Google+Blog for WordPress is riding off into the sunset...
But fret not, there's a new sheriff in town

It has been almost 3 years (wow!) since the announcement of Google+Blog for WordPress and the uptake was much more than I ever expected it to be.  Thousands of people explored the concept of using their Google+ content as a way to spice up their blogs, to keep their own off-site version of their posts, or to simply share content with those that aren't on G+.  Given the ease of creating long form, media rich posts, who wouldn't want to use G+ as their content management platform?

But as software is updated over time it can get a little clunky and less efficient.  I was never happy about the requirement of an API key and there have been many requests for more flexible templating.  So with the plugin begging for a major update it has received one, as well as a rebranding. [Existing supporters receive a free upgrade, check your email or message me]

Social Media 2 WordPress for Google+ has arrived

This plugin has been rewritten from the ground up, promising to be faster and easier to use.  A little feature rundown as follows:

* Import posts from multiple G+ profiles or pages
* Transfer comments from G+ into your WordPress blog (with author attribution)
* Complete customisation of how posts are presented with templates
* Support for feature images
* Filter imports by hashtag (inclusive or exclusive)
* Customisable scheduling of imports
* Updates from within WordPress
* and much more...

More details about the plugin and Free / Paid ($19.99) versions are available on the website @
Support and feature requests provided via G+ Community @

This is just the beginning for the new suite of plugins, with support for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Blogger to follow.

The plugin has been recommended by +Guy Kawasaki, +Peg Fitzpatrick, +Vic Gundotra, +Amanda Blain and +Robert Scoble.  Used by photographers like +Colby Brown and +Brian Matiash.  Written about by +Nancy Messieh (@ +The Next Web/+MakeUseOf), +James Brandon (@ +Digital Photography School - dPS) and many more of you on your profiles and personal blogs.  Thank you again for all your support, I hope that it continues into the future.

If there is anything I can do to help you, please don't hesitate to let me know.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.

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