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[Chrome Extension] Circle+: Add profiles found on any webpage to your Google+ Circles

Finally you can easily add people to your circles en masse thanks to my newly created extension Circle+.

To use the extension, follow the link below and install it. Go to a page listing the profiles you would like to add to Google+ (sites like and are great for this). Click on the circle in your title bar and choose the circle name you would like to add them to. Watch as the profiles are listed that have been successfully added.

Please keep in mind that limited testing has been done with this extension and there are plenty of signs that Google+ have limiters on how many people can be added within a given timeframe. Do not abuse this extension.

This extension is in no way supported by Google and I personally take no responsibility for any problems (or benefits) it may cause.
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Woah! I just went to a Plus profile and clicked it... and off it went! It added 475 people to my circle before I closed the tab..... umm, not quite what I was expecting :)
Awesome Daniel..Thanks so much ;) Only thing missing is the ability to create a new circle on the spot and this is perfect
Great app, Daniel - terrified to use it in case I inadvertently add a gazillion people. Does it have reverse? ;)
Yes, be careful Lee, I instantly added 475 people without knowing and now I'm getting added all over the place!
+Ben Petro Exactly! I know I'd be guilty of serial group adds and would have to eliminate everyone and start all over.
I was hoping it would just add the hover card to other websites. I won't want to mass add people, I just don't want to have to click through to their profile to add them.
Attention: There is a 500 people limit per day at Google+. So anything bigger than 500 will NOT be completely added.
Same here, sounds really awesome and your efforts are appreciated, but before I timidly venture into adding gazillions of contacts to my circle, it would be nice, as some have commented above, to have the option of specifying a limit of how many at a time to add - some control. I don't want to be Scoble-ized (nice word). I am a slow reader and too many contacts in the stream and I'll be drowning in posts. Thanks +Linda Lawrey for sharing this extension by +Daniel Treadwell
Still working here +Gregory Garver. Ensure that there are google profiles on the page you are trying to import from. If you have recently added a lot of people Google will limit your ability to add more throughout the day.

Thanks for the support everyone, I hope you are finding a lot of use in the extension. This is just the first release so stay tuned for updates.
works like a charm... they capped how many people I can add
+Daniel Treadwell I assume its working in such a way that it's clever enough to only pick up people from the ajax "pop up" window when you view people of say Colby Brown's circle. (as opposed to using any people who were on the main page not just in this "pop up" :))
+Jen Pearson I actually doubt it will recognise the AJAX popup at all. This was meant more for external sites where it is much harder to add people. I wouldn't recommend using this internally on Google+ as the results may not be what you expect them to be.
That's interesting then - I rechecked the popup and those people had been added.. so either they happened to be on the main page too, or it did recognise the data in the popup :) But I might stick to using it on the Group.As page - hopefully I didn't add too many incorrect people to the photo critique group!! :D (if any). Thanks!

(Hmm no I seem to have more people in my circle now than in Colby's public circle). I try running it on the site and it's not adding anyone to the new empty circle that I created. It's also saying it added some of the same people even though I'm clicking on different page links for the group.

Is there a way around the fact that Group.As has multiple pages? The reason I originally was using it on Google + was that I was trying to view Colby's public circle in one nice big list :)
+Jen Pearson it COULD work, I just haven't tested it as yet to be sure. Thanks for letting me know!

+Ted LeBlond it is pretty self explanatory. If you are using chrome, go to the link, install the extension, go to a page that lists people you would like to add, click the circle icon that is to the right of the address bar, select a circle you wish to add them to and click the button.
Thank you much - it is very useful and works perfect! I would like to have the possibility to select persons and to put them in more than one circle.
this works really well...and saves a lot of time if you want to increase a particular genre of people in a circle. Thank you!
once you install the extension into your browser you have a new icon in your notification bar at the top... it looks like a blue circle click that... your then get the drop down list of names... with an 'add to circle' button +Ted LeBlond
You are my Hero Daniel! :)
Hi, this extension is really great and I am looking for the same. Thank you.
Is there any restriction from googl side to max number of profile per day / account.
Not quite sure it installed properly? But I see someones circle that I want to add, and don't see a way to add it?
Works great for me. Well done!
Only thing I would tell newbies at Chrome. Circle+ appears as blue circle icon next to the wrench icon on the Chrome toolbar.
well once you click the blue dot you get a drop down list of YOUR available 'circles' ... you select the CIRCLE you want the new google+ people you are trying to add first...... then the extension starts adding people to the selected circle at least that is how it is working for me. good luck +Ted LeBlond
Worked a little too well... how long till they unblock me from adding people to circles?
+Gregory Garver there is a daily limit of 500 if you exceed that you will have to wait until tomorrow.... no biggie... wow i am shocked at the whiners on this thread LMAO!!! walk away from the keyboard ....
I'm not complaining at all... I think this add on is great. Was just curious how long till I can use it some more..
+PATRICK MCKEOWN and +Ted LeBlond you should first check whether Circle+ has been installed successfully. Click the wrench icon in your Chrome toolbar and then the menu Tools/Extensions. In the alphabetically sorted list of installed extensions you should find Circle+.
Then I see no reason why the Circle+ icon (white circle filled in blue) shouldn't appear.
Can you confirm?
Well, go on any page where G+ users listed ( or even any web page where a G+ user is blogging).
Click the Circle+ icon, choose one of your circles (probably you create a new one beforehand), and if this extension works it will list up all found G+ profiles and adding them to your circle.
Then go to your circles and review the results.
I need to get you commenting on one of my posts. I wouldn't need anyone else.
Okay, so I just installed the extension on Chrome on my Mac. Works like a champ, yet on my PC... Nothing... Will have to remove and readd later.
A search result displays links with G+ profile IDs. So yes, those will be also found by Circle+.
But be careful, all people on a page will be added to a circle at once. Since people search is not yet very detailed on G+, your circle might need some cleansing afterwards.
Thanks! Works well, and yup. I understand the potential issues with this new found power. LOL
I find this funny on your code:
"if (debug) { console.log('Checking profile'); }"

remember the DRY principle, even for silly things like this:
function dbug(s) { if (debug) { console.log(s); } }

dbug('Checking profile');

Thanks for making this extension!
+Angel Leon this is by no means a well written extension. It was literally hacked together in a couple of hours. When I first started it I wasn't even sure what I was doing was possible. There is plenty in there that will be redone once the next version is made.

I am by no means a seasoned JS/Chrome extension developer :).
+Daniel Treadwell I'm just messing with you man, I'm really glad that you used really clear names on the functions, you saved me a lot of time. I promise to share whatever I end up with. I'll probably take a bit more time to generalize what you did for others to use for whatever purpose they might have, although +Mohamed Mansour just mentioned he will release a circles api he created about a month ago.

I just stirred things up a bit on his thread as a reminder of that promise a few days back ;)

You rock man.
+Lekika Kailani you can just go to the next page and do it again. It wasn't made for a particular site, just to make adding easier in general. It is much much quicker than adding one at a time. 
+Erfun Kheirandish send me a message with the page that you are having the problem with. Also keep in mind that Google only allows you to added a certain amount of people in a given time period so you may limited if you have recently added a lot of people (via shared circles or manually).
+Logan Lincoln, Google have made some changes recently which have caused the plugin to stop working. I will look to have it running again in the coming week if possible. Thanks for the feedback.
Your amazing but i have 1 question...... is Google thinking of making something like PowerPoint and word document 
hi are you man,well this extension is not working with me ..its showing no profile preference is found ,even i open and other one also..i tried from different compute also,,but no use ..please help m out
yhee man. Did you able to find any source Trevi lim
any chance you are going to update the plugin ?
This needs to be updated and re-released IMHO. :)
Hello everybody: Where can I get the extension? I have been looking everywhere!
Yea, this extension would still be really valuable to me.
Is this extension still available? Would be very appreciated!
does anybody have any suggestion on where I can find this or a similar extension
Develop something similar again please.
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