstantin Klein, +Jennifer Bailey I will work out how to get around the duplicate post issue for the next release. Sorry about that! It didn't come up in testing that it would be a problem when the post status wasn't 'Publish'.

+Thomas Russ Arnestad, I'll message you to try to work through your problem.

+Vail Joy Great suggestion there for users of timthumb. Documentation is coming, just wanted to get a first release out so we could quickly work through the kinks.
Great plugin idea! I am having the same dupes issue as a few others. WordPress 3.2.1, default plugin options. I will wait patiently for the next release. =)
Thanks for the work on this Daniel, really great stuff. I am having a problem with the plugin and hoping it is just that I have something configured wrong.

Issue is that every import that happens creates duplicate posts. I've been deleting the duplicates (leaving one entry for each post remaining) but if I don't do this every hour I end up having 2 or 3 duplicates of each post! I set up a "hidden" category called "google+" on my blog and have the plugin set to publish to that category. This way everything I post on google+ goes to a "holding bin" where I can come back in and selectively publish to my blog (not everything is relevant in both places). To get a particular post published I then assign it to a non-hidden category. Works like magic accept that every hour I get duplicate records created, again and again.
Hello again, Daniel. I've noticed something else on my blog. Whilst the Google+ post is sent to Wordpress ok (minus the above-discussed comments and Plus1 issues), and it pulls in my images ok, what it struggles with is the thumbnail from the Picasa album. If you click on one of the smaller thumbnails, instead of starting the Lightbox effect, it allows the user to download and save the image instead. Not good! What's needed is for any of the images to take the viewer back to Google+, specifically the Lightbox version of the album. If all this sounds gobbledygook, please take a look at the latest entry here: If you think it is not possible to get round this problem, please let me know so I can start uploading water-marked, lower-res images instead. Keep up the good work!
Oh, and another thing Daniel. Some of my Google+ posts are not relevant so I am deleting or pending those posts. Unfortunately your plug-in is then doing a sweep, noticing they are missing and so reposting them. It appears to be doing this every hour, so in the last three hours I've ended up with three identical published blog posts. Just wondered if there was a work-around for this, or whether you were aware of this (I haven't read the 100 or so comments above, I'm afraid. It's time for bed!).
+Steve Simons, +Konstantin Klein, +Jennifer Bailey, +Chris Smith, +B. Maura Townsend, +Mark Hooper

I have just made some quick changes which should address the issues you have highlighted - thanks for that. I will make a post about this later but if you like you can download the update directly here:

Be sure to delete the existing plugin first. It will work best if you delete your imported posts and comments.

Please continue to post details of any bugs you may come across.
+Jamie Furlong It might be worth looking into installing a Lightbox plugin for WordPress on your site. I can't redirect to Google's lightbox as it only works on their site. If you install your own it should work the same.

In regards to your deleting of posts, there isn't really a way for me to stop importing something once you delete it (as it is gone). What you can do though is import posts as 'Pending' rather than 'Publish' and then Publish the ones you want on your blog manually.

Before you trial this be sure to download the latest update in my previous comment as there were a problem with duplicates using the old version.
I added this to my blog successfully and this is a really cool and useful pluggin, but would make one feature request, could the author be made configurable instead of defaulting to Administrator.
I saw this earlier today and I'm amazed. Definitely gonna use the plug-in on my blog, the instructions on TNW seemed pretty involved so it might have to wait for the weekend. Excellent job though, love what you're doing with the API!
+Daniel Treadwell Dude, thats like the coolest thing ever. It's even more amazing than the time Michael Jackson came to my house to use the bathroom. Alright Michael Jackson didn't come to my house to use the bathroom but his sister did - Chunk "The Goonies"
This is what the world needs! Thank you so much for this great work +Daniel Treadwell!

I installed your free Plugin (for testing) on my Photography web gallery (wordpress) Everything works fine with Installation, API Key and G+ Id was aded, I choose my Category and put option to "publish". It works all update and another things but on my Blog are no Posts from G+? On my Backend also nothing to see... no Posts from G+. What I do it wrong?

Can anybody give me a little support and help?

Thank you so much again and sorry for my English :)
Thank you so much Daniel, thank you for your time which you spend for all of us!
+Steve Simons not yet, but I will update the plugin to make it an option for the next version (which will be released tonight or tomorrow).

Good Idea.
Very neat. There needs to be some way of also capturing the posts you comment on.
+Daniel Treadwell The multiple-instances problem with pending posts seems to be fixed. I have no more problems with it in v1.0.1. Now it would be nice to get the same in the paid-for version, too...
Hello. Using WordPress 3.2.1, I copied the PHP file to the plugins directory and tried to activate from the plugins dashboard. WP reports the activation failed. Any tips? Regards
Thanks for responding, Daniel. The Lightbox issue came to me in bed last night (!). Doing new version now, thanks for your time and patience.
+Konstantin Klein I have emailed through your update. I'll do up a post for this very soon.

