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+Royal Challengers Bangalore skipper Virat Kohli faulted his side's batsmen for their defeat to +Deccan Chargers, which ended their hopes of progressing in the +Circle of IPL.
Virat Kohli said batsmen should have been clear in their mind and needed to play better shots.
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Mr. Kohli, firstly you should create the examples for other as a captain.(Now you are blaming for all batsmen for lost) I can't understand , when you know very well that your wicket is very crucial at that time than why you have go for that risky shot of second six in that over. You should stay till last ball in yesterday game....
but any way these things will educate you for future. good luck for IPL#6
I agree with the above.... Kohli, first, you should set an example. We're still fans of you. You should be a team player first and support your team...
+Sanjay Rawat +Sim Ferns he has already created an example take it in the odi s he s the best of them 183 against pak is the highest till now an they r many more he s rite to blame on the battin line up gayle did nt neither did ab!!!!!! first watch out wht r u speakin guyzz
Gayle made a strong 27 off 10..... I'm not saying Kohli didn't play well, but he should have played for the team when they needed it the most.... like Dwayne Smith for MI in the May 6 match against CSK. And I think Kohli made a great 73 in the match against Delhi.
Hi, i m also the fan of VK, but after the league matches i m feeling , RCB should made the playoff instead of CSK... forget what was done by batsman in past, if VK hold their inning till last game then equation may be different. Galye can't score in every match. They didn't have any plan in case of gayle failure..... ;-)
They're too dependent on Gayle, Kohli, and de Villiers.... the other batsmen only perform sometimes.......
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