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The +Chicago Cubs welcome their longtime rivals to Wrigley for the first time this season. The Cubs will look to send the division-leading St. Louis Cardinals home with three losses, starting tonight at 7:05 p.m. CDT. Series preview:

+1 if you think the Cubs will take the series from the Cardinals.
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It would be nice, but over a hundred years of history tells me no, but I'll keep hoping!
+Robin Hicks over a hundred years of postseason glory aside, the Cubs still have a 40+ victory advantage in the all-time regular season series matchup with the Cards. Granted, this years Cubs stink pretty bad (although they did improve over the weekend by trading Marlon Byrd).

Other than Volstad in the 3rd game, the Cubs have some decent pitching matchups with Garza going up against Garcia and Samardzija with Wainwright in the first two games. Garcia has been pretty solid this year but Wainwright has been struggling.

Who knows, it's baseball. Stranger things have happened.
We've been known to do some damage to the Cards. However, this year's team doesn't give me much hope in this series. Here's hoping for a miracle.
I can't watch it because Chicago decided not to air it due to the Stanley Cup playoff's. Too bad I don't watch hockey!!!!
jose g
go cubs!!!!!
Found the game on CLTV! They're airing that instead of the White Sox. HA!
Great finish, Cubbies! Always great to get a walk-off against the Cards. 
A friend of mine just used the term "Crimson Pigeons" to describe the St. Louis Cardinals. Hilarious!
+Kirk Rustman Nice! My 2-year-old calls them the "Satan Birds". Not sure where he got that. Hmm...

Our local Double-A team plays their Double-A affiliate Springfield Cardinals tonight and I'm taking him to the game. There will be plenty of Cardinals fans in attendance and I hope I'm able to keep him from screaming his head off every time he sees a red bird.
CUBS WIN, CUBS WIN, CUBS WIN!!! Two in a row from the World Series Champion Cardinals!!! SAAAAAWEEEEEEEEEEET!!!
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