+Mark Lewis, I suggest uploading the .zip file directly through the Admin -> Plugins page. If you have further problems message me directly and I will do my best to help you out.
my plugin doesn't work everything is done like it should be - API and everything... but nothing works on my blog...
Looks good so far, but the profile images break. So in comments, we don't see the images of the commenters.
+Philippe Brantschen, please send me your settings privately and I will try to help you sort out your problems.

+Asif Patel It is certainly possible, but requires a bit of code being inserted into your theme. I intend to explain this in a post in the next couple of days.

+Chris Lang WordPress uses gravatar or something for comment images, given that the G+ API does not provide me with an email address I can't easily display an image there. I plan to try to address this in a future update if it is possible.
I just gave it a good try, and it's going to take reworking my blog to use this, so for now I am taking it back down. I have too many other projects in the funnel +Daniel Treadwell But... I will get back to this.

Maybe on a sub blog, but not on my main one, even though it is a 3 year old blog about Google social networking.

If I could choose to only have it appear under a catagory, and I could set that catagory not to show on the domain, that would be great. But not on my domain.
+Asif Patel, +Chris Lang, The way we did it on +Colby Brown's blog is to display the feed you just ensure that the posts are put in their own category and link directly to that.

To exclude them from the main feed we added this line at the top of 'index.php' under the 'get_header()' line. (The category name is 'Google+Feed').

if (!is_category('Google+Feed'))
$posts = query_posts($query_string . '&cat=-367');

367 is the ID of the category we want to exclude, replace this with your own.

If you're not comfortable with editing your theme templates then just leave it be, but that is the best solution we could come up with for now.
+Daniel Treadwell This plugin is awesome. Anyway you can build in functionality to control which category a post gets added to based on a #hashtag or other character that we can include at the end of a post? Maybe the same with tags?
+Daniel Treadwell I tried your plugin. I like it, but I do not want G+ posts te go to the homepage (blogpage) of my wordpress site.
Is it possible to post the G+ public posts directly to a seperate page on the website?
That would be great!
+Fokko van der Leest, I'm glad you like it. The best way to display the posts on another page is to have them all import into a certain category and then simply link to the category view.

To remove them from your main feed is a more advanced task and requires editing your theme files. If you are up for it simply put this code under the get_header() line in the index.php file for your theme.

if (!is_category('Google+Feed'))
$posts = query_posts($query_string . '&cat=-367');

Be sure to replace Google+Feed with the name of the category you are wanting to exclude, and 367 with the ID of that category (tag_id in the URL when you edit the category).

Let me know if I can be of anymore assistance. Thanks for the support.
Wow! Thanks for your fast and clear support.
I'm going to try this.
+Daniel Treadwell Could you help me some more please?
I tried to do it as you say above.
But the posts are still also appearing on the Homepage and above every page the code that you told me to insert is appearing.
Can you take a look here and tell me what may be wrong?
Thanks in advance.
Is the code maybe a bit wrong? Or should I put it in a different place?
I use the Atahualpa theme
+Daniel Treadwell I found the right code on the wordpress forum:


Exclude Categories From Your Home Page
Placing this code in index.php file will cause the home page to display posts from all categories except category ID 3.

if ( is_home() ) {
query_posts( 'cat=-3' );
With this code your plugin is working on my website as I like it. Thank you!
+Alex Koloskov I sent you a message yesterday on this cause I noticed you had that bug. Simply uncheck the post overwrite button in settings -> google+blog options
+Daniel Treadwell I did not get a message, but I've unchecked this flag today morning, when found the issue. It did not help though: i still getting duplicates. Do you think I need to re-install plugin to make it work?
Thank you for the support!
Looking forward to it hitting the Wordpress repository.

An idea that struck me: Is there a similar plugin for Picasa which will pull the images from your Picasa account? IIRC Images uploaded to your Google+ account are automatically put in your Picasa albums. How tricky would it be to pull those images and match those to the ones shared as part of the google+ post? (Srsly, I have no idea)
Wonderful! I have a blog setup with the plugin that grabs my tweets.
But I'm wondering: does it start the day you install it? any hope that it also goes and retrieves past posts?
+Bernard ben Tremblay The plugin will start working a minute after you set it up via the Google+Blog Options found in the Settings section of your WordPress admin. It will retrieve as many posts as you set it to via the 'Post History' setting.
Gall dang but WP is getting sweet! Who'd uh thought 5 or 6 years ago what we'd be doing! :-)
That's fabulous. I had to fiddle with the Twitter plugin a bit to get it to retrieve a whole pile but ...
... that's fabulous Daniel, really.
/me wonders what he'll break when he goes back to early July

I'd just been looking at again but ... well, I code, but I ain't no programmer!
Thanks for much for this

p.s. is there another blogpost I can link to? I found this post on
+Bernard ben Tremblay there are lots of cool things that can be done with the G+ API and it is only getting better.

