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What are your thoughts on the size of goalie pads?

Razor takes issue with a troubling trend in the NHL.

READ: Goalies Are Cheating..A Lot...Again
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Oh please 
Take a look at the last 15 years in Hockey. Life became harder and harder for goalies. Smaller gear, Trapezowhatever, larger Def Zone, weakeneing up the interference rules, etc...

And now some gramps who, I guess, never in his carreer faced a shot from a composite stick whines about 'cheating' goalies who have oh so much protection they don't need.
Let him back into the NHL I say. With his old, non-cheating gear.
+Stefan Hausmann It's just an opinion from a guy who played a few games in the league. If you don't like it I understand but don't be that upset about it. Also, some of the things he is talking about do not really protect the goalie more they just cover more parts of the net not the goalies themselves... just saying...
Love Razor!! 1/2 of the best broadcast team in the NHL.
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