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Question for Hangouts folks: can you record to YouTube WITHOUT going fully public on air? +chee chew 
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Don't think so, but I wanted to get on this thread so I can check the answer later.
It's something I would love to have though, so like +Edward Owen will be watching for any other answers.
Would be great for testing and stuff.  I know I'm working on a project where I would like to see the finished product, but don't necessarily want to broadcast the 'growing pains'.  Maybe +Loren Groves (the hangouts guru) will fix that!  ;)
Hmmm... I can check with the Google movie crew that filmed the documentary on G+ for businesses (I'm in it, hooray!) on when it will be possible.
looks like you got your answer, but just wanted to confirm.  
this is something we have heard requests for and agree there's value to doing, but it is not currently possible unless you use a 3rd party capture app (e.g. wirecast)
Here's a little hack. You can produce an obscure page that nobody knows about and link that to a channel that nobody knows about - or so I've heard.

My "friend" tells me you then run the hangout from the obscure channel and delete your tracks once done.

Or so I've heard.

Need to be totally anonymous? A 2nd Google account could do the trick - or so my "friend" says. 
+Paul Colligan , that doesn't fully work. if you're using hangouts on air, when you go public, we'll pick it up and make it a candidate to show on our landing page.  unless it's a 1 person hangout.
+chee chew +Loren Groves  What about the possibility of using an alternative YouTube account to stream (and store) to?  I may end up doing a couple of different regular Hangouts addressing specific subjects, but I'd like to have the videos sent to a specific account, and not my personal YouTube account.
+chee chew Yes, someone could find it through this method but it is is pretty security by obscurity enabled - or again so I have been told ;-)
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