My more recent posts contain information about the latest version of the plugin and also link to a couple of blog posts that have covered it. I tend to use G+ as the reference for this stuff though as it is always the most up to date.
Okie dokie, great, I'll spider.

W/o having access to past posts I'm leery about using G+ as my primary blog. I don't know why we can't have calendar ... have it on BlogSpot. HeyHo.

Addendum: is now rolling. Wonderful!
Hey Daniel,
When I save with the Update Options & Import button the plugin imports several instances of the last post I did. I only have 2 public posts in Google+ right now, but dding more daily. I have had to delete all of the duplicate posts manually, leaving broken links out there in the ether because I massively distribute my blog posts..

It would be ideal if there were separate buttons for Save and Import. That would solve this problem, and I am sure not everyone wants to import every time they change their settings.

Is this possible?

Thanks for the plugin (I have the paid version).
Since yesterday it posted 21 copies of my last Google+ post.

Had to remove the plugin.
+Michael Cordova thanks for the feedback. There are definitely plans to have separate buttons for Saving and updating, so keep an eye out for that in a future release.

As far as the issues with mass duplicate posts, this has been handled as far as I was aware (there was previously an issue with the WordPress functions for checking this).

I'll send you through a message and we'll try to sort out what the problem is.
Totally lost track of this (wasn't getting notified). Anyways, just wanted to let you know v1.0.9 seems to be working.
hi +Daniel Treadwell  . thx for ur efforts in making this wonderfull plugin.
I want to use it but I have a problem. nothing import to my wordpress after pressing "update options" and there nothing in my report part of google API too.
this is my website add:
i use free host of byethost and wordpress 3.1.1
and tried all the advices in this link:
please help me.
+Amin Khoshnavaz, check with your host that they allow external connections made via your wordpress install.  Being that your host is free I'm guessing that this will be where the issue is.
I just purchased your plugin, but I haven't received it yet.
I have a question though.  I noticed that the profile is no follow.
Is the rel author used in this plugin?
Found this post by searching on Google for a Plugin, which can import comments from a G+ fanpage and put them under the corresponding blog post, identifying the article by the link attached to the G+ posting. Is your plugin able to do this? I want only the comments to be put under the article, but do not want to import the G+ postings themselves. There is a plugin for facebook postings, which does this, i want the same functionality for our webzine powered by wordpress with G+.
I've tried some Google+ plugins and this looks like the best so far!

For niche/private communities, the standard WordPress comment system works well. Users can register privately and communicate anonymously. However, for websites and webapps looking to integrate a public community with WordPress, it would be better to tap into an existing user-base where real people have already registered their accounts/names/avatars/etc (a unified system). Some unified systems I've seen include Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and OpenID.

What about this "lightweight" method for linking WordPress/Google+?

1. Write the Post in WordPress, including all necessary content. Google+ is quite limited when it comes to what you can do in a Post, but WordPress is very flexible allowing a Post to use a custom layouts, multiple images, etc. Disable Comments for the WordPress Post and tell people to visit your Post at Google+ for discussion...

2. Make a Post at Google+ with a short description and link to your new Post in WordPress. Google+ will put a snapshot of your link (the WordPress Post itself) and use it for the single thumbnail image.

3. Encourage people to read the WordPress Post and return to Google+ for leaving their comments/feedback.

Essentially each Google+ Post is an excerpt and conversation for the actual WordPress Post. This technique should work for other social networks too.
Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to see Google+ Blogger comments on your WordPress site without visiting each individual page?
I know that if someone tags you, you’ll be notified in G+, but ..
Is there a way to search in G+ for posts that have shared articles from your site, or some Blogger API that when given a WordPress URL will return the number of comments associated with the page?
This was released a while back. Has the Plugin been updated along with the Google+ API changes?
I am getting a big Hostgator image in place of the plugins functinality now. Any new updates? I have 1.3.3 and can't see how to download the 1.3.4 paid version now.
I cannot get the hashtags to work. If an add an import or an ignore hashtag it won't pull anything.  I really only want this to pull the posts that I mark as acceptable to pull.
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