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That's the game. Stars drop their fourth straight to the Red Wings, 4-1
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Have a hard time calling tonight's game hockey. Undisciplined. They have to get it together.
Go Stars Go
I saw a lot of things I liked but I also some I didn't, for example 3 total shots on the first 3 powerplays. Glad to be seeing Phoenix. Go stars! 
The last three games had a lot of things to point to as positives going forward.  This game looked horrid.  Pretty much nothing good to pull from this bomb.  No room to drop games!
Didn't we have a Captain at some point a couple of years ago? Now all we have is a 4mil a year 4th liner...

Here's a couple of obvious opinions...

Time to move the 'C'. ( I don’t see him pumping the team up, or doing anything to keep them in the game. Though he drew 2 calls tonight)

Time to get some direction. (Stars are 1-13-2 in back-to-backs so far this season and last season. That is 4 points out of a possible 32. )

Time to get some heart. (Is there anything to add to that?)
Time to shoot the puck at the net. (4-20 on the Power Play. Not horrible, but comes from not shooting the puck)

Time to quit taking stupid penalties. (Given up 29 penalties. Only team given up more is Colorado at 31.)

We have the same record as the Blue Jackets with Jagr, Roy, Whitney, Lehtonin, Eriksson, and now Benn as a product on the ice....That's just plain sad.

One example? EAKIN. 
Mark D
I'm not sure any of us outside the organ-eye-sation can confidently comment on the capability of the team captain.  Unless one is in the "room", on the bench, or the ice, we are seeing what we are allowed to see.  The audience do not possess an informed bucket of facts to accurately draw conclusions of the effectiveness of the "C's" leadership.

This team has so many holes in it right now, the captaincy should be the least of its concern.

However, in keeping with the theme, the natural progression of blame suggests the coach is next.  When will that witch hunt start?  Over/under is Feb 15.  GM: March 30. Pope: April 23.
"Dallas recalled defenseman Jamie Oleksiak and forward Antoine Roussel from the Texas Stars and sent Reilly Smith to the AHL..."

 Jamie Oleksiak 6' 7" 255lbs... HUGE kid, but is he ready?   I hope so!  I'll be at the game Friday to see it live!
 The coach? Isn't this GM Joe's 3rd coach?!?  How many coaches are going to see the revolving door before the finger is pointed at the GM? Granted Joes hands were tied with money for the first and second, but they were still hired under his watch (aside from Tippett, who he fired and then went on to become "Coach of the year" in Phoenix) . Would it break my heart to see Gully go and us get another Hitchcock in here to lay down the thunder? No. But when does Gaglirdi/Lites see it's not the coach anymore? Can you defend letting a GM fire and hire (THREE) coaches? IMO, if nothing changes in this short season, both of them will be gone.

 As for " captaincy should be the least of its concern." That's who should step up when things aren't going as planned, the voice in the room, the motivator. He's the one that amps it up on the bench (like Otter used to do) The last thing Morrow was motivated about was making the Canadian Olympic team. And since he did, we haven't seen the same person on the ice. He can't even be used for trade bait because every team knows he's injury prone. If you are saying he's doing his job as Captain, then we aren't watching the same games...And right now this team needs SOME kind of leadership role.

 At this point we can't even 'dump and chase' because we can't win battles on the boards. The good news? You can't get any lower than rock bottom......BTW, I'm not debating you +Mark D It seems we are both frustrated fans, I think fixing smaller things that don't cut into expenses is a step in the right direction. I agree with what you are saying. 
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