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Will a Microsoft investment in a newly private Dell be a good thing or a bad thing for Dell channel partners?
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Here's some food for thought: Rather than a minority investment (a la Apple in the mid 1990's), what about marrying the two companies? 10 years ago, DOJ might've blocked something so huge. But Microsoft faces such steep competition from Google and Apple, it may not be THAT crazy. Dell + Microsoft = a *LOT* of massive, potential synergies across so many lines of business.
That's what some Dell partners are thinking. There probably won't be any serious antitrust hurdles (with HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Samsung and other PC makers still around), and there's not a lot of product overlap. It's a longshot, but who knows? Maybe in a year we could have Michael Dell erplacing Steve Ballmer...
+CRN WOW this happened fast! Rumors started swirling on January 11th and a private, Microsoft-backed Dell 25 days later.
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