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Hmm, Best Buy huh?!? I hope so, would love to have some hands on b4 potentially buying it... 
This is real. Multiple sources (more than one best buy employee) told me and confirmed. 
I'll be going tmr to my best buy and check. If they got a stand like the one in the pic. Its 21 questions for me and the employee lol
Didn't get any other info from them? 
I'm not allowed to say....but I did see it. I signed a waiver to not even describe it...but

It was magical. 
My Best Buy already has it setup for the N7, Chromebook and Chromecast
Well, I saw a picture of a dumby device. It still looked legit. 
An announcement next week would make sense now.....
(hint from the Nexus 7 commercial today...Oct 23rd)
Been at my store for a while... 2 of them.  N7 and Chrome cast and Chrome books... This is news?
Im saying the displays have been out for a while.  Was not talking about the N5... Only makes sense that when the N5 comes out it might go there
+Trevor Kinsie close. It had a couple of stickers covering something on the back. I could still see the "nexus" logo. 
They said hallows eve. They were being kinda cryptic but they definitely spilled the beans. 
+daniel benavides Dang was hoping for earlier, but as long as I have something to look forward to now. Thanks for the post!
Ugh... I really wish I would have taken a picture of these stands a while back... LOL  I didnt know a Google stand with N7s and Chromebooks was news lol
I just want to know when to be at freaking best buy. 
Nexus 5. Exactly. Android Central doesn't play around. 
I know there's a Google stand already with chrome books on it. Its just a white stand with the word Google on it. +Luis Reich that what your talking about. Or the actually wood one.
It's a stand only for the nexus 5. They have a finished setup in the back of the store that I saw a picture of. 
The one above. Minus the holders
+Todd Hardin you've already been debunked. Geek squad definitely does not know. They don't even know how to fix my acer notebook. 
Weird cuz I saw the nexus 5 and they showed me how it fit on the display. Once again, you've been debunked +Todd Hardin 
Well to clear up all this. If there is a stand (like the one above) with product on it. Then a photo needs to be uploaded and tag in these comments so then everything can be debunked 
I was lead on to believe it until the part about having you sign a waiver. 
Whatever. This Friday everybody's gonna dance to the tune of Nexus 2, Nexus 5, and Nexus 10. Google won't disappoint me.
+Masson Liang I commented on that but never got a respond. I don't think best buy would do that to a customer. They don't want to waste there time with that.
+Todd Hardin unless they gave me the info to leak. There was supposed to be an announcement today. This might be it. 
I didn't follow the nexus4 release, but this reminds me of the #gnex release, almost like a nightmare.
How about an updated Nexus 4 with LTE alongside the Nexus 5? #gonuts
+Raúl Colón No.. Pointless. Let's keep this conversation about the mystery stand. Not a pointless phones that's a year old.
Everyone this is not for the Nexus 5 it is for the Nexus 7 Chromecast and hromebook.
False. Many best buy employees have photos of this being used for nexus 7's and chromecast. Suck it, cretin. 
Best buy confirmed WHERE?! your running in circles!
This guy is a trolling monkey. Look at the photo, kids. 
Why would best buy sell the Nexus 5? We are basing this off of what one person claims to be true. There is no proof that Best buy will get the Nexus 5. It isn't even in their RSS system. 
+Addison Todd you are completely right. People are so hungry for news on the Nexus 5 they will believe anything. 
All he says is "it's true" with no proof other than his lousy word. Amateur. 
+daniel benavides You haven't shown anything verifying any of your claims. Only a display that I have shown it's usage. 
+daniel benavides Except that's not even my photo. It's of a current display and doesn't even look shopped. You're approaching megatroll status... 
You can still shop those +Addison Todd how do I know you're not here to try and spread your blindness and infect people with all the debunked you have oozing from your pores? 
Okay everyone clearly this guy has the inside scoop lol I mean its not like he's completely retarded and in denial or anything. BestBuy will NEVER sell the Nexus 5 because it would severely impact their BestBuy mobile sales which are reliant upon post paid contracts. Let's be realistic here.
+daniel benavides Go look at my posts. I'm a Google fan. Can't wait for the new phone. What would be my motivation to "spread my blindness" as you put it? lol
Obvious and Hideous. What you are for failing to see the truth. 
+daniel benavides this guy, too funny. I'm just reading to see how much BS this guy can come up with lol
I'm getting very suspicious of this claim, especially with +daniel benavides pretending that others are lying about seeing Nexus 7s and Chromecasts on stands like this. Although, to be fair, it's possible that the devices already on these stands will be replaced with other devices like the Nexus 5 and 2013 Nexus 10 in the future.
+Addison Todd I love it! I was in class getting bored then this came out of the blue. Funniest Troll! I've seen 4 yr-olds that are better behaving than this dude. lol  
+Nickan Fayyazi The "dummy device" claim is what gets me. The only "dummy device" he's seen is in the mirror. 
Well this post certainly went from fascinating to super annoying in the space of about ten instances of the word "debunked."
+daniel benavides seems like you are scared to look into the mirror to see the truth.. dont worry i know truth hurts lol lol
Can you guys let me know what it feels know how wrong you all are. Best Buy is never wrong. 
"Best Buy is never wrong." - +daniel benavides

