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This Fucking City - Ballads - these will only make sense if you read the text on every image; if it's too long for you, you're not my audience.:)
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We ran laughing as we saw their presence in the distance.
Avoiding our own fate
through this city streets
every alley knew our song
and all those fucking bums and the riff-raff
yelling "get a room you two" and drooling over your tits
as the whores protected us with their fight-back.
When we stopped to gain breath, I smiled.

There's no second chances to those who die.
And then suddenly, the same old seagulls, same old noise,
same old emptiness.
This fucking city is eating me alive.
And then you said,

text and photo © Damien C.
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I red all five , is there 6? you write beautifully and capture pictures beautifully.
Thank you, Raya. There are more, it's autobiographical.
I understood that ..Is it that I didn't see the others or is it still to come?
Still to come.:) Thank you.:)
Thanks Angelica.:)
oooh a cliffhanger, nice image and writing. I really enjoy your processing on all these images.
Thank you Luke, it's very much appreciated.:)
Obrigado, minha Kami do meu coração.<3
Some of your best work Rickay :)
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