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Go Colorado! Here's another reason to love our favorite state - the Colorado #economy  continues to grow and is outperforming the U.S. economy! Read the full report from CU-Boulder's Leeds School of Business for industry-specific stats -

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A 40 mph tailwind gave CU-Boulder Computer Science student William Luce professional-caliber results. It also provided inspiration to take a closer look at the impact of localized meteorological variables have on endurance sport training and prediction. Read more -

Photo by: Patrick Campbell, University of Colorado

#computerscience   #cycling   #weather   #meteorology   #sporttrainingsoftware   #endurancesportperformance   #cuboulder  
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What is it like to work at the happiest place on earth?? Forever Buff Mike Morrison (MechEngr '96) began working at #Disneyland  in 2004. He ensures the rides and attractions are safe while providing the exhilarating experience expected by the 50,000 daily visitors to the amusement park.

#foreverbuffs   #mechanicalengineering   #amusementpark   #cuboulder   #rollercoaster  
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Happy #4thofjuly  from #CUBoulder ! We hope to see you tonight at Folsom Field for Ralphie's Independence Day Blast. Gates open at 8 p.m. For more information, visit

Photo by: Patrick Kelly, University of Colorado

#FolsomField   #fireworks   #fourthofjuly   #independenceday   #collegecampus  
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Last Friday, the University of Colorado Board of Regents approved a new College of Media, Communication and Information slated to open on the Boulder campus in fall 2015. Read about the new college -

Photo by: Glenn Asakawa, University of Colorado

#media   #journalism   #communications   #newcollege   #highered   #cuboulder   #information  
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Happy Bike to Work Day! Did you ride to work? Tell us about your two-wheel commute!

Photo by: Glenn Asakawa, University of Colorado

#biketowork #boulder #cuboulder #alternativetransportation #commute
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Check out this +Daily Camera article on CU-Boulder's Paul Chinowsky. Chinowsky, associate professor of civil, environmental and architectural engineering, is working with the City of Boulder and Colorado state officials on the impact of climate change on infrastructure.

#climatechange   #infrastructure   #temperature   #precipitation   #humidity   #flooding   #cuboulder   #research  
Much attention has been paid to the likelihood of more drought, fires and floods as the planet warms, but the most significant impact on public infrastructure won't come from extreme weather events, Paul Chinowsky says.
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Colorado has been selected as one of five international hubs for Future Earth, an ambitious 10-year research initiative to address global environmental change solutions and actions. The U.S. hub will be headquartered in Colorado and managed jointly by the University of Colorado Boulder and Colorado State University.  Future Earth is expected to mobilize 60,000 scientists and students worldwide to respond to the risks and opportunities of global change and supporting transformation toward global sustainability. Read more -

#futureearth   #environmentalchange   #science   #globalchange   #sustainability   #climate   #atmosphere   #chemistry   #ecosystem   #biodiversity   #cuboulder  
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Get the science right and maybe there will be some real progress.
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Kangaroos may be nature’s best hoppers. But when they are grazing on all fours, which is most of the time, their tail becomes a powerful fifth leg, says a new study involving researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder.

#Kangaroo   #locomotion   #sciencesunday   #cuboulder   #australia  
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CU-Boulder graduate student Ulyana Horodyskyj spent much of the last year studying snow in the Himalayas. Read about her experience in Scientific American magazine, where she talks about snow science, the deadly avalanche on Mt. Everest, a team member's nearly fatal fall and other mountaineering adventures.

#Everest #climbing #mountaineering #snowscience #snow #cuboulder #research #geology #geologist
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I am sorry Ines, that is Mt Shasta in California. The particular view looks like south on Highway US97. Here is your exact view:
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More powerful magnets = more spectacular atomic collisions! Founded by CU-Boulder physicist Danko van der Laan, Advanced Conductor Technologies manufactures high-temperature superconducting cables that are flexible enough to be wound into a coil. This allows scientists to build a stronger electromagnet than anything previously available. Learn more:

#magnets #electromagnet #physics #research #atoms #cuboulder
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beatiful, can we use it in the amazon rainforest? to understand the atomic dynamics..
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A peculiar new kind of star, predicted to exist in 1975 but never found, has likely been discovered by a team of astronomers led by CU-Boulder's Emily Levesque. The star, called a "Thorne-Zytkow object," superficially resembles a red supergiant, like the well-known star Betelgeuse in the constellation Orion. But instead of a "normal" star core, Thorne-Zytkow objects have neutron stars at their centers. Learn more:

#astronomy   #star   #research   #cuboulder   #astronomers   #supergiant   #neutron_stars  
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Michael B's profile photo
Michael B
reviewed 6 months ago
I actually got my degree here in Environmental Studies a few years back. I ended up taking classes through the engineering department this year and it was then I realized the quality of teaching had drastically fallen. In the fours years I attended, at least in one class each semester, there was a professor that really gave the impression she/he cared about the students. In the engineering department or maybe this is the direction the university has taken, there was not one teacher that really cared about their students. The problem lies with both the professors and the university. The university hires professors based on their research (aka money) each will provide (as more than one professor has explained). Then these people are required to teach classes. So the majority of them do the bare minimum to present the material to students as their research is more important. Thus many "professors" do not have the drive to teach their students. This is incredibly prevalent in the engineering department. It was a bit deceiving at first because the engineering department boasts quite a few accomplished, world renowned researchers, but they are just that, researchers, not professors. I actually passed my courses this semester, but I chose not to pursue a degree at this university. I'm a tad bit surprised at how far the university's standards have fallen since I've graduated. If you don't believe me, check the top 100 universities world wide for each degree offered; the University of Colorado at Boulder fails to make the majority.
• • •
Arjun G's profile photo
Arjun G
reviewed a year ago
Just graduated from here and set to move to Seattle to work at Microsoft. Amazing doesn't quite cut it. Before that though, I wonder who reads the reviews for universities on Google. Shouldn't you have done a bit more homework on where to study than simply googling it? The facilities offered by CU are second to none. They will make you feel at home from day one. Being from the school of engineering, more specifically from Computer Science, I can honestly say that the department is soon going to break into the top 5 in the country (in my mind, it already has). Lots of opportunities for students to either go down the path of research path or the industry path. Boulder has a booming startup scene along with the presence of all industry bigwigs like Google, Microsoft, NetApp, Cisco, EMC Corp etc. For anyone considering Computer Science, you will be well rewarded here.
• • •
Kelsey Cook's profile photo
Kelsey Cook
reviewed 11 months ago
Very pretty campus!!! Parties make you feel like you are in Vegas, but I hear the teaching is good!
Jamie Vasquez's profile photo
Jamie Vasquez
reviewed a month ago
There is a surprising amount of stupid behavior at this campus.
Leanne Goff's profile photo
Leanne Goff
reviewed a year ago
The quality of shows is outstanding. The exhibitions often include internationally acclaimed artists. It is my personal favorite to go to the openings when the artists themselves often speak about the shows. Its an inspiration!
Sonicwolf Jr Vision's profile photo
Sonicwolf Jr Vision
reviewed a month ago
Amazing university dude?