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The +Chicago Cubs have returned home for a brief, three-game set against the visiting Padres. The series opens today at 1:20 p.m. CDT. Series preview:
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Three more losses! Yay!
If we lose the series to the Padres, then we truly are pathetic!
At least there's the White Sox in Chicago
How can you give up on the cubs....das lame, really lame.
Thank God for the San Diego Padres! The Cubs' losing streak has come to an end!
Thank you wind. Now lets go on a 12 game winning streak.
Not sure what would be sweeter - a Cubs World Series win, or the deafening silence emanating from the South Side as a result. Ah....a boy can dream.
What do Cubs and Sox fans have in common? Cubs fans talk about the Cubs all the time, and Sox fans talk about Cubs fans all the time. Weird, but true.
Lol.  Another Sox fan obsessing over the Cubs.  It never ceases to amaze me. :)
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