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Daniel Laidler
Internet Doctor, Controller of Search Engines, Tag, Data & Analytics Aficionado, Code Monkey, Coffee Fiend, Doting Father...
Internet Doctor, Controller of Search Engines, Tag, Data & Analytics Aficionado, Code Monkey, Coffee Fiend, Doting Father...


Hey All,

I'm chasing a dev with X-Cart experience to upgrade a payment gateway to the latest version. The project is based in Australia, but would happily contract OS if it's a good fit.

Thoughts/recommedations? Thx in advance.

Hi All,

I have a question/s about Sitemaps on large scale websites (1+ million indexed pages), that I was hoping someone could help me out with.

Basically I am in the process of auditing a site 4 months post launch, where I believe the sitemaps implementation potentially affected it's ability to rank (at least in the short term).

Q: For a large scale site, when is the best time frame to release the new dynamic sitemaps? On launch, 1/2/3 months post launch?

If you would recommend post-launch, can you suggest why it's more beneficial than at site launch?

+John Mueller +Saijo George +Jim Stewart

Thanks in advance!

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So this is happening. Thought I'd be the first to share.
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Hey All,

TL;DR - Can fixed HTTP links (a SAAS restriction) within site template have a negative effect on a site that is running site-wide HTTPS with 301 pattern match redirects?

All comments appreciated!

- +John Mueller +Jim Stewart 
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Hey Googlers, Are you still looking for Evaluators? I'm interested.
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Hey Good People,

I am attempting to do a change of address on a ccTLD ( to and TLD (

The Locale folder is already to go, and has been pattern match redirected to that folder (

I have also registered the subfolder with a Country locale in WMT 

QUESTION: How do I set the 'Change of Address' from to I tried under -> Settings -> Change of Address

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,


+John Mueller  +Google Webmasters

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Hey Peeps!

I have a cross Google Tool question regarding GA Experiments and GTM, if you have experience in this area, 'penny for your thoughts'...

I am also will to pay 0.000000001 Bitcoins!!!

Hey Guys,

When running Experiments from within GA, I get the following error;
"No Google Analytics tracking code found."

This is because I fire the pageview tracking code from GTM.

Given that the experiments work (or at least in part) with GTM despite the warning, should I be concerned?

Who's had experience with this? Is all data being tracked?

Thanks in advance Peeps! Dan

Hey All,

I have a site that has many subdomains. Is there an easy way to list out all the subdomains indexed by Google? And better still, give an indication of pages indexed...

There is over 30 subdomains and 30K of pages indexed, so using site:ROOTDOMAIN.EG and -inurl: the subdomains I am aware of is too tedious

Thanks in advance,


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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Tobacco (HBO):
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