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Hitting the Limits (Problems with shared circles)

I have noticed quite a few posts from people concerned that they are unable to add anymore people to their circles. The reason for this in most cases is that they have hit the limit of people that can be added to circles in a given timeframe. Google do this to stop mass adding (something done by spammers). This has become more apparent of late due to the release of shared circles.

This is not the first time many people have stumbled upon this issue. When I released my Circle+ extension the same limits were being hit and people were having the same issues. At that time some clarification was sought as to what the limits were but no tangible information was given.

In most cases I suggest that people wait up to 24 hours before trying to add anyone else. There is usually a soft limit that is hit first that stops many circles in a short period (allowing single circles now and then), followed by a hard limit that stops circling (or modification of your circles) completely. If you have these problems, just try waiting it out for some time before trying again.

It would be great if Google could give a little more clarification here to let people know the real reason behind the errors, rather than the ambiguous message appearing at the top of their screen.

Would love to hear a response from a Google rep regarding this matter.

(Keep in mind, Google still has their 5000 limit in place for the amount of people that can be circled. This is another problem altogether).

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I too am waiting this out. Yey for patience :)
+Jay Zalowitz I could do that but I'm not sure it would provide a complete solution as it seems to happen even across multiple 'batches' of circling. I wasn't so much worrying about it for the extension, but more because of the recent flare up due to shared circles.

Thanks for the suggestion though - it is a good idea.
another question is, is this just a timeout to slow down possible spammers (similar to slowing down brute force hack attempts) or will they sanction such behavior at some point?
I guess 1000 seems to be the limit. Afte adding that much it stopped for me
I ran into the same problem. I gave it a rest for 24 hors and then I was able to continue adding people.
This is a bug, not a limitation.

Apparently Google has given up trying to fix this service-crippling error. I propose we tackle it ourselves by writing a script that purges uncircled contacts from Gmail. (Go look at how many "Other Contacts" have built up in your Gmail contacts.)

What we'd need to do is create a small web app that cross-references people in your Circles with people in your "Other Contacts" Gmail contact folder and purges the excess. How to start?
If I remember correctly, people were abusing the "circling" feature by circling thousands quickly, 5000, and then just as quickly uncircling them once they were circled back. They were playing a numbers game but it was being done to garner huge numbers here quickly, while NOT actually continuing to circle people back. They were doing this over and over. There was even a HOW TO post about it. So if I recall correctly, Google+ put in a limit to keep people from gaming the G+ system here.
Yes, I hit it two days ago. I waited the 24 hours and tried again. I was able to add one new circle and then hit the limit again.
There are three limits
1000 circle ops per 24h
5000 circle members in total
25000 contacts in total
contacts ? Every circle member is added to your contacts and stays there even if you remove him from your circles. When you hit the 25k contact limit you must start to delete contacts before you can add more circle members. Guess this limit is set for the above mentioned circle gamers who add and remove thousands to gain publicity.
I deleted my contacts in gmail and trimmed as much as I could those in circles who do not also have me in their circles and it enabled me to add more potentials to my special interest circles (for the time being anyway).
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