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Building long-term relationships for online businesses
Building long-term relationships for online businesses

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Profiles revert to showing the whole experience section by default

For the last 2 hours, each time I visited a profile, I've seen the whole Experience section (desktop, using Chrome).

No more collapsed text buried under "see description" for all but the latest position .

Seen it viewing LI profiles of +Steve Cassady , +D. B. Wienke and +Neal Schaffer as well as +ANDY FOOTE but also on non-connections - including +Mark Williams , +Nancy Myrland and +Viveka von Rosen.It seems to be working across the site - a rarity...

Practically, our Rich Media and text are visible again in previous roles. The Summary is still truncated as before,though :-(

Still a long way to go, but a step in the right direction - no more dozens of clicks needed just to see the Experience section.

* Is it a glitch or are you guys seeing it too?

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Cool +Jillian Bullock !

Totally inspired by +Bruce Johnston and his chorus on Pink Floyd, I let my creative juices flow in a musical Trending Storyline way. Just a little light relief from LinkedIn's constaint changes.

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Will try this as one of the recommendations by Peter gartland

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What? Another excellent tip from +Irina Shamaeva?

Yes, including a correction in LinkedIn's own search guide
New post, pointing out an error in the one-page LinkedIn search tip sheet and additionally offering a back-door way to search.

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Always great content from +CB Insights - and fun, too!

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+Michael Simmons's piece is counter-intuitive but very interesting.

Could we combine our specialization with cross-learning and become "expert-generalists"?

Does that mean we have to reread the books we read in the past :-)

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Excellent recommendations from +D. B. Wienke about...The Art of Writing A LinkedIn Recommendation !
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