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Kari Lehtonen mans the pipes. Alex Goligoski a healthy scratch tonight, Philip Larsen is in.

Hear the details from Coach Gulutzan during today's morning skate.


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+Dallas Stars we need to look into moving Goligoski, doesn't seem to fit in. At this point he's not worth losing James Neal.
Go Stars Go
Send Larsen with him as well, he's too small for the D core we have coming up.
+Dustin Everett I agree other than the fact that at least when you listen to Turco and others talking about Neal he apparently thought he was hot stuff and better than most. While true with the Stars teams he was on at the time, still doesn't make it good to be around and can be a cancer in the locker room. He probably fits in alright in Pittsburgh as they are pretty much all prima donnas up there :P . Still it'd be nice to have another young top scorer other than Jamie and Loui on our squad.
+Lance Walker for sure you don't want a negative influence in the locker room. I'm sure it's a similar situation to what the Washington Capitals are going through with the not so great 8. I'm just so unsatisfied with Goligoski anything at this point would be a better option. Unless it's Sean Avery have nightmares about him.
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