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Dell is now a private company, with Microsoft throwing $2 billion into the buyout.
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It will be interesting to see how Dell preforms as a private company under Michael Dell. Will Dell get it's mojo back? Hard to say but it will be fun to watch.  
On one hand, it could potentially give Dell the ability to make some long-term strategic investments and changes that investors with short-term interests would frown on. But on the other hand, the company is tying its future direction to some pretty big VC firms, and as solution providers know, they can be a difficult lot to deal with.
Oh it's going to be an up hill battle as those that now control the purse strings aren't much better than the stockholders they replace. Lets just hope Michael can bring back some of the old Dell we all loved at one time. But it's going to take better quality and more imaginative products than they've had for some time.
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