^^quote of the night. My god. Look back, man. Best Buy blows. From device shortages, to not honoring warranties, to misleading online sales processes. 
You guys have been busy. Only time will reveal the truth. 
Oh god... I might as well delete my Facebook cause this is what its becoming lol. 
Doug B.
Wow. That's mighty ghetto of them to set up a half assed display like that. Oh, it's Best Buy.. that's actually as classy as it gets there.
Anybody who takes this bait must've missed the "#imserious" and "#bestbuyknowseverything" hashtags...
+Ricky Ramzan You say October 18th for the release date on the Nexus 5. Is it a guess or do you have a source?
I have a friend who actually works the kiosks and no, these are NOT for the Nexus 5. They are placing Chromecast, Chromebooks, Nexus 7
Truth!!! We've got one here in Raleigh ready to go as well, but don't know about nexus 5 phones, maybe tablets cause we have three of those stands with tablets and chrome books on them already. Maybe more for the nexus 5!!!
Tomorrow during business hours I will be phoning lots of bestbuys and asking if and when the nexus5 will be for purchase. Most of the bestbuys near me are all teenagers. They're bound to slip up or not know better.

Edit: I will not being doing what I said above because OP is a massive faggot.
Looks like a good spot to put nex4 LTE nex5 and nex10
Looks like they've recycled old high school gymnasium flooring. 
What blows my mind is that people are getting mad. The anger itself debunks them. 
They are getting mad at you for being so childish
Well weren't you trying to be serious at first? I don't care but I can understand people getting mad at childish behaviour. Also, internet.
I never was. People just didn't pay attention. Not paying attention gets them debunked. 
I just realized something.

The reason this post did not make it to the "What's Hot" page is because Google knows I'm right and didn't want the truth to spread.

Did Google just debunk themselves??

Dark day. 
One question... I just read one of your comments about you signing a waiver not to even describe it. Then again your here spilling it.
It's a Google + stipulation. It was in the document, at the very bottom on the second page. 
Are you allowed to say whether or not it'll be off or on-contract and also what carriers will provice (if any) the N5?
I'm an auto tech at best buy and my GM said that Google hasn't told anyone from any best buy ANYTHING at all about them putting out the nexus5 on those endcaps. They just did a training for the products and nothing was in my weekly notes about it either. So imma say NO GO on the nexus 5 being on display at best buy. We use those for nexus 7, chrome books and chromecast dongle. So either this kid +daniel benavides is a liar or Google isn't telling us yet because the phone has yet been released!!!!!!!!!!
Lol I'm an MECP certified auto tech at store 821 on capital blvd in Raleigh NC. I thought they were for the nexus 5 as well but it's not true. You are DEFUNKED
These people deserve an apology
Lol don't get in your feelings. Child.
I meant chill not child lol. Sense keyboard did that. And I ain't wound up. This is a social networking site, which I used to put information on stating something that I knew. I don't have time to read thru this whole thing and see what others said. But your single sentence made it clear you had insider info from a company I work for stating that it was used for the nexus 5. So I put the truths I have from my GM and others higher up thst it is not, at least not from their knowledge. Google wouldn't put thst info out yet anyways.
Why would the phone be on an endcap in the computer/tablet section?
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