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Hey!  I just realized I can use the 3D printers at the Chicago Public Library to print a teleport bracelet from Blake's 7, because clearly my life is not complete without one.  Now I wonder where I would find such a pattern...

#downandsafe   #Blakes7   #3Dprinting  
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Haha, happy Easter to you, too.  I enjoy running and Rollerblading and riding my bike, so that makes it easy.  I can't seem to get motivated about going to the gym, though.
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Daniel Lestarjette

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Got it! #Fatale 
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My goal for this week is a #sleepdebt of zero. I wonder what that feels like. 
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wow, if that's true, i may have done everyone a favour, keeping one of those super-annoyingly positive people out of the population. :D
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There is a meme floating around Facebook that some people have rallied around and are sharing as a “truth” of Easter.  However, there are a few things wrong with the Ishtar meme that a simple Google search will turn up.

#Easter   #anthropology  
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Run run run
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I always suspected as much. >_>

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One of my favorite Cat women.
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Happy Birthday, +Manuel Colón! Hope you have an awesome day. :D
Happy Birthday Manuel Colón
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Thanks!! Seeing the sites in St. Louis! 
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I have to say: I LOVE shopping at this Walmart Fresh Market for the simple reason that everyone who works there, without exception, is so friendly and so helpful. I forgot to pick up a few things I needed when I was there tonight, and I'm actually looking forward to going back tomorrow to get the rest if for no other reason than the friendly service. Plus, it's so convenient for those of us in Lakeview East, and the prices are very reasonable. Sure, there are a few things they don't have there, but Trader Joe's, Jewel Osco, and Whole Foods are all close enough by that it's not a huge deal. Keep up the great work, Walmart! :D
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Dr. Close and his staff are hands-down The. Best. in Chicago. He's extremely knowledgable, he takes his time to talk with you, and he is genuinely concerned about his patients' well-being. I can't recommend Dr. Close highly enough. My partner and I recently relocated to Denver—word to the wise: never, ever, leave Chicago—but I'm keeping Dr. Close as my personal physician, flying home whenever I need to see him. He's that good.
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Can give ten stars instead of just five? Dr. Sood and his staff are all amazing, and going to the dentist is a pleasure. What?! It's true. I honestly look forward to going to the dentist and getting my teeth cleaned twice a year. If you're looking for a dentist in Chicago, you won't be disappointed with Dr. Sood. :D
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The guys in the back are OK, but "Pam," the woman who runs the register, never wants to take my credit or debit card when I go in there. I don't carry cash, but she always finds an excuse why she can't accept my card, and when she does, she makes it sound like she's doing me a big favor. I always try to support neighborhood businesses, but how can I support a place that won't accept my money? I'm giving up on Tenenbaum's, and going to Home Depot from now on.
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Great experience today—everyone who works there is very friendly and knowledgable. They reviewed the options with me, answered my questions, and while they did let me know they're available, I wasn't pressured to buy any additional services. I'll see them again in another 3,000 miles. :D
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Love Northerly Island Park! It's beautiful, quiet, and a great place to relax while biking. I'd rather have this than another airport, so good for Mayor Daley for dumping Meigs.
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