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The +Chicago Cubs return home to Wrigley Field to take on N.L. Central rivals, the Cincinnati Reds, in a 3-game series. First pitch for Game 1 is scheduled for this afternoon at 1:20 pm CDT. Series preview:

+1 if you think the Cubs will sweep the Reds.
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Sadly, we're more resigned to it happening the other way around.
#funny I particularly like the use of the Kerry Wood picture on this post since he just got put on the DL.
We're at the back end of our rotation. Definitely no sweep.
Love my Cubs! But I think this is gonna be one long year of losses. Sure hope I'm wrong!
We're not winning another game this month.
I'm thinking our triple A team would do better.
Hey Dale Svuem, how about showing us some of that "hold the players accountable" crap you preached in spring training? You're really starting to look like a fraud!
It's early in the season. In my opinion, there should be a larger sample size before pulling the plug on your initial starters.
Svuem doesn't even seem like he gives a shit.
That is because he does not. Let us face it, the bullpen sucks and the team has no power.
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