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simplifying 31 Grain and dairy free slow cooker meals for the whole family
#glutenfree #dairyfree #milkfree #healthymeals #monthplan 
How much nicer is it when 4pm rolls around and you can relax knowing that you have a healthy meal already simmering away for your family?
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daniel morrill

Cancer Research  - 
God bless and have a wonderful day this is A Play playlist of over 211+ clips of ways to cure cancer naturally :)
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daniel morrill

commented on a video on YouTube.
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recipes starts at 1:30 love your recipes this is one of my favorite kind of cakes I look forward to trying this maybe for my dad's birthday xD
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daniel morrill

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Would you use this?
Here's a Kickstarter project you want to look at, especially if love audio. As always, If you enjoy +1/Share and Like!
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daniel morrill

Specific plants  - 
Does anyone know what type of mushroom this is or what type of poisonous mushrooms look a lot like this?
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hard to tell with this picture. You need to know things like: Is there a volva (bulb), a ring on the stem, does it have gills or pores, does it stain when torn, what's the color of the spore print...
You might want to check out the communities "mycology" with a blue mushroom avatar and "Mushrooms" with a red one!
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daniel morrill

Going Vegan  - 
5 Reasons to STOP eating eggs free calls and one study shows it might be as bad as smoking TODAY [Warning graphic]:
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daniel morrill

Tips & Tricks  - 
Is your Skype account secure? Do you have the best privacy settings configured on your desktop or mobile Skype app? We look at how to secure your account and ensure that your privacy is maintained when using the popular VOIP service. The Importance of Maintaining Privacy on Skype Skype is the most recognised name in…
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Have him in circles
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Container gardening  - 
What do you think of sprouting kombucha seeds that have already been fermented? Are the seeds dead?
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No such thing as a Kombucha seed. The alcohol in Kombucha is not from Malt (sprouted grain). The low amount of alcohol is from the fermentation of sugar (not malt based). The seeds found in some types of Kombucha are chia seeds. Just go to the store and buy chia seeds if you want to grow chia. Or buy a Chi Pet.
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daniel morrill

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many of these home remedies would help me right now :D
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daniel morrill

Going Vegan  - 
5 Reasons to stop drinking MILK the same mucus that's found in milk is found in your Zits xP [warning graphic]:
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oh stop! 
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How the Cancer Industry Deceives You with Cancer Drugs:
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breast cancer:broccoli , cabbage, carrots, caulliflower, green tea, parsley, spinach, turmeric ets.  liver cancer:apples. colon cancer:apples, barley, broccoli , brussels sprouts, oats, quinoa, spinach, wheat bran, artichokes etc.. brain cancer:cabbage.  skin cancer:green tea, lemons, olive oil,etc. lung cancer:broccoli, cabbage, carrots, grapefruit, onion, pineapple etc.  blood cancer (leukemia): pineapple.
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I can help reference you to post on curing illnesses though eating natures cancer killers garlic, Honey, cinnamon, turmeric, 🍒tomatoes🍎, wasabi kills cancer cells an sharing the right fruits, herbs, veggies, an make some smoothies an drinks healthy fuits learning photography, Outgoing Loves Nature cats dogs birds trees an really enjoys taking photos of the world around me
Hi  Lived most my life in California now live in Oregon i believe in God try not to push it on anyone would enjoy to getting to know anyone around the world love herbalism and naturopath Healing just had some acupuncture done
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Little Commander 2 Xmas

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i d l e w i f e : diy: bath bombs

Complete disclosure: I've never used a premade bath bomb. I see them everywhere and they look really nice but they always seemed too expensi

Has a gym an a inside an 2ouside all heated pools an hot tub nice famliy friendly place bin there atlest 20 times an i am a member ;)
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