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+1 if you're excited for a new year of Cubs baseball! Read the season preview:
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I'm excited for baseball, but I have pragmatic expectations for the season.
Sitting here bleeding Cubbie Blue! So excited to have a real coaching staff this year.
Dave L
As much as I am a Cubs fan, I do hate losing, on the field and off, The White Sox appear about 400% more active on the social networks than my beloved Cubs, Whats the scoop??
I'm pretty sure Carlos Marmol needs to be benched. Two blown saves in his first two games of the season?!?! MAKE HIM STOP PITCHING!
Dave L
Marmol needs to be used as a ball in batting practice.
Dave L
Kerry Hasn't exactly helped himself either
True Dave. However, Marmol is supposed to be the guy that shuts batters down. Between last year and these two opening games he's up to 13 blown saves. OUCH!
the new champions chicago cubs